Two Dimensions.

As a Social Scientist, I have written many articles on various spiritual subjects but this article will give the reader a simple explanation of how we were created and how we should develop society.

Although you may find it difficult to believe my words, I can say with all honesty that, my words are the true, based on my paranormal experiences since 1981, when I was first introduced to a dowsing pendulum.

This universe is a ‘Perpetual Motion Machine’ and is fueled by hydrogen atoms. The universe repeats itself, every 16 billion years and is one of a multiday of universes that exist in the nothingness of space. Within very universe {perpetual motion machine} there are 1,000 planets, in various stages of development and man is indigenous to all populated earth like planets in every universe.

There are two dimensions in a universe. One is made from matter and the other from anti-matter. Both dimensions are invisible to each other. Both dimensions complement each other because they represent us as we transfer via reincarnation, from the dimension of ant-matter to this dimension. Our dimension of origin is known as ‘Inner Space and comprises of two quadrants; the ‘spirit world’ and the ‘Inner Sanctum’.

Our dimension of origin is the ‘ Inner Sanctum’ and its where we return to when our bodies dies; providing we qualify. When we were created we were created as the conscious awareness of robots that had been created by an intelligence beyond our understanding.

As a conscious awareness we transferred to this dimension to gain our first identity {human memory}; initially to become the conscious awareness of animals and via reincarnation, eventually to become the conscious awareness of ‘Human Beings’.

We all have ‘Perpetual Life ‘. The spirit world’ is where our conscious awareness transfers to when our body die. We transfer to an ‘Android’ with our human memory intact. As an Android we do not eat, drink or have genital organs or have emotions. The spirit world is where we are assed to determine if we qualify to return to our dimension of our origin to achieve ‘Enhanced Perpetual Life’ or, if we do not qualify we reincarnate again to become the conscious awareness of an unborn baby.

Reincarnation is controlled by our dimension of origin, the ‘Inner Sanctum’. Up until the time the atom was split in 1942, everyone that died prior to 1942 reincarnated and became the conscious awareness of an unborn baby. As from 1942, most people began transferring to the spirit world to become the conscious awareness of Androids; with their memory intact.

As a conscious awareness, our objective is to return to our dimension of origin with our human memory intact. This means we have then achieved ‘Enhanced Perpetual Life’ and do not return to this dimension for 200 years. Our dimension of origin is where we socialize, based on our memories achieved as a human robot.

Failure to qualify to achieve ‘Enhanced Perpetual Life’ results in Bering reincarnated to become the conscious awareness of an unborn baby; with a different set of emotions, opposed to the emotions we had during our previous life.

Our emotions belong to our body and we as a conscious awareness are controlled by our emotions. Our emotions differ from person to person and when a person reaches the age of 12; their attitude to society is established. This means, if we become anti-social it because our emotions are designed that way so that society can develop.

As ‘Human Robots’ we are equal regardless of the circle we are born in and as children we should all receive an education appropriate to our ability. All children regardless of the social class should be allowed to achieve university standards. Children attending university should train for a profession; not just to achieve a degree.

Children that need funding to attend college or university should only pay the funds back when their university training is complete and they are employed in the profession they have been trained for.

Socially we should make sure that people worldwide are considered members of a developing world and we should ensure that people less fortunate are helped to achieve a standard of life that we enjoy in the west.

Charity hand-outs given to people are not enough. We must help people in need to become self-sufficient so they can receive the chance to return to our original dimension and achieve’ Enhanced Perpetual Life.

At present, society is developing and as it does so, poverty worldwide is increasing, and unless we recognize our obligation to people in urgent need this world will slowly be destroyed.

At present poorer nations are being exploited by western nations by purchasing their raw materials and products as at the lowest price possible. This means poorer nations have to rely on charities such as UNICEF to achieve a low standard of living.

To provide for the needy we must encourage poorer nations to become self-sufficient by forming co-operatives to control the sale of their raw materials and products to sell to richer nations. This would mean poorer nations would receive income for their raw arterials and products that would enable ‘Family Units’ to be developed to achieve an acceptable standard of living. Charities could then provide extra funds to improve facilities for the needy.

As a Multi-cultured country, Britain will become an example for the rest of the world to follow. However, the British government is yet to come to terms with the poverty and corruption that exists in Britain at present.

The way forward is to monitor children from birth until they are 16 years of age, to prevent abuse, incest and other anti-social problems that are found within ‘Family Units’.

Corruption is generated from problems that exist within family units so unless children are monitored until they are 16 years of age, corruption will continue to increase until society will eventually be destroyed.

Monitoring children should be funded by means-testing social benefits, based on initially means testing the family allowance. Joint incomes of £60,000.00 per year should not receive the family allowance benefit.

All other social benefits should be progressive means tested at the same £60,000.00 criterion. Failure to heed my words will result in the determination of society as corruption increases.

Britain will become a tourist country, as many more stately homes are refurbished and open to the general public. Many more able-bodied senior citizens people will volunteer their free time to contribute to society. Their only reward would be travel cost payments from and to their home; after volunteering their free time for a few hours each week in a profession compatible with their practical experiences.

For example, I was a volunteer driver for 13 years as a driver with a charity. After being police checked U was allowed to transport children and the elderly in my own vehicle or hospital appointments from and back to their home. I received 40 pence per mile, which ensured my vehicle was well maintained for my own personal family use.

It is important that all senior citizens receive quality care because their memories of a human being are required when their conscious awareness transfers to the ‘Inner Sanctum’, when they achieve ‘Enhanced Perpetual Life’. Our life expectancy is up to 160 years of age so it is vital our elderly senior citizens receive quality home care..

This means plans should be put in place for everyone providing for their future home care and funeral cost by a monthly deduction from their salary, from the age of 16 or age, when they start full time employment.

Britain should allow banks to set up accounts for people who are considered suitable for employment as agencies to provide support for people that need funding when they have to pay six months lease rent in advance when they lease private property,.

This means many people waiting to be allocated social housing, would be able to apply for funding to pay their lease rent for private property six months in advance, which in turn would reduce the number of people on the local council social housing list.

Property should only increase in value, based on the retail annual price increase index. All properties suffers for sale after being surveyed by the district values should be enhanced with a 10-year electrical certificate of conformity, paid by the vender on completions of the property sale.

When we were created in our dimension of origin, we were created as the conscious awareness of two robots and designed to stay together as men and women. This means, when our conscious awareness transferred to this dimension, our objective was to return to our dimension of origin with our ‘True Partner’.

Everyone that is married or partnered can only return to our original dimension {Inner Sanctum} to achieve Enhanced Perpetual Life’, providing they both have a clear conscience.

True Partners can communicate with each other via ‘Mental telepathy’ and providing they clear their conscience with each other they will transfer to the ‘Inner Sanctum and achieve ‘Enhanced Perpetual Life’.

Failure for ‘True Partners’ to clear their conscience, before both their bodies die will result in both ‘True Partners’ reincarnating and starting life again, as the conscious awareness of unborn babies and it may take several reincarnations to find their ‘True Partner’.

During 1842 when people began transferring to the ‘spirit world’ many of them qualified and gained ‘Enhanced Perpetual Life’ but over the past 70 years social standards have declined and only a few people these days qualify and achieve ‘Enhanced Perpetual Life’.

As a social Scientist, my objective is to help society reestablish past standards so that ‘True Partners’ can find each other and return to the ‘Inner Sanctum’ and achieve ‘Enhanced Perpetual Life’.

At present, when our body dies our conscious awareness transfers to the ‘Spirit world’ and either join their ‘True Partner’ who has already transferred to the ‘spirit world’ or wait for their ‘True Partner’ to join them in the ‘spirit world when their body dies.

Those of you who are married or partnered may be married or partnered to your ‘True Partner’ this means as you progress through life you will be able to eventually communicate with your ‘True Partner’ via mental telepathy but not before you have cleared your conscience with your ‘True Partner’.

Society must begin teaching our children the value of preserving their virginity because most people refuse to reveal their past sexual involvements when they find the person they want to marry or partner.

Consequently, if they discover they are married to their ‘True Partner’ they are obliged sometime during their lifetime to reveal to their ‘True Partner’ their sexual enrolments from the age of 15.

However, if it would be detrimental to your well-being only reveal your sexual enrolments if you know you are married to your ‘True Partner’.

People who commit adultery should be punished by both offenders serving a two-year prison sentence, regardless if one of them is a single person or not because adultery is the main cause of the breakdown of society.

My words will cause many people to regret their adultery and prefer not to believe what I say because of their guilty conscience but please remember, I am writing this article, based on my paranormal and practical experiences, one of which was committing adultery.

My expertise is working with a dowsing pendulum and if you learn to work with one you will learn if your ‘True Partner’ is available to you and enhance your life, based on your practical experiences and any expertise you may have.

At the same time, you will be contributing to society.
By: Joseph Robert Neil Landrut.

Author’s Bio: 

Born in the village of Broom, Near Alcester, Warwickshire October 28th – 1936 – Father of four, grandfather of seven, and Great Grandfather of 6. My wife Margaret and I had been married 52 years, since March 1958.

However, Margaret and I are now divorced, which was declared Decree Absolute March 3rd 2011.

Having traveled three times around the world, my practical experiences during the past 56 years have enabled me to be employed in a variety of workplaces that have educated me to be aware of our social system and how it can be improved.

Mr, Joseph Landrut.

Define the future – What you do not want to be done to yourself, do not do to others – Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. He who will not economize will have to agonize.