Worldwide ”Credits” For All Banks Approval.

Personal choice is not an option when considering introducing a new currency because Introducing Bit-Coin without consulting every bank in the world was not the way forward so like myself refused to purchase Bit-Coins to ensure they were acceptable by every bank worldwide after debating alternative types of currency.

My advice from the spirit world dimension is to introduce Credits as a world currency which would be an alternative for all time and would never need to be changed based on it being worded Credits.

When a new currency is introduced store checkouts should retain two coins 5 and 10 pence to ensure children under 7 can spend their weekly pocket money and after age seven have their own bank account with debit card funded via their parent’s bank account every week.

My computer is often hacked and if I was not protected by the spirit world dimension my computer would give been destroyed so to my personal self by trying as they may no one can destroy a Command module because he is already in two dimensions this dimension and the spirit world dimension.

My touchtone facility is now working after being out of action for several weeks but this computer is now age six and is due for replacement with another in one HP computer, which will be virtually hacker-proof based on employing hackers to find out how hackers hack computers and how to prevent them doing so but to make computers 100% hacker-proof it would be too expensive and only applicable for Government computers because of their payments of pensions and social benefits.

US Bankers are more experienced at Banking of anywhere in the world so if they agree world Credits is the way forward I would like to show support by suggesting President Biden set up a group to organize the change over to world Credits because then Bitcoin owners will not lose their funds based on being a US company keen to go worldwide with a new currency.

Preference Shares are the way forward to reward people for loyalty and dedication for any company which chooses retired personnel because many experts are lost when some employees retire but preference shares given would be a reward for advising company policy to ensure the company is successful for all time.

However, if interest was paid twice per year 1,000 preference shares would pay £5 every six months to any interest value a company wished to decide so 4% would pay out £20 twice per year which would be a bonus income for many retired men and women also they would be paid to attend board meetings providing they were given just ONE company share so they could vote at board meetings.

Banks should also arrange for monthly Benefits to be paid to customers every four weeks then Direct Debits could be paid on weeks 1, 2, 3, or 4 days 1 to 5, and wages could be paid every four weeks starting on April 6 in line with Inland Revenue 52 week schedule to avoid having to borrow money based on being paid every four weeks which means employees and benefits could be paid Day 50% in advance and Day 14 50% in advance.

People who know me should understand I am a man who has long-term memory but only because my life has been enhanced with a large variety of work experiences in both Australia and here in Britain.

As Joseph Landrut I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as i become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James and changed via a Deed Poll in March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut so my title is Great Grandfather James