Having been born in the village of broom Near Alcester Warwickshire October 28 – 1936, I am now locating in Evesham where I have lived on my own since my divorce in January 2011, However, my wide and i divorced amicably and now live apart.
My wife and I emigrated to Sydney Australia via the £10 assisted passage scheme November 11, 1965 and after living on a migrant hostel for two years we purchased a block of land and during 1967 had a brick veneer home built on the land then after nine years we returned finally to Britain with our four children during 1975.
My large number of employment achieved in both Britain and Australia have provided practical experience which was superior to a university education but proved to be an handicap without academic qualification which prevented me achieving top management.
My last visit to Australia was October 2006 for a 30 day holiday with my wife but now we are divorced I will not return to Australia but remain in Britain researching elderly care now I am age 84 and living on my own in a two bed bungalow here in Evesham.
However, I seek a Companion and live in part time carer for 7 hours care per week which includes my weekly shopping for one hour. Furthermore, I will cover relocating costs and provide an income of £70 per week which includes board and lodgings to ensure the person appointed is fully secure.
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Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  January 2011. 

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