Life Of Joseph Landrut.

I Am Gods Son And The Only Gods Son. Although we are all God’s Sons and Daughters I am the only God’s Son protected by people in the Spirit World dimension who have lived a life cycle here on planet earth.

People Who Cheat Elderly Men. When elderly men want to find a second wife after divorce or becoming a widower he seeks potentially suitable internet based females but all he finds is false promises and lies to ensure they part him from his life saving until eventually gives up and is prepared to pass away as soon as possible.

When someone claims to be my True Partner they will have read all pages in this website and prepared to believe my words because without reading my words you could not possibly be my true partner and when asked a question personally or otherwise expect to tell the truth because many young ladies fail to tell the truth because their overall objective is to encourage me to part with money and oiral sex is not an option.

Hard Porn. Females who are told they are too young for a man my age should not offer me r photos to gain money and try to prick my conscience as a dirty old man because I will just delete them from my computer.

Being Faithful Defined. The definition of being Faithful is not to have another man’s penis inside any orifice of their body after marriage has taken place based on being true love partnership because to do so would cause them to part regardless of age.

Men Who Are Elderly. Men who try to find a wife and would find it difficult to have sexual intercourse should advise all potential wives and ask how they would solve the low sex drive problem without having to lie to achieve receiving funds because to do so would cause some men to spend money they could not afford and be disappointed at their attempt to find a wife.

Regeneration.  My forty years since 1981 have caused my body to regenerate as my years pass by but only I know how it feels be caused as a Type Two Diabetic for 25 years my weight has reduced from 17.5 stone to 14 stone and now my lungs are free from congestion for the first time for 25 years based on my immune system allowing me not to need antibiotics or medication.

FBI And Scotlannd Yard. My support to both the FBI and Scotland Yard is my way of working socially as an independent citizen in Britain and has I have visited New York in January 1971.

British Police. As my brother was a police officer in West Mercia and based in Stourbridge from 1966 to 1971, it was appreciated by myself and his family also when my brother passed away and his coffin was covered with the West Mercia flag to show their appreciation.

People who share responsibility for administering funds should be vetted carefully based on their past history of helping others to achieve entry into another country to begin life with a potential wife or companion depending on their age gap which could be considerably wide even though they are true partners.

Blood Line. Our name James is listed from James first to present day but I am the only James with German blood because my Grandmother Freebie’s mother was daughter to one of the German Landrut family so to was Lena Myer-Landrut who won the Euro song contest in Oslo during 2010.

Car Rental. When hiring a rental car make sure you have someone to take you to pick up the car because some rental companies will quote a total price then when you arrive to collect the car and make payment quoted they then say there is another insurance fee to pay of £100 which I declined and annoyingly walked out without taking the rental car but fortunately my own car was in there car park which I drove off in never to return.

Islam Terrorists. My Family name is James and is now landrut and although I was born here in Britain my Great Grandmother was Daughter to a member of the Landrut family and I am a decedent of KJing James the first who succeeded Queen Elizabeth the first in 1603 who was a partner to Henry with and Anne Berlin so King James the First was King Henries Grandson whose mother was Marry queen of Scots whose mother was Kathrine of Harrigan First wife of Henry the eighth

My Five Year Search. My first search for a true partner was five years ago during 2016 and being a man was soon parted from my money by a 36-year-old wo, en and here friendly travel agent man bur at the time I had saved £7,000 and prepared to fund her journey from Ghana, Noth west coast of Africa, However after parting with £4,000 travel arrangement were in place just before my eightieth birthday in 2016 so I was sent a packet via air freight which as I tracked it traveled south from Ghana to Nigeria then began traveling north to Brussels, across the channel to Bristol then by road to my front door 10 am which with pleasure signed for an A4 size manilla envelope containing a travel itinerary and well designed birthday card and sign Love Linda.

When I found my latest trie partner she lives in New York Dtaytr but no one believes she is honst and refuse to alow me to provide funds for her based on our 54 year age gap even my bank has blocked two of my accounts and insist |I visit my local branch to identify myse;f although pressure I am experiencing is causing me not yo go anehrtrr except in a wheelchair so now my many supporters are refusing to help us come together by not providing £2000 for my true partner to enter Britain to become my live-in companion and full-time carer.

However, travel to Britain was to take place October 30 but on that morning received an urgent email from Linda’s mother in Texas who had funded a well Fargo bank account with £2,000 based on her mother being a City Bank account holder and allowing her daughter to use her wells Fargo debit card in a Ghana ATM but the email was to apologize because had removed £600 to pay an urgent bill consequently the journey was aborted to me here in Britain and furthermore after parting with over £25,000 experienced anthe four aborted journeys based on feasible logical excuses.

My latest attempt to secure a compatible partner can only be achieved if like-minded people believe in me and are prepared to believe couples can come together anywhere in the world based on honesty and free from corrupt practices.

To protect the mandatory £2,000 required to enter Britain it will be secure and not being allowed to be withdrawn from the Bank account set up in the name of female traveler until she arrives in London Heathrow then if the journey is aborted for some reason the £2,000 will be returned to its provider intact.

Faithful. When people make promises they should make they keep them or they will regret making any promises to me or others because I am a man who has wakened yin this current life cycle and need support to survive into old age and people who promised me support are ignoring me based on not believing who I am and who I was in past life cycles when I was recognized by people who was aware of my identity.

TIME. When this world was created Time began the moment I activated Evolution as a Conscious Awareness Spirit and Considered to be Gods Son and number one for all times during this universe and after it recycles every 16 Billonn years thereafter because there is a Gods son in every populated earth-like planet in every Universe created by an intelligence far beyond human Comprehension.

Marshal Tito. As the leader of Yugoslavia Marshal Tito caused many of his countrymen to flee Yugoslavia and make their way to Britain as Displaced persons until it was safe to return home to Yugoslavia. However, Jacko was my friend and felloiw lorry and bus deriver in the late 1950s, and also Frank and his wife Philis Laponovic who was a cstome mason during the 1960s in Sydney Australia is also a friend and work colleague in Sydney Australia was Alley Joyce, who was born in Australia although his parents were from Yugoslavia.

Polish Peoples. When Poland was invaded by Germany it was the start of world war two because Adolph Hitler was warned by Britain if he invaded Poland Britain would be at war with Germany and Hitler deliberately invaded Poland and world war two began by invading Germany. Furthermore, Japanese armies began invading eastern countries but when Pearl harbor was destroyed Atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which halted both Wars because if Britain had been concord Japanese armies would have destroyed Germany so the Japanese could take over the world in total.

Pontius Pilate. My memory of Biblical important people goes back to Pontius Pilate who made Jesus Christ suffer in prison because I know to lose your freedom is considered prison even though it may be open prison which often happens to some people when having to spend 12 months in a mental home because they would be punished by police if allowed home too soon after they damaged property belonging to the Local Authority.

Miss Grace. My true partner is coming to take care of me here in Evesham and will be known as Miss Grace my live-in companion to all my carers as math of respect because Miss Grace is age 32 and a US citizen.

Pharaoh. King Pharaoh was my name in a past life but I was only his conscious Awareness Spirit because before Pharaoh I was Abraham and Adam now I am Joseph Robert Neil Lanndrut born to be recognized as number one Gods son who activated Evolution and eventually became Adam with Eve as my wife destined to stay together as man and wife until we both find our true partners and achieve perpetual Life in this our current life cycle.

Incest Children. Men who incest children are known by the spirit world dimension and not welcome in the spirit world so they should take their own life just as a man who tried to incest me at age seven during 1943 which I never fail to remember although I am age 84.

People Believe. When I have traveled the airways at nighttime my view as a passenger was not the same as the pilots because they fly amount the stars as they look up and each side but it is only darkness below passengers see through the small windows..

Citizens Advice. People who volunteer to be citizens advisor should be paid travel cost from and back to their homes after being employed as volunteer adviser during their free time.

Training To Be A Doctor. Having learned many things as I communicate with people in the spirit world dimension progressively I am being taught to be a Doctor because I learn from many Doctors who passed away during my lifetime so I get advice on how to Doctor myself by doing certain things on a daily basis for example to avoid Lung congestion I clean my nasal passages every time I drink or eat with Kitchen roll paper, which keeps my lungs free from congestion and colds. Every few days I monitor my Blood Pressure to maintain the correct pressure for my age because if it goes too high I would suffer heart failure and if it is too lower I would have dizzy spells and collapse on the floor. Midnight every day I take two paracetamol as a sedative to the main train my sleep pattern. My Type Two Diabetes I control with Insulin and dextrose tablets to maintain average blood sugar reading of 6.3.

To prevent cramps in my legs I was advised some years ago to have a small glass of Indian Tonic Water every day and I now rarely have cramps in my legs and purchase two liters of tonic water every week, which is a nice effervescent refreshing drink.

Also, people who is sent to a nursing home for the elderly should not be given narcotics to ensure they sleep 12 hours each day because if they were allowed to be taken out from time to time they would remain enthusiastic to live a long life but unless a person is wealthy their life span is reduced based on state support and when they pass away it becomes cost affective but everyone should live a long and active life because to do otherwise is detrimental to this world surviving because as the population increases more children will survive instead of dying at birth and reincarnating immediately to begin another life cycle because they died before age 17.

When We Pass Away. Every person who passes away does so without knowing where they are going but they are not going anywhere because their body dies but it’s their conscious Awareness spirit that transfers to the spirit world dimension and either has achieved perpetual life and is a much smaller Robot or transfers to and Android destined to eventually reincarnate and start living again as a large Robot with new emotions which determine the part we play in the theater of life; socially minded or otherwise.

My Future Wife. Having searched the world for my futurewife now I am age 85 can only expect a live-in companion to take care of my needs which are no more than could be expected from a loving caring wife because I am a Type two diabetic which I control myself with Insulin and tablets to ensure I maintain correct blood sugar levels and monitor my blood pressure to make sure it is not too high or low.

My lamp is Aladdins who was a Genius, am I Aladdin or the Genie.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Robert James and my father added Joseph so my official birthg name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.