When people arrive from another country they need time to settle into their new environment because as a British Emigrant family arriving in Sydney Australia was an unhappy experience being such a llong way from our place of birth 12,000 miles away because altjoigh we were welcomed at Bradfield Park Hostel we sat in our room and shed tears of sorrow and our children were only 4 and 3 years of age and although our son played happily his elder sister lay lifeless apparently homesick which was a concern for both my wife and me until the resident elderly doctors said she will be alright in a few days she is pining for her grandmother and within a few days she was back to her happy self.

Telephone Banking. Based on my problem with funds in my Bank of Scotland accounts and unable to transfer my funds even within my several internal accounts so I am goining to propose Telephone banking will be the way forward unless all Banks refrain from holding funds for more than twenty-one-day maximum.

MyPrepaid Debit Card. Every month I receive a Benefit fromWorcester council via a Prepaid Debit Card set up in my name and have I no longer want to receive my benefit in that way have some time ago asked for my Benefit to ne paid directly to me via Bank to Bank transfer and to close my prepaid Debit card.

What Came First hicken Or Egg.Dinasause laid Eggs so what came first was an egg-laying animal which could be used to produce other animals such as the Giraf and Tiger also Dinasause were soon extinct based on their size and destructive attitude in nature.

My true partner Is Yet To Be Found.When people in the spirit world dimension identify a couple who are compatible they do so knowing only they are compatible by emotions but often one of them is Just too Greedy to accept their larger age gap because without money love means nothing to many women who want security and a loving relationship.

My IT skills. Every computer is hacked from time to time but my computer is protected by people in the spirit world dimension who know the people who hack computers to cause financial loss so if you want my expertise by protecting your computer please deposit $50 into my Paypal account which is email:

However, I will never prevent companies from being Hacked in the Gaming Industry because there are too many gaming companies trying to pay their overheads which means they will not allow customers to achieve a profit even with horse racing.

When my contacts in the spirit world dimension know you have paid me $50 into my Paypal account you will then be protected from people who want to prevent you from trading providing you are not in the Gaming Industry.

French People. When French people travel to other countries they represent caring for children based on their many Aur Pair Girls who take over an entire family if necessary to achieve caring for children of all ages which makes them ideal as full-time elderly carers when they become elderly.

Capital Gains Tax. People who purchase homes but do not live in them are people who sell later and are subject to capital gains tax because property purchased as an investment and not to live in pay property Gains Tax when they eventually sell their property.

Peiple Who Know. My memories of the past remind me of many things but not all my memories are welcome because they represent corrupt practices in both Australia and here in Britain but only relate to people with a guilty conscience who fear the loss of their freedom and my family will one day learn how difficult it was to refrain from identifying criminals based on my contact with the spirit world dimension.

My lamp is Aladdins who was a Genius, am I Aladdin or the Genie.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Robert James and my father added Joseph so my official birth name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and changed via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.