Grandparents love their Grandchildren and their children because Great Grandchildren make a Grandfather the family a large family based on his own children who are Grandparents.

As a Christian when my family was being reared I often asked for Jesus to come into my life in times of hardship and debt so now when saying a prayer I ask God to help me to convince everyone I am a man who knows and knows he knows.

My children were four in number but our eldest son has killed in a roads accident in 1999 at age 37, and parents never expect to outlive their children which is heartbreaking for both parents to say the least.

Famous people.

My life cycles I am sure have been many but only remember this my current life cycle but often believe a previous life cycle could be of famous people but not able to prove it so I know we all reincarnate and begin a new life cycle either to become a socially or anti-socially-minded person based on our emotions.

People I know are people who live in many countries around the world because when I traveled overseas met many new friends in Australia and New Zealand from my first overseas trip v in 1965 to my recent jourmey October 2006.

Everyone knows if I am asked which school of thought am I my answer would be my long-term memories is my school of Thought.

Our Prayers can be enhanced by being truthful in our daily lives but only when we know the truth is truth and not just here say based on being told a story believed to be the truth.

People Who Believe.

When my wife and I were married in 1958 we were both marrying for reasons to compliment our families because my wife’s father was killed at the battle of Armon in 1942 leaving a wife and three children to live on fifteen shillings per week state pension and I had worn out my welcome at home so it was appreciated to marry as soon as possible.

People who marry or partner should remember they are jointly responsible for each other because often they experience hardship which is mainly a lack of money and it’s up to them both to pull together until better times bind them together. However, without being married it’s too easy to walk away from their problems and a lot harder when married to each other.

Ten Commandments.

Controlling via thought is the way forward which is a destructive force against all anti-social people.

What People Should Learn.

People know they will become elderly and need care in their owe home but unless they can afford quality care they can only rely on their friends or relatives and then remember they will want their friends and relatives support because although I receive social benefits I know my life will be shorter without friends or relatives.

My Carers Are many.

People who care for the elderly do so based on their caring abilities but not all carers should be considered equal because inexperienced carers should not be embarrassed by being involved with a person on their own knowing they should carry out duties of personal hygiene and personal cleanliness such as Anus and genital parts so a carer less than age 40 should refrain from certain carrying duties.


My Adultery was phidical like many male and femailes but would have like to consider it to be just in our thoughts based on our teenage years as all young people eager for sexual gratificatiuon.

My carers.

Every week I receive a list of my carerss and sometimes necessary to help them follow my care plan which is in total nine hours per week but it is impportant to establish considtancy then my regular carers will be familiar with my every day needs.


When I eat or drimk I make sure my nasal passages are cleaned to avoid lung conhestion by using a roll of kitchen paper to provide nasal tissues.

Peoiple Power.

When Peoiple waken earlier thhan fourteen years they achieve closer contact with the spirit world dimension and as I wakened during a three year period from 1981 to 1984 many more peeople are wakening during a seven year period which means socially mindede people will overwhelme abtisocial people to ensure this wworld will develop to be multicultured and peaceful.

Gods Son.

People try to kill me because i claim to be Gods Son but only people with a Guilty consciece will try to kill me based on fear of losing their freedom but it wascnot my choice to be Gods Son but an intelligence far beyond human comprehernsion which also protects me from being killed. Furthermore I amn the first Gods Son to activate Evolution and every universe has a Gods Son to ensure it develops towards perfectiun and also ensuures a multicultured and peacful population.

Heaven And Hell.

Hell is this world where all pain and suffering takes place opposed to Heaven where there is no pain and sufferring taking place.

Electric Cars.

Many more cars will be Electric cars but present day cars can be designed by introducing an Alternater in every wheel which would charge the battery to gain electric power to reduce overall fuel costs based on competing with the all Elecric cars.

Now I am age 84 expect to live a long life but not unless I find a suitable livein female companion because as va Divorcee appreciate a vfemale partner to share our lifes in times of hardship and fond memories.

My Live in Companion.

My age is 84 and expects to live a long life but not unless I find a live in companion because I am a divorcee and recognise the value of a female partner to share times oof hardship and fond memories.

I Am A Great Grandfatheer.

My Grandfather was killed from neglect so too was my Grandmother when they were living with their Daughter who was also being neglected by her husband because he could not earn enough to support her and her parents so their daughter eventually took control now she too is being neglected by her family who believe old people should pass away and make room for the younger generation.

My own family neglect me because I divorced my wife but theyy will be neglected because I am a man who knows and knows he knows whenever people are neglected the younger generation belive its their right not to be neglected but they too will be neglected when they become elderlly and ready to pass away but do not turn to me foor supportr because my life is protected by the cspirit world dinensioon and will ensure I destroy all those peeople in authority who belive they can destroy elderly people with neglect financially.

My moth was my Grandfatherss daughter whose husband commited suicide because his wife was mother to his six children and she no longfer wanted sexual intercource with him so he asked his daughter to take heer mothers place and was so distraught with shame hge commited suicide by drowning in the local river.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.