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Having lived and employed in Australia after emigrating via the £10 assisted passage scheme with my wife and two small children during 1965 we returned to Britain and for a short time as a family of six December 1970, then returned to Australia 1973 and finally returned home to Britain 1975. However, my wife and I traveled to Australia for a 30 day holiday in October, November 2006.

From the village of Berowra, located 19 miles north of Sydney city center to Gosford 50 miles further north will be built four large new suburbs two each side the motorway after building two Oval roundabouts to service all four suburbs, which will be an ideal investment for purchasing Blocks of land with all services ready to connect which include water Electricity and sewerage.

People who believe they can purchase property and achieve a healthy profit will find they will only buy and sell in line with inflation to ensure homes stay within the reach of first-time buyer because without first-time buyers become harder to sell so the days when houses and all property increased at 7% per year and doubled in value every 10 years is a thing of the past and will remain so. then many more people will own theirs owns or share ownership with landlords.

House prices during the late 1950s were funded by building societies and to qualify for a reducible mortgage people saved with a building society but only the main wage earner was the mortgagee, whose monnnnnnnthly mortgage was equal to one week’s wages The mortgage included an endowment insurance policy, which paid off the mortgage in 25years. Furthermore, banks eventually offered interest-only mortgages, which meant monthly payments were lower and every mortgagee needed to make provision to pay off the mortgage in 30 years.

My mortgages were all paid off and gave me the chance to pay off all my outstanding bills and trave back to Britain during 1971 and again in 1975. However, on both occasions purchased the property in either Britain or Australia so I was guilty of dictating the selling price of my homes but like all things in life if we see a loophole to make money legally we follow it through.

Every home we purchased was intended to be our last but it never was our last and even now live in a rented two-bed Bungalow but not by choice but because my divorce took place 2011 fust after selling a Bungalow meant to be our final home purchase but without that final home sale we would have found it difficult to pay for our divorce and provide funds for our security. However, even now i am age 84 still anticipate either renting another home or purchasing a home of my choice either in the vale of Evesham or Stratford Upon Avon.

The schoolteacher has always been allowed 100% mortgages but during late 1940s school teachers salary was very low, which made it difficult to purchase their own home. However, our master at secondary modern school purchased a detached home, which would have been expensive but he was a headmaster to be proud of and respected by his pupils and staff. My parents never visited any of my schools, in fact, my older sister age 5, held my hand and took me to school at age 4 but in those days children walked to school in a group unless allowed traveled one mile to infants school via local bus service for just one penny as the bus fare.

However, I remember my sister telling me I was a naughty boy standing on the side of the lane, pulling my short tousers downs instead of pulling my trouser leg up to relieve myself consequently often went into school with wet trousers.

Purchasing Property.

If mortgages were made inflation-proof in line with the retail index link and housing allowance also index-linked mortgages could be extended until the mortgagee passed away or sold their property because at present housing allowance is established at £400 per month, which mean tenants receiving housing allowance is eroding their standard of living, Furthermore, if both mortgages and housing benefit inflated at the same level people with a mortgage would not need to sell their home to pay off their mortgage because when a mortgagee retires he or she only months interest payments based on their original monthly mortgage providing banks and Building societies only charge 4% interest per year on interest-only monthly mortgage payment., which would run in line with housing benefit allowance.

However, having purchase and lived in 9 homes during the past 40 years, I have also from time to time lived in rented homes during the past 60 years, which as proved to rent is easier to obtain than securing a mortgage because the rental property is on the increase and should be reversed so many more people can purchase their own home even if it is shared ownership with a Landlord; local councils or otherwise.

My Objective.

As I have purchased home in the past I know it is far better than a rented home because if a landlord chooses to give the notice to quit you have two months to move out but fortunately after being given two months, not by the time the notice expired I had found and relocated to a Two-Beed Bungalow rented from Rooftop housing, who have homes for rent and for purchase, which means providing your rent it uptodate you can move another area if preferred so I would like to move into a Two-Bed ground floor apartment within a few miles of Evesham.

My Sonnets.
My lamp is Aladdin’s, am I Aladdin or the Genie.
When I am Good I am very Good but when I am Bad I am not Good.
My wife is a cow Keepers Daughter her Father is a Farmer.
My principle is not to do onto others, which I do not want to be done to me.
There is 12 times tables because 7 times 7 = 49 eat the orange and peel the rined.
My name was Joseph many times in the past but not Joseph who was father to Simon and James but not father to Jesus because Mary was compatible with Joseph but not compatible with the farther of Jesus.

My sonnets above will remain a mystery for generations to come because I am he who as come to show the way to a better world by allowing people to care for my work in the caring industry, not by choice because they have to justify their social benefits or remain dependant on society for support but most of those carers are brilliant carers but treated as people of disrepute just because they are either divorced or a one-parent family so please remember to respect your carer because she or he will leave you to care for yourself because my carers never fail to turn up and if necessary replaced by another carer even if it is one of the office staff, who are also employed to care as and when necessary.

However, I know the message above does not relate to Real Estate but even wealthy homeowners need home care when becoming elderly so please remember neglect of an elderly citizen can go unnoticed by people who are abused for whatever reason because carers face all types of situation when entering your home, which takes expertise to deal with when finding an elderly client Dead and the only other person in the room to take appropriate action.

People Who sell Homes.

If people sold homes in some countries they would be liable for property tax and anyone who owns a home in Britain and do not live in it is to pay appropriate tax to ensure people buying those home do not pay over the odds because property escalating long term unemployment for the real estate industry Personally believe property tax should apply for any homes sold because if district values established house price the need for extra taxation would not be necessary and people who purchased homes would be aware they would pay property tax when buying and selling to achieve substantial profit.

Couples Who Purchase Property.

When a married or partnered couple decides to purchase their home they should consider it is a joint effort and be pleased they both will enjoy their new home because having purchased and lived in 9 homes 3 in Australia and 6 in Britain since 1965, my wife and I always agreed or we moved on to look at other homes and her main concern was taking our children to a school which often prevented us purchasing because schools were often too far away to travel as my wife did not drive a vehicle which is a handicap to a family having to rely on public transport or friends.

Poverty In The World.

As we travel around the world by aircraft we can look down and see poverty with people living in shantytowns because as we left Bombay after refueling we flew over Rangoon and again landed to refuel. However, that was in November 1965 on route to Sydney Australia but it was such a pleasure to arrive in Sydney to a bright sunny spring morning and look down at a country free from serious poverty.

My Last Will.

As yet I have not updated my will and until I find my true partner it will remain being donated to a selection of charities listed with the British inland revenue but when I located my true partner and she agrees to be my life in carer and cremains loyal when becoming my wife we will both visit my solicitor to ensure she is named as a sole benefactor to reward her love, honesty, and loyalty to a man who is much older than she is because my life forecast is to live 130 years and my potential wife would be young enough to outlive me so she would be age 40, give or take a few years.


My morning care could be more cost-effective if a freelance carer cam to me Saturday and Sunday every week for one hour each session, which would cover my two hours cleaning per week and my care.

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Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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