Criminal Mind


Everyone is controlled by their emotions and if they are criminals their emotions are designed to be people who break the law but people who are socially minded try to stay within the law so we all tread a thin life between social and anti-social behavior. However, criminals usually go to prison and many do not break the law having learned they’re lesson but some people will continue to break the law and spend much more time in prison but if they tried not to commit a crime and became more socially-minded they would control their emotions and become a credit to society and all socially-minded people should recognize they have the power to control criminals by setting an example by not breaking the law because even socially-minded people break the law if they see a loophole to make money such as money laundering because transferring money from person to person without being charged a fee is considered money laundering which carries a stiff penalty fine or a term in prison.

When I research social subject, I work with a dowsing pendulum and have done so since being introduced to a dowsing pendulum during 1981. I know many people worldwide work with a dowsing pendulum for different reasons. Still, my way is to consider it is a way of solving problems when there are several solutions because unlike our body controlling us with emotion a Dowsing Pendulum solves problems based on logic and not emotion this means we identify the appropriate solution to a question via the Yes or No signal, which for me turn clockwise for Yes and anticlockwise for a No answer.

Special Note.

Before asking questions within your thoughts via a pendulum, your first question should be, will I receive a truthful answer? If the answer is Yes, continue asking your questions, but if the answer is No return later to ask questions because at times the Dowsing pendulum will lie and destroy your belief in its value to socially minded people worldwide. Furthermore, if your dowsing pendulum refuses to move, please ask another question because not all questions will be answered for various reasons.

Power Of Thought.

My mind is a mind that represents socially-minded people because the average person is socially-minded providing he or she knows they can be antisocial at times which we all van can but remain socially-minded most of the time because if we lean more towards being antisocial we risk being arrested and sent to prison. My family is no longer part of my life because when our divorce took place during 2011 our family and friends concluded we had no right to separate at our age because they considered their business was to prevent us divorcing and yet if I criticized their lifestyle they would tell me to mind my own business and that relates to everyone worldwide who condemn others.

My sons lost their partners because of the lack of understanding and only one son invited me to live with him when I finally left my home but although I appreciated his concern for my welfare I declined his offer knowing he would change his mind later and condemn me for claiming I am the reincarnation of many people of the past.

However, no doubt one of my sons will visit me here in Evesham from time to time because as their father I am always available to ensure they are fit and well because as we become older we slow down and need someone to care for us until we pass away in our own home and to ensure our social benefits are being received based our ability to control our care.

Furthermore, having emailed Worcester council on two recent occasions I have yet to receive a reply because my request is to close down my prepaid debit card and have my care benefit paid directly to my Halifax bank every four weeks.

Mr, Joseph Landrut.

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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