Rio De Janeiro.

Rio De Janeiro, where a statue of Jesus is located makes a mockery of his name because certain people know who he was then and know who he is now because this time is when Jesus wakened and aware of who he was in the past and who he is now but no one as offered to help him because he is divorced and living on his own at age 84 but his life could be much longer if he received financial support to locate to an area indicative to his status of the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, his Conscious Awareness Spirit wise.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut so my title is Great Grandfather James.