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Sheep in The Country.

People who shear sheep do so because it is necessary for sheep to renew their coat every year and years ago a few sheep in a family would clothe everyone in the family because woolen garments are even today warm clothing, which everyone appreciates so when society comes to terms with sheep value it will not be meat for the family table but wool from sheep who roam the countryside and provide wool as an income for farmers and woolen mills, which produce wool garments.

Radon Gas.

When purchasing a three-bed home in devon just as the contracts were to be signed our solicitor advised me his searches add reveal Radon Gas in the area of our potential home so immediately phone deven to identify Radon reading relating to my home but was advised if requiring radon reading levels it would take six months so reluctantly we went ahead with the purchase.

Radon gas seeps through rock regardless of where you live but a home built on a rock directly can be a problem. Our home in deven was built on the rock but built so a pump can be fitted to pump any radon gas into the atmmerspheer because radon gas is detrimental for children and elderly people. Our home in Deven was not pumping radon gas but there was always a musty smell in our second sitting room, which we never used but fortunately, we did not stay in Deven and returned to purchase a home in the midlands, which was just prior to our eldest son being killed in a late dark, windy, rainy night road accident March 1999. Parents never expect to outlive their children because our eldest son was age 37 fortunately with no dependants or partner to morn him.

Our eldest son was a drug addict and had been so from his early teens. however, when I questioned him about smoking cannabis he replied well to smoke don’t you because I never smoked drugs but smoked cigarettes from age 12 in school toilets. My son died through unfortunate circumstances but his drug habit blamed him for the accident. However, the police told me it costs 1 million pounds every road accident and the spot our son was killed needed a roundabout which would cost about 1 million pounds but save many lives.

Families Share Problems.

As a great grandfather of six children, my memory relates to several generations because my eldest daughter is grandmother to my five great-grandchildren and my second eldest son is father to two of my granddaughters, who have yet to marry and have children and my youngest son is grandfather to my youngest great-granddaughter. However, having divorced at age 74 during 2011, very seldom see any of my family members although live alone in a two-bed rented bungalow.

My two grandaughter who have yet to marry no longer see either their father or his mother their grandmother, in fact, their father is divorced from the mother and now they are in their late teens they may never see me again or invite me to their homes and introduce my great-grandchildren the may have.

Petrol Engines.

My first car after passing my driving test at age seventeen during 1953 was a standard vanguard, which cost me £300, which was to be paid for via a hire purchase agreement of £16 per month. However, the dealer who sold me the car said to drive it carefully as just been serviced. however, as I accelerated up a hill the big ends began to knock and realized why the dealer ask me to drive carefully so two days later I took the car back to the dealer’s yard and left him the car although he was not there to receive it. However, the dealer took it back and the hp agreement was canceled.

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Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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