Family Issues.

My future live-in companion will share my life and when i cpass away my, will will pass through probate and my main bbenefactor will be my live-in companion annd my only other consideratiuon is to leave £1,000 to each of my three children.

My live in companion and I are protected by people in the spirit world domension who have lived a liife cycle here on planet earth as a human Robot either as a Male or Female.

My Banking Details:

Nationwide Building Society.

Bank Account Name: Joseph landrut.

Bank Sort Code: 07-08-06.

Ref: Please put your First name only.

Account Number: 19701392.

My objective is to be have my friiends honouur thheir pledge to support me in a simpleway such as a widow’s mite.

My Home Phone: 01386 424005.

My Mobile Phone: 07532223994.

My Email:

Pheasants And Hens.

Chicks of both hens and pheasants could be reaed at the same time because both are poultry and profital to the farmer who would sell pheasants to people who like a well hung phesant for a special evening meal with friends.

My Aunt Emma lived in Barnsly yorkshire when I was a boy during the 1940’s and from time to time visited her sidter my Grandmother in my birth villiage of Broom Warwickshire also my nother was not introduced to Aunte Emma because she was employed in service as a pastry cook.

My large family have issues from time to time but I will only help them when they show care and consideration for me now i am age 84 and living on my own in two bed bungalow here in Evesham.

However, my fgriends of the past are many but only they will help me providing I am worthy of their concern because as lonely divorcee I am only going to live based on my overall care provided by the state or from a live-in female companion.

My Choice Of Home.

My Birth place was the villiage of Broom and would like to relocate to Broom sometime soon providing i can find a two or three bed Bungalow some where in Broom duch as a Bungalow in mill lane close to broom church where I attended Sunday school at 3 pm.

Jehovahs Witnesses.

My frield who lived iin the same villiage we were born died age 85 and proved to me we were communicating via though transfer because he said, Robert do you remember the coiuncil hgoused numbers being changed after war year and which numbe remained the same after the change took place so quyickly consider my famuly home was intiialy number five which changed to 20 and my friends house numer ten remained the same after the change which was next to my gfrandparents whosee number wasnine and changed to twelve. Furthermore, later i lived at number twenty eight ewhich was number one before the number change.

My friend who was a Jejovahs Witnes before he passed away remains a Jehovahs witnes in the spoirit worlf dimention bu now knows we should all share eachh other bblood and share kingdom halls to allow for and against sharing. Howver, my friend now knows everyone is equal and will eventualy achieve perpetual life as a much small Robot.

Liiving On My Own.

My two bed Bungalow is often visited by casual Jehovahs Witnesses and often invite them in for a chat but I am not claiming to be a Jehovahs Witness but I have seen God inn a vision which was early one summer morning and what i saw what looked like a close up of our Sun and made me say, ” O God, you are pure Psychology” and Yes and No was enhanced.

Children Born In A Country.

When parents take small children to another country they soon settle in thst country and will only want to live in their mother country provided they are not more than 12 years of age because by then they have adopted their new country and prefer to remain there.

People Who Eat Together.

Families who sit at their dining table help each other solve their ptobllems and thhat should happen at least once per week and then it will prevent many more problems within the gamily ubit.

People Who Care For The Elderly.

When my carers arriive they often forget to check I have taken my tablets because now I monitor my blood pressure I will knoow if I have taken my tablets because my Blood pressur increases if i forget so it is important to main tain a reading of 140 because 188 too high and cause a stroke but 123 was ok at my age of 84 as at today July 20 – 2021.

Famuly And Friends.

Although eldery people have home carers they remain vunrerbul when an heat wave make tempretures vsore which is detremental to the well being of elderly people which means if neglected is the same as murder when family members refuse to to take responsibility for their elderly.

Court Appearences.

To my four children my name was POP but only when I did thhings for them which was to help achieve their eager desires but now I am divorced I only have three chhildren and they never ask how I am althoiugh I am age 84 and living on my own with nine hours care per week so if my two sons and daughter read my words donn’t forget you too will one day need family support and never need to complain if you need help in your old age and do not receive it.

If Youu Have God In Your Heart.

My heart is Gods heart but only for people who recognise my value to society because I am Gods son and know, God is an intelligeence far beyound human understanding.

Des O’Connor.

Des died age 88 but was always destined to live a long life because although he had several wifes he was wealthy and always popular in show business but even Des could have lived a much Longer life if he had honored is pledge to recognise me in some small way which would have meant contacting me via my facebook site just to say Hello Bob Landrut so if you have yet to honor your pledge please do so then we can all enjoy living long lifes as an example to others.

However, now I am age 84, I am under pressure every day which vwill be detremental to many people if they fail to recognise me after promising they wouuld recognise me when I was awake because they have all gained wealth based on their pledge buut have yet to do so.

Peiple Who Suffer In Life.

People I know are criminals because tto me anyo ne who breaks the law is a criminal and should be punishhed accordingly so If we all broike the law this world would soon be destroyed by a Nuclear holicast which would be far my destructive than horishima and Nagasaki.

However, when returning from Australia in 1971 my brother norman has suffered a nervous Breakdown and pensioned out of the police force then ten years later in 1981, I suffered a simular Breakdown and subject to a 28-day NHS mental health section then tranported in Handcuffs by two police officers to the nearest mental Hospital to serve out the 28 -day mandatory mental hhealth section.

A Person To Be My Companion.

Having lived on my own for the ppast ten years since 2011, I now seek a livin female companion who is also lonely and will compliment my age of 84. However, I expect to live a long life providing I receive quality care and companionship to ensure we both have a happy contented life.

North And South Ice Caps.

As both ice Caps melt in the northern and southern hemisphere they will cause seas to increase and mmuch more water wull seep througgh onto the worlds laeva fflow and cause more steam to activate volcanoes more ooften and creating new land masses for a ever increasing world population.

People Who Volunteer.

When people oif all ages volunteer their free time to help others although they are volunteering their free time they should expect to receive travel costs to and from the place they volunteer their free time which shgould be not less than 45 pence per mile and I am sure many elderly peiple would welcome some of rheir simple odds jobs completed if they live on their own without relatives living close by.

Parents And Grandparents.

When parents bring children into the worldthey should teach them by example how to take care of their Grandparents to ensure they receive quality care because some Grandparents need very little help as a couple providing they are healthy they take care of each other but at times they need help from their Grandchildren because as they become more elderly they have difficulty with many tasks such as, cutting larns, Gardening changing light bulbs, replacing fuses, painting and decorating and many more simple DIY tasks so if parents teach their children how to look afteer Grandparents they in turn wil be care for by their Grandchildren and pass the principlal from Generation to Generation then many more Grandparents will live nuch longer which is important for us all to achieve with quality care but lonelyness for many Grandparets destroys their will to live moreso if like me a Greatgrand father living on his own and relying on home carers providing me with nine hours per week one hour of which is my weekly shopping.

When People Pass Away.

Having asked an Undertakers Assistant to shave my late sons Beard it did not accur to me undertakers charge extrawhen preparing a deceased loved one but the assistant was a friend so did not charge a fee but I should have been more considerate and asked if there was any charge for extra services because these days ubdertakers expeeience strong compotition and should compete openly when being asked for extras when preparing a loved one for Berial or Cremation.

My Frien And Colleague.

My friend was a little older than me when he passed away but would have lived much longer if his children had respectd his wishes because he was quite capable of looking afte himself well into old age so his life was soon over after being placed in an elderly peoples home.

Northern Counties.

People who live in northern counties should be made aware there are many new residents who need the same care as as long term residents because unless they are a couple they need to be means tested for single persons home care to ensure they live a lonng life.

Family Planning.

Familyies who plan their childrens arrival should consider three children of any gender is the way forward for any average family living in a three dedroom home with upstairs bathroom and downstairs toilet and hand wash basin.


When people become friend they may belong to a different age group but all friendships begin with first impressions and then as they get to know each other they become bosom friends for life because i hhave made many friends in the past male and female of vcarious ages but they will remain my friends until I pass away then one special friend will join me in the spirit world dimension as we achieve perpetuual life as two much smaller robots as man and wife; without Emotions or Genital Organs.

Internet fraud.

Having had to send messages to police from time to time I know they respond favorably when providing imformmation to avoid fraud wgich is often found on the internet by some peoiple who believe stealing funds from others is the way forward but they soon find the way forward is to be honest oin the internet or be closed as a business or indervidual.

Grand Daughters.

My Grand Daughters are 4 in number who relate to my 3 children Debborah, Mark and David. However, Deborah, Mark and David refuse to communicate with me or though I have tried many times to do so and the latest problem, alhough Deborah would phone me most weeks she no longer deos so and I cannot phone her because my name and numbers have been Blocked.

Guilty Conscience.

My words prick the conscience of many people worldwide because we all have a guilty Conscience but some people are criminals and fear loss of freedom and would like tto kill me for identifying crimibnal activity via the spirit world dimension bec ause I comunicate with people who have lived a life cycle here on planet Earth.

Love And Sex.

Men and women need to experience sex relations even into old age because I am age 84 and divorced since 2011 my sexual appetite is low but can masterbate two or three times per month to achieve sexxual gratification but sex without love is not possible to enhance a persons life and if two people love each other they will enjoy sexual intercource into old age and expect tto achhieve perpetual life as a much smaller Robot.

Love begins by holding hands, walking and talking and exchanging daily memories then we get to know each other and eventuallly enjoy sexual interccource together but not until we love omne another and prepared to live our life together because to love anoother person you feel it in your heart not based on sexual activity.

If you would like to achieve perpetual life in this your current life cycle then seek true love before losing your virginity because a virgin to a man is a treasure and if they are both virgins when they marry or partrner they will never commit adultery because to do so prevents them achieving perpetual life because true love is destroyed.

My true love is yet to be identified but when I find her we will know we love one another and love each other initially from the waste upwards because without true love I will not survive into old age although my potential life expectancy is to live 140 years.

People Who Volunteer.

Many people like myseldf volunteer theiir free time because as a volunteer Driver for a sttratford Upon Avon charity for 13 years during periods of unemployment it was my way of contributing to society. However, many more able bodied elderly people would volubteer their free time providing they received travel costs to and from the place the volunteered their free time also many elderly people could be based at hospitals to relieve nurses from having to direct patients to special waiting areas prior to seeing a Doctor.

My NameIs Landrut.

Having changed my last name via a deed Poll from ‘James’ to ‘Landrut’ during March 2011, I am aware German citizens are not allowed to change their last name only their fore names so I am British born and my Great Grandmother had a German Landrut father.

Adult Sex Companies.

People who join adult sex websites should be allowed free time oif all facilities offered before being asked to upgrade to continue with the full facilities then detaile profiles and picture would be availablk for everyone to cobsider before deciding to upgrade.

All single people should be encouraged to Join Adult Sex website because sexual Gratifiication is important for all adults to achieve married partnered or single; even me and I am age 84.

Petrol And Electric Cars

Petrol cars will be made more cost affective if they where petrol and electric then on long journeys petrol would be saved by switching to electric power which could be generated with an alternater built into all four road wheels.

My X Wife Margaret.

When my wife devorced and seperated in 2011 we from time to time contacted each otheer by phone most weeks. However, my last phone call to her was nearly three years ago and now she has moved to Stoke prior Bromsgrove and livving on her own at age 83 so I am keen to learn if she is being cared for because no one in my family will reply to my facebook messages and my daughter who lives in Alcester no longer phones me every week and I cannot phone her because my name and numbers have been Blocked.

Every time my x wife moved to another home in the she always phoned me to ensure she was doing the right thing becsause unknown to her she would have secured council property in her home town of Alcester so she could be close to where our late son Neil was buried in Alcester.

Quality Elderly Home Care.

My care package is adjusted every twelve months as my care needs increase but now I am age 84 my carers should be no more than five consistant carers per week based on receivimng nine hours care per week one hour of which is my weekly shopping which in total costs £900 per month plus two hours had hock house cleaning every mnonth which cost a further £45 per month.

People Who Care For Others.

Some people in the caring Industry bbeliieve elderly people should be more indipendan but that is not true becayse they pay for quality care from their carer and expecto receive their care by their carer not just tto be supervised by a carer to Demostrate their indipendance.

My Early Employment.

At the age of 18,was employrd by Adkins and Thomas as a Flouer Mill packer for a short time then became a lorry drivers assistant for two years before finally becoming am Adkins and Thomas lorry driver deliving flour to bakeries and animal feeding stuffs to farns within Warwickshire but my favorite area was Moreton in Marsh, Chipping Norton the cotswolds, Shipston on Sture, Pilitern Prior, Ettington, Halford and the A34 London road.

David Hemmings.

During the late 1970’s Adkins and Thomas mill was purchased by David Hemmings mill Barford and employed for a short time in 1978 as weigh bridge operator and as David was the same age as me came together every friday based on his weely visit yto Broom mil because David Hemming had become concerned about losing srock which is what i was employed to discover and did so within a few days then the leakage was identified and stopped.

My name change from ‘James’ to ‘Landrtut’ took place via a deed poll march 2011 so my full name is now: Joseph Robert Neil Landrut.

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My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows.