My Life Cycles.

My carers are many but only need five consistant carers every week because clients and carers need to be compatable by knowing a clients needs personally or otherwise.

People Who Will Be Here When I Am Gone.

People I know would be surprised when learning who I was in pars life cycles but not many would believe my words because even my own family have disowned me for clanging to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. 

When wakening from 1981 to 1984 was subject to a 28 Day NHS mental health Section and taken by two policemen in Handcuffs by Ambulance to Warwick Central hospital Hatton Rock Warwick to serve out the 28-day mandatory section. .

Furthermore, my Conscious Awareness Spirit has been with many people in the past which include Adam, Aberham, Tutankhamun, Moses, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, George Washington and William Shakespear to name just a few.

Prison is understood when a person loses their freedom even if an open prison like Warick central mental hospital because to leave without permission police are alerted and quickly arrest and return you to serve out the mandatory section.

My life from then on was abused medically because I was used as a Guiney pig by giving me various tablets which affected my body causing me to be restless and not being able to sit on a chair foe more than a few mins before having to stand up and walk around for a while then sitting back in my chair which went on three years.

After two more sessions at Warick central as a volunteer patient finally walked out of the hospital and mase my wat home on foot but after 12 miles was picked up and taken to my home my brother-in-law and my wife which was the last time attended Warwick central mental hospital.

Warwick central has now closed and replaced with a new mental hospital known as St. Michael’s  which is located close to the main hospital. Furthermore, having been a volunteer driver for a charity for 13 years transported many mental patients to and from St. Michael’s in Warwick.

William Shakespeare was one of my life cycles who wrote poems on the banks of the river Arrow at Broom the village in which I was born in 1936 whereas a boy fished in the same river and ate fruits of trees which were small wild Gooseberries and Strawberries nestled in lower branches of willow tree which are from time to time cut back to the same Shorr truck level each.

This life cycle is the only life cycle have revealed my identity because it is the first time, I have been able to say words which prick some people’s conscience and fear loss of their freedom but in my next sand other life cycles I will remain in Cognito although |I am always protected by people in the spirit world dimension who will squeeze a person’s Brain if attempting to kill.

Seahorses. My visit to Botany Bay beach in Australia during 1965 was interesting because a I waded into the water at waste height two seahorses slowly swam round me just under the water surface but at the time did not about seahorses and later during the 1980’s learnt how I became Gods Son because I was the first Gods son to be created as the Conscious Awareness Spirit of the first animal life form which were created in the same way as seahorses reproduce as a male and female can produce their own young regardless of gender so you see I am the original life form to produce children who are all Gods Sons and Daughters.

My Brother Norman. Norman and I were thought to be Gods Son but no one knew which was of us was gods son but when Norman passed away in2008 he became Gods son in the spirit world dimension and he was step brother to jesus Christ as Simoon and also David Barry our younger brother was James step brother to Jesis christ.

However, this means as Norman and David were my Brothers in this life cycle I am the reincaernation of Jesus Christ but only his Conscious Awaeness Spritit. 

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.