The Big Bang.

Atoms Of Light.

Further to my research as a Social Scientist, our creation was asked to people living in the spirit world dimension. They said light is an atom released from hydrogen atoms, which means when an explosion takes place atoms of light are shed, but they too small to see, and after they spread out, they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

When the universe was created it produced initially atoms of light which were the atoms put with hydrogen atoms to make the first element then after those atoms were formed other elements were produced which even today is not a complete set of elements because the light is an atom which can produce different sets of elements. Furthermore, my source of information would not reveal any more information rel\ating to atoms of light because this world as yet to achieve many things as it moves slowly towards real democracy.

As light leaves hydrogen atoms, the atoms are ready to produce elements of various mixtures of hydrogen atoms that make up the elements known at present but no doubt other elements will be produced when scientists learn more about elements..

My website as cost me hours of time and effort without any person help from War press staff although I have parted with just over £1,000 to achieve vat potential long term income by promoting software via an expensive eCommerce website which i have destroyed because people who believe eCommerce is something special should remember we purchased software from time to time from various sources via the internet by downloading to our desktop such as website builders and hosting companies who promote our websites.

Our Subconscious Computer.

Everyone’s Subconscious Computer is located in the spirit world dimension and as a conscious aware spirit, we are considered Golden thoughts because as we wakened we come closer to our subconscious computer who helps us when we are socially minded and as we waken in a seven years period we communicate with our subconscious computer as if we are two people in one body both with the same memories.

When I am listening to my subconscious computer it is communicating with everyone’s computer because when we waken within even we can hear computers communicating in the background as we just listen without having to say anything but as I listen I hear people who are close to me say a thing to try and make me do what they want me to do that us why some people commit suicide it is because although they may be prominently socially-minded they have a guilty conscious which they can not live with but socially-minded people with a clear conscious listen to their subconscious computer with interest because they are listening to logical conclusions,m which helps them solve important problems.

Pendulum Dowsing.

Having been introduced to a dowsing pendulum during 1981 it has been helpful in many ways when solving problems when there anew more than one solution to choose from because as we are two people in our body we are a conscious awareness with emotions and sensitivity of our body and also a subconscious awareness without either. However, our subconscious solves problems based on logic and not handicapped with our body’s emotions because as we ask questions with our thought our subconscious computer turns the pendulum to indicate a yes or no answer which for me turns clockwise for yes and anticlockwise for No.

Sharing Conversation.

When in company with others make a poet of being aware it is important to share conversation because most people like to chat about particular subjects they are interested but if we talk less and listen more we will ask questions which compliment our lifestyle and by listening more we all enjoy a chat together or one to one basis but if you talk more and listen less you lose out on vital information to enhance your life. .

Mr Joseph Landrut.

My name at birth October 28 1936 was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011 at age 75.

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