The Most Popular People.

Pople know who I am but refuse to openly recognise me based on their position in society for example prince Philip who passed away was asked to recognise me in a simple way but repeatedly refused to do so knowing no one could force him but now he is in the spirit world dimension he knows he should have recognized me by refunding money to me which was close playing roulette based on rgree was removed from the table before being banked because he was the official Director of the UK gaming Institute.

Obama and Joe Biden. Presidents from George Wahington to Barack Obama have recognused who Gods Son was and showed support by errecting statues in gods sons honour after he had passed away but now Gods son knows who he is but no one will openly recognize him as gods son because to do so would damage their reputation in society as a leader.

Although we are all Gods Sons and Daughter I am the Gods son which represents activating Evolutiun as the first life form and would be known allways as number one Son of god.

People Questioned By Police. Videos I watch and listen to provide me information to help decide if a person is lying it telling the truth because as I communicate with the spirit world dimension learn the truth every day.

My Three Year Wakening. Took place from 1981 to 1984 whilst being employed as a stores superintendent at Veeder-Root lakeside Redditch which was a company refurbishing Petrol pumps reclaimed from closed down service stations.

However, looking back I know many more male employees were wakening but over a longer period based on their socially minded attitude which was obvious as my waking took place and at the time my Doctor wakened at the same time as me butwas aware of his wakening because certain people in society know the differance between an awakening and nervous breakdown.

My wakening was a learning curve which was necessary for my overall education because without it I would be fearfull of communiicating with the spirit world dimmension with people who have sexperienced a life cycle here on planet Earth.

Winston Churchill in the Second World War. When world war two broke out Winston Churchuil was war leader because he was aware Adolph Hitler was about to try and take over the world but what Hitler did not know was Winston Churchill was being advised by people in the spirit world dimension and as a small boy during the 1940s my country village home was 100 miles from London which was heavenly bombed which caused Winston to evacuate all children out of London and sent then to country villages because as a family of five children we had two evacuees one 14 and the other 13.

Satan. My life is forever in danger because like God the Devil works in many ways by turning people against each other to ensure society does not develop towards everyone being more socially minded and by doing so controls antisocial people in a way that would not be done by socially minded and every person walks with an angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other.

Paranormal. Many people have a paranormal experience but most people would consider a paranormal experience to be a mental breakdown but my paranormal experiences were many from 1981 to 1984 when I learned who I was in the past and what I was to achieve in this life cycle which was to train as a social scientist and spiritualist based on me communicating with people in the spirit world dimension.

Father Time. Having achieved Great Grandfather status I am now not wanted in my large family circle because like many men my age l am detrimental to many family members freedom based on their Guilty conscience and what I know about them but although I clove alone at age 85 they know without a female live in companion my life will soon be over.

My live-in Companion and carer lives in New York State, and should be with me here in Britain sometime soon, and then we can work together to endure this world remove poverty, reduse prison inmate numbers, and prevent Drug Barons causing our children to be addicted to Narcotics.

My Life And Death. When people have Guilty conscience-based con words I write and want to kill me but try as they might their Conscious Awareness Spirit will prevent them from killing me because everyone’s Conscious Awareness Spirit is programmed to protect my life so if they attempt to kill me their brain will be squeezed causing a heart attack the closer they get to me so people in the spirit world dimension know many attempts to kill me during my lifetime without success.

Furthermore, my life is always in danger because as I become older my care is based on social benefits caused by selling my last home to finance my divorce during 2011 because my wife and I were not destined to stay together but to achieve perpetual life with another partner to ensure when we pass away we become much smaller robots in the Spirit World Dimension as man and wife.

Gracie Fields. Having listened to Gracie Fields singing during the second world war although i started school at age 4 in 1940, Gracie was always popular with servicemen as she sang to them when sometimes in danger but she was famous singer to my but surprise she only lived to age 81 but based on her wealth Gracie should have lived as long as my aunt Joan because my auntie Joan is in a Stratford upon Avon nursing home and now at age 101 so her quality care is based on property she purchased during the 1940s.

Hattie Jacques. During the 1940’s every hospital in Britain had a Matron which Hattie Jacques player in the Carron films with Sid James and other well-known stars. However. Metatron like Hattie Jacques would visit each ward, in turn, every Thursday and prior to her visit Sisters and Nurses would make sure all patients were in bed so Matron could chat to them about their illness and even Doctors had respect for Maytrons because the Hattie Jacques of each hospital ensured efficiency and cleanliness was profesonal standard.

Sir Winston Churchil. When war broke out in 1940 because Hitler invaded Poland when I was age 4, Winston Churchill took over the British Government to ensure Germany did not concorr Europe or Britain. However, Winnnnston Churchil and Adolph Hitler was a problem to each other because Winston was being guided by the spirit world dimension via clairvoyants but without the help of clairvoyant Hitler would invade Britain but unknown to him Japanese armieds were set to take over us, Europe, and Britain but when Japanese planes bombed md and destroyed Pearl Harbour the two countries Britain and the US Bombed Horiushema and Nagasaki with Nuclear Bombs which immediately ended to war with Japan and ended Imediatly.

Faithh, Hope And Charity. People believe what they want to believe but I believe because I live on my own but I may pay the price for believing and never will I believe the words of love and romance just because I am a target for an escape route based on my age of Eighty-Five.

Mrs Horne. My next-door neighbor was elderly and would sit in her armchair and knit Tea Cosy’s with Fluff her black and white cat lay curled up asleep around her slippers.

Mrs Warner. At age seven Mrs. Warner taught me the 12 times tables and every morning before or the first lesson she would point at random to a pupil and ask him or her to multiply 2 numbers which were good exercise for using mental arithmetic and at age 11 we could recite and verbally multiply to numbers fro the 12 times tables.

Pharaoh. Every Egyptian King was known as Pharaoh but only one king was known as Gods Son and that was King Tutankhamun to boy king who was aware of reincarnation and prepared his tomb to ensure when he returned as another man he would know not only he was vKing Tutankhamun but also many people before and after him because I am the man who was King Tutankhamun and all men before and after him which includes Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, George Wahington, and William Shakespeare to name just a few. But only their Conscious Awareness Spirit, which is indicative of all our reincarnations.

People Who Work Too Hard. When People work too hard it is usually caused by unreasonable pressure from some else who believes they can ask too much of a person consequently causing that person to experience stress trying to achieve too much so if possible to avoid stress visit a friend or relative to relax for a while then your stress level will decline.

Priests And Nuns. When I was Driving into Birmingham in a one man single deck Midland Red Bus on route 142 in 1965 just before arriving at the bus stop prior to Longbridge island I picked up two tall nuns in the full black habit and as I sat behind the wheel of my bus blood dripped on to the back of my left hand as I held the top of the gear stick as the first nun handed me her fare but so not to embarrass the nun I did not wipe her blood off my hand until they had both moved up the bus to sit down, Eight months later i emigrated to Australia.

However, it is not normal for Nuns our priests to be cellaret because we all feel that way inclined single or married so the pipe should allow Priests to marry so they too can achieve emotional satisfaction from time to time.

However, my first wife said she wanted to become a Nun and maybe that is why she had a low sex drive and caused me to commit adultery because I am a romantic man and appreciate the love from above the waist before being married but now I live on my own in a two-bed Bungalow my live-in carer will also be my companion to share my life and wealth when I finally pass away.

Prison Officers. People who go to prison should be encouraged to help Prison Authorities remove narcotics because many people who receive a prison sentence is often related to Drugs so if socially-minded prison officers made sure prisons were free from Drugs prison numbers would decrease allow overcrowding to be eliminated for the good of all prison inmates male or female.

Barristers.When Barristers defend or prosecute a defendant they should both be paid the same so when the defendant is guilty or not He or She would receive the same quality defense and if bribery was not detected by either barrister the spirit world dimension will identify the person by allowing me to state whether or not bribery was in place so a barrister could be changed to ensure a fair trial takes place.

Memorues Of Days Gone By. My age of 85 have seen many years pass by both in Australia and here in Britain but not all my memories are happy but even sad memories are important because being lonely gives time to think about the past and as we look back we see and remember things which could be detrimental to some peoples freedom but not all elderly lonely people speak or write although they probably know more than I do but refrain from speaking their mind so as a Great Grandfather I am their mouthpiece to ensure their memories are remembered for many years to come.

However, we all have a guilty conscience no matter who we are but by reliving our memories keeps our conscious clear to ensure we live a long and happy life providing we do not have memories that are detrimental to our freedom and prefer not to remember past then because some people refuse to remember back to their childhood because of their guilty conscience and fear loss of their freedom.

Bing Crosby. Having seen many of Bing Crosby films his character part as a priest was my wife favorite and at age 11 wrote to Bing and he sent her a nice photograph of himself.

Police Procedure. People who believe police offers are well paid should consider every policeman and woman putting their lives in danger every time they come on duty. Furthermore, I am police minded and would try to defend a policeman or woman even if I was in danger myself because some criminals are destructive when being apprehended and may take several men to help arrest him because sometimes one policeman or woman on their own would stand no chance against an aggressive and violent man.

Faith, Hope and Charity, I am Faiithful, Hopeful and Charitable..

As Joseph Landrut I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as i become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Robert Neil James and my father added Joseph so my official birth name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and changed via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.