Faithful People. People who pledged their support for me are many but non have honored their pledge although I am age 85 October 28 and may never be known because i am just a man growing old and receiving social benefits which are detrimental to my dignity as a social Scientist and spirituallist.

My age is being ignored because I am not a man with property to enhance my care but I sold my last property to divorce a long standing wife who would have prevented me helping people in Authorityv who were being overwhelmed by criminal activity worldwide.

My Life is always in Danger. Because my ongoing research Identifies criminal activity based on communicating with people in the spirit world dimension who have lived a life cycle here on planet Earth and advise me of serious criminal activity anywhere in the world.

Interest Rates. Bank Interest rates are far too low and should slowly increase to a maximum of 2% for saving and 2% businesses throughout the various process from importers to wholesalers and to all retailers with a part percent extra above the 2% for employees to offset extra Nation Insurance and Income tax they pay then everything would revolve around the 2% to ensure savings are not eroded and inflation is kept in check.

Bank of England. Interest rates should be established by building societies because they have to ensure house prices inflate year by year to ensure a mortgage can be discharged enough for the house owner to achieve a percentage profit of 2% per year not controlled by the Bank of England whose job is to manufacture and distribute money to banks so they can recycle worn banknotes.

My Age Is Now 85. My age of 80 was during 2016 as been slowly controlled with pressure on my legs and various parts of my body including my Brain which has caused me to walk slower year by year but my contact in the spirit world dimension advise that from age 85 my walking will improve and ensure I live a long life. However, at present, I live on my own in a two-bedroom bungalow with less than 9 hours of care per week one hour of which is my weekly shopping.

However, I am trying to employ a live-in Companion carer but although have made friends with a young lady living in New York state who is willing to become my companion so far she has sent me screenshots of her Passport and 3-year working visa and I have provided funds for expense so far and air ticket but she as yet to have £2,000 to enter Britain and hope our many supporters will donate via their PayPal account to ensure we can establish an honest and save procedure for other couples to come together with worldwide without being cheated out of their funds.

People Who Pledged Support. When my awakening took place from 1981 to 1984 there were many people aware of who I was in the past and pledged their support when I wakened bit so far they have yet to do so and it is vital that I am cared for by a female companion who at present lives in new york state and planning to be with me here in Evesham November 30 but only of our supporters fund her Paypal account with £2,000 for entry into Britain.

However, for security Paypal will prevent funds from being withdrawn until my companion arrives here in Evesham because I have provided cash for her journey from Hheathrow via Taxi to my home in Evesham,

My Life Is Always In Danger. When everyone I know supports me they armoire powerful because they do not believe a word I say because they remember me as a man becoming elderly but what they do not know since my divorce in 2011 my body is regenerating to ensure I live a long and active; life and many of my close relatives have passed away and can communicate with me from the spirit world dimension and have many regrets of their past life here on planet Earth.

Gods Son. Every universe always has God’s Son in one of the many populated earth-like planets because man is indigenous to every populated earth-like planet. This means every person in every Universe eventually takes his turn in becoming Gods Son and known as number one, to ensure everyone recognizes the magnitude of everlasting life because God represents equality in all things throughout the universes and men become women and women become men once we have achieved perpetual life as a much smaller Robot as a man and wife.

However, in this world, I Am Gods Son and know in the past I have been many men and many of those men were rich or poor and even antisocial at times but I do not remember my past life cycles although have learned who I was from people in the spirit world dimension who have lived life cycles here on planet earth many times in the past.

More problems are identified by Gods Son when he knows he is communicating with the spiritual dimension and as he does so Identifies serious crime throughout the world which cause many people to want to kill him because they have a guilty conscience and fear their loss of freedom but try as they may they will not succeed because every one Conscious Awareness Spirit is programmed to squeeze a person Brain to prevent them doing so and in the past, many have tried to kill me but they will be destroyed by the pressure they try to put on me because the pressure traverses back to them and destroys antisocial people.

Bank Fraud. My Bank of Scotland bank accounts have been frozen based on suspected fraud because as a senior citizen I have been cheated out of over £25,000 by women who tell lies to cheat elderly men out of their savings in Africa and the US so please consider donating so I can fund my Paypal account to secure £2,000 for my live-in companion and carer to join me here in Britain as soon as possible.

Circles Of Power. There are two types of circles of power Social and Antisocial and both circles are powerful but there are many more social circles than antisocial which ensures social circles control antisocial circles but many antisocial circles are enhanced with currupt practiced and if not checked will eventually overwhelm social circles but as I communicate with people in the spirit world dimension I learn many things that help people in authority solve corrupt practices such as Money Laundering by normally socially-minded people who believe they have the right to transfer funds to one another knowing it is money gained from encouraging our children to be addicted to narcotics.

Members Of Parliment. Many members of parliament refuse to vote in parliament by adhering to their constituency’s debate decision so open voting in parliament would ensure constituencies debated result is by show of Hands then there is less chance an MP will be asked to vote against his or her constituency debated Yes or no result.

Margaret Thatcher. When Margaret Thatcher became Prime minister she change council tax collecting procedure because the Council Tax and water rates for social housing tenants were added to the rent book to ensure rent, council tax, and water rate were paid more efficiently but when Council tax and water rates were removed from rent books many council tenants were soon in careers with Council Tax and water rate and private home owners paid a yearly Rates Bill to the council.

When I Was cAge 80. At Age 80 my body began to get heavy then progressively my walking became difficult to without falling down but now I am 85 I use a mobile walker to move from my chair to the bathroom and to and grom my kitchen to ferry drinks back to my armchair. However, since becoming age 85 at times, the heavyweight in my body decreases but only for a short time because I live on my own and have done so since my divorce in 2011, I have learned many things from my contacts in the spirit world dimension and while I am on my own I am free to write articles without being handicapped by a wife or partner because what I write is detrimental to some people who have a Guilty Conscience and fear loss of freedom.

Poor Men And All Men. My carers are many sometimes sevem carers every week which is difficult for both carer and client but as my care costs £920 per month and is subsidized by Worcester council my care company refuses to understand consistency in the caring Industry because 4 cares should represent 3 clients and perhaps an extra carer at weekends so when 4 regular carers look after the same 3 clients they get to know each other and provide quality care.

The problem is as I am not wealthy my care package is only 30 mins morning 30 mins in the afternoon but now I am age 85 my life expectancy is to live over 100 years which is detrimental to a society based on my lack of education although lived and worked in Australia for nine years my practical experiences are equivalent to a university training but without a universe qualification my care is not quality although I can communicate with the spirit world dimension and if that was not so I would have passed away at age 80 in 2016.

When Children Are Cared For. When I am feeling well I will have a live-in companion and carer with me and so far it is Lorient H Grace. However, as I have transferred £2,000 to Lorient for her expenses so far she has sent me a screenshot of her US passport and three-year working Visa now she needs £2,000 to enter Britain for her personal security to make sure she is indipendant in Britain.

Our Friends Donation. If you believe Lorient is honest and ready to come to me here in Evesham please donate via my Bank details below.

Halifax Bank.

Bank Sort Code: 11-00-01

Account:  25950462

Reference: Joseph Landrut ‘Trust Fund’.

Britain Is Multicultured. My true partner is a Girl age 32 and keen to leave Berw York Date which makes her vulnerable when trying to find a partner somewhere in the world so I know my sex drive is low based on my age of 85 so I am keen to have a live-in companion and carer but if I am not aware some females will use me as a vehicle to gain entry into Britain.

My Overall Objectives. When people were advised who I was in the past they promised to support me when I wakened but so far although I wakened in 1981 no one person has supported me even though I am age 85 and a Great Grandfather even some social-minded people would like me destroyed based on their guilty conscience and fear their loss of freedom.

My life is forever in danger based on my words I write but also when chatting to people but if I am destroyed by medical staff the spirit world will destroy civilization with nuclear weaponry to cause world war three to take place so my potential supporters need to know I am not trying to destroy socially-minded people but to remove poverty worldwide, reduce prison inmate numbers and prevent Drug Barons from encouraging our children to become addicted to narcotics. Furthermore, if I am killed I will return back to the spirit world dimension and take my place as a much smaller robot and help destroy this planet because a Gods son exists in Every Universe to ensure God as an Intelligence beyond human comprehensions develops ever world near to perfection.

People Who Believe They Are Above The Law. Fraudsters come in many guises and believe the law is for others but not for them but they need to know the spirit world dimension have eyes and ears every where so people like criminals can be identified to ensure this world developed vases in being controlled by socially minded people controlling anti-social people in society and people who are considered socially-minded should make sure they do not become the victim of their greed.

My Bank Accounts Have Been Frrozen. People who provide my care are not able to collect my monthly Invoice via Direct Debit because my bank account is frozen although I am three months in areeres and need to pay £1,500 for my morning 30 mins calls to bring up to date. However, I have over £2,000 frozen because of suspected fraud although local police visited me in my home to advise me to be cautious when transferring funds abroad.

The British Government. Government officers should investigate the caring Industry because it is being corrupted by people not properly trained and their first day caring is given too many clients to cope with because I am always having inexperienced carers and as I am on state benefits can some time have up to 8 different carers per week although I live on my own at age 85.

However, during the late 1990’s I was employed for two weekends by a caring company because I wanted to learn about caring before relocating to Deven but what I discovered during those two weekends was elderly people were being abused by caring companies employing carers only 17 years of age so Having learned other things I urgently contacted the prime minister to take action then 24 hours later action was taken because we will all live longer with quality care but not if the elderly are aused.

People In The caring Industry. Everyone worldwide should be recognized as equal and should receive quality care in their own home because to lose your freedom in an elderly person’s nursing home is to spend the rest of your life in prison so to avoid mental cruelty only people not capable of being cared for in their own home should be placed in an elderly peoples nursing home. Furthermore, no person single, married, or divorced should spend their retirement years living on their own because to have a live in companion is the way forward for lonely elderly people.

Mortgages. People who purchase homes need to know it will be fully paid for when they retire and during the years of the Morgage, it has doubled the value of their home and to achieve that Mortgage society savers should receive 2% on the saving per year which means a 25-year mortgage should be reducible based on mortgage societies charging mortgagees 6% per year.

However, interest-only mortgages should be allowed to renew after 20 years to avoid having to sell homes to pay back original capital owed or alternative arrangements are in place to discharge their mortgage after 20 years such as an endowment insurance policy to pay off their loan.

Money Transfer. Paypal is the way forward for money transfers worldwide via email address and transferred in a few seconds. However, all transactions are sent pending for 21 days before funds can be spent by the recipient to ensure funds have not been subject to fraud then if that is so funds will be returned to the sender within the 21-day pending period.

Probate. All wills should pass through Probate because although a persons estate may not be £5,000 there are often funds found by solicitors when they search various areas of possible funding because when my late sons will passed through Probate his solisitor found £15,000 which would never have been found if he will have not passed through probate so as a principle to follow everyone will should pass through prograde to ensure benefactors receive more funds.

Boris Yeltsin. If Boris Yeltsin was in power today he would have made sure Russian people could speak English as their second language because eventually Russia will join the European community and provide power from Siberia then not only Russia would develop so too would the European community including Britain when she rejoins the European Community because Britain should never have a referendum to leave because Edward Heath knew it would be too costly not to stay in Europ based on Knowing Europeans can all speak English as a second language.

However, people who vote in referendums do so because they believe it is the way forward but a referendum should have never happened because if socially-minded people had known the result they would have refused to allow a referendum to take place so when we have open voting in both houses of parliament constituencies will know their Member of Parliament will vote based on their debate.

The Indland Revenue. People in some areas have little more than a few pounds to live on but they support their children with the help of society because as yet DNA profiling has to be introduced so men who site children will pay towards their upkeep until they are at age sixteen then the Inland Revenue will be involved so their National Insurance number can be identified anywhere in the country because as taxpayers we should welcome DNA profiling to become mandatory to ensure society does not carry the financial burden then perhaps men will be aware of the risk they take when being involved in a one-night stand.

Faith, Hope, and Charity, I am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

As Joseph Landrut I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as i become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Robert Neil James and my father added Joseph so my official birthg name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.