Police Custody

Police Custody

Police worldwide know I am communicating with the spirit world dimension and from time to time communicate with my late brother norman who passed away during 2008 age 70. however, Norman and I were reared together during the 1940s and always played together and often worked together until we first parted becauuse I emigrated to Australia in November 1965 and Norman joined the Westmercia Police during 1966. We came together again for a short time when I arrived from Australia when norman was based at Stourbridge.

Norman and I were both potential policemen but our wives were not potential policemen wife’s because they have to except unsociable hours and know their partner is often in danger from criminals of all kinds but I am a man who is protected by the spirit world dimension and learn many things which help police worldwide apprehend and arrest criminals when they secure appropriate physical evidence.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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