The Spirit World Dimension. When God created this world it was to support two Dimension one made with matter and the other made with antimatter. However, we belong to the world as large Robots and the other dimension not only to a much smaller Robot but also Androids which are to ensure we achieve perpetual life as the much smaller Robot and the Android for us to transfer from the spirit world dimension and begin life again as unborn larger Robots.

Albert Einstein. Before my awakening in 1981, I read that Albert Einstein stated that the Universe could be repeating itself and after making contact with people in the spirit world dimension learned the universe will repeat itself every sixteen Billion years and is yet to recycle for the first time.

My Spiritual Contact. My life is protected by the spirit world dimension because I write words that cause some people to have a guilty conscience based on their involvement in corrupt practices and people in the spirit world who have lived a life cycle here on planet Earth know it is important to protect me from those who try to destroy me and my computer but they will never succeed because even their Conscious Awareness Spirit will prevent them harming me by squeezing their brain to cause a Heart attack because several time a close relative has tried to kill me and refrained from doing so based on having his Brain squeezed so do your worst to destroy me and if you succeed you will destroy this planet and al liviing thngs on it because I am recognized as number one Gods son and will continue removing poverty, reducing prison inmate numbers and preventing Drug barons encouraging our children to be addicted to Naucotics.

Robert And Lorient. My true partner my future wife and I will be coming together here in Evesham on November 30 unless something unforeseen prevents us from doing so and coming together from a different country will pave the way for other truer partners to come together regardless of where they live in the world.

School Teachers. People who are very important to society are school teachers who teach Infants, juniors, and high school so they should all be listed on Wikipedia after they pass away and I for one recommend Mrs. Warner junior school teacher and Mr. Savage Secondary modern school teacher during my school years from age 4 during 1940 to 1951 age 15.

Direct Mail Advertising. Having been employed in the Direct Mail Advertising Industry from 1965 to 1975, I know Direct Mail and Email addresses would complement both vendor and customer because when a mailshot is considered direct mailing houses provide a targeted audience which could include email addresses.

Capital Punishment. People who kill other people should be put in prison for the rest of their life as a deterrent for all would be Murders because capital punishment is the easy way out and when executed Immediately reincarnate and begin another life cycle.

Knowing Who I Am. I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My long term memory gives me a reason to say very little because every word I say will cause someone to have a guilty conscience because I am a historian and Great Grandfather of six children and have decided to leave my wealth to my live-in carer providing she remains loyal and dedicated and excepts my marriage proposal based on being able to achieve sexual intercorse to ensure she provids quality care until I pass away and if my care remains without me having a live-in carer my life will be much shorter and I will be pleased to pass away as soon as possible to ensure I return to the spirit world as a Conscious Awareness Spirit havimg achieved perpetual life as a much smaller robot with or without my true partner.

My true partner is somewhere in the world but I have yet to find my honest future wife because so far have discovered girls who only lie to achieve financial gain without having a conscience or thought of how much damage they do to senior citizens who believe God eventually destroys dishonest people to protect this world from total destruction as antisocial people le take over.

Now you have read my introduction page soon my latest book will be published and available as a Hardback and digital formats titled: Marriage of Mind and Body.

Islam Terrorists. When you young females expose themself on the Internet they are open to abuse if they claim their sexual appetite is very high because Islam Terrorist supporters search the world to have girls of all nationalities so they can take advantage of their high sex drive and are prepared to share girls with their comraded then abuse this type of Girl until she is made pregnant and then tries to escape from a Potential life of crime.

Abdication. Now Prince Philip has passed away it is time for her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second to abdicate and then Prince Charles could spend time on the throne Prior to his son Wiliam Becomes King William the second who will probably be the last king to reign prior to having a European President based in Brussels after Russia as Joined the European Community and Russian children begin learning English as a second language.

People In Need. When people are in need it is because people in authority refuse to help them because they believe they should not exist but every person on this planet is important and should always be considered by others if they are in need so do not turn your back on the needy because in your next life cycle you could be the one in need because God represents equality in all things and only God decides where and when we live our next life cycle.

Rio De Janeiro. When the statue of Jesus Christ was erected on a mountain top in Rio de Janeiro it was to recognize a man who was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and many people of the past but only his Conscious Awareness Spirit was complimentry or Indicative to all his life cycles from Adam through to George Washington and after William Shakespeare and now I am a man who knows and knows he knows and the only one to waken since Adam and Eve.

However, all wooden statues eventually rot and become unsafe so cavity wall insulation should be injected to ensure statues and church steeples are safe for many years to come and although the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro was built in 1931 it needs testing now not wait 800 years like many church steeples which will eventually be blown down by strong winds and every congregation who visit churches Sundays must be aware of strong winds which would destroy a church if the steeple sunfdely crashed through the roof.

Now I am awake and know who I was in the past perhaps people who promised to support me will do so before I pass away now I am age 85 and a Great Grandfather living on my own since divorcing my first wife in 2011 but now I have found my potential second wife but we need to come together initially as my live -in companion and carer when I can provide sufficient funds for her to travel from Nerw York State as soon as possible be because all I receive is numerous carers for two 30 mins sessions every day but I need stability and independence during the rest of my life if I am to achieve my objectives.

Flowers Brewery. Having lived in Josephs way Stratford Upon Avon during the late 1990’s my memory goes back to when during the late 1950’s Flowers Brewery was located on the Birmingham Road Stratford Upon Avon which was a large Brewery producing Shakespear Ale in Barrels and bottles so now the Birmingham road is the large Maybird shopping center for locals and people in the Stratford area to shop with a Large collection of retail stores to choose from.

Faith, Hope, and Charity, I am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

My name at birth was Robert Neil James and my father added Joseph so my official birth name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and changed via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.