People In Authority.

Islam Terrorists.

My computer is a window for me to see what is happenings in the world to ensure real democracy take place in every country Large or small also I am a Social Scientist in contact with people in the spirit world dimension and advise what action people in Authority should take where problems prevail anywhere in the world to ensure people in desperate need are taken care of by transferring them to a place of safety.

The Taliban.

When the Taliban were allowed to take back power they would know democracy is the way forward and people in thheir country should be allowed to vote via the b ballot box to ensure democracy is being achieved.

When wakened from 1981 to 1984 expected to be supported by people in authority who was aware of many of my past life cycles and in everyone f those life cycles they were advised I would eventually waken and know who I was in my many previous life cycles.

My home and its location is impoirtant because having been born in Warwickshire would prefer to remain in Warwickshire with a live-in female companion which would mean her age would not be more than 50 because my age forecaste is to live 140 years so she would need to outlive me.

Although I communicate with people in the spirit world have no idea what they look like because when communicating with people see then as I remember them here on planet earth and if I try to find out about people in the spirit world dimension learn they are either much smaller Robots or Androids.

People Who Intimidate Others.

When people vote they should not vote because they are asked to vote for a particlar person but should vote accordimg to their own views about a candidate because if they are socially minded they will make the right choice.

Famalies should consider.

When famalies eat to gether they share each others problems wich prevent many more problems within the fanily unit.

My Overall Objectives.

As I am protected by people in the spirit world I fear nothing because the world controls this dimension and reincarnation and can work through me to advise people in authority what is necessary to control antisocial people worldwide so my objhectives is tto remove poverty, reduce prison inmate numbers and prevent Druug Barons encouraging our children to be ddicted to Naucotics.

Norther And Southern.

People in the north will nbeed to mnigrate south as far as Australia which has a potential population of two Billion people when water cooled nuclear power stations are beuilt round the coast line because water cooled nuclear power station produce not only electricity but also fresh desalinated drinking water and will be pumped inland as the population increass but Australia will need to be funded by norther nations to ensure Australia can continue to develop whithout relying on iron ore being exported because the iron ore will be needed in Australia for vehicle production.

People being Presurised.

Since age 80 I have been feeling presure on my legs which makes me walk slower and am always fearfull I will fall becauuse I live on my own and have fallen three times since age 80 and had to dial nine, nine, nine to help me back on to my feet and back into my armchair but fortuntly I have not been hurt wnen falling but presure on my legs even though I am age 84 but I know also pressure is being puut on many people to do what they promised and honour their pledge when I wakened and until they do I will make sure presure I receive will affect the presure they receive and ensure they live as long as me.

The Presure we experienceis gravity increasing and as I work on the Internet the presure increases which makes it difficult to walk for a shorttime then its less presure but I still walk very slowly so until i am supported financially presure will continue and destroy many antisocial people throughout the world.

British Farmers.

Farmers in Britian should either farm Arable or Dairy Herd and every farm would support a set number of employees based on their farm size.

Caring Industry.

Although home care for the elderly is importan and they are taught how to be indipendant when they live on there ownn they fear fallimng and being alone is detremental to their well beeing and often lose the will to live a long life because they are lonely and always in danger of falling.

My care comprises of 30 mins between 7am and 9am and 30 mnins between 4pm and 5.30pm Monday to Sunday plus an extra 15 mins wenesday for my shower morning which is completed by my carers to ensure I receive quality care without having to struggle because my fingers are numb i am short sighted and a Type two Diabetic.

Now I am age 84, I seek a live in female companion age less than 60 who would live with me in my two- bed bungalow here in Evesham.

2% Yearly Inflation.

Every year 2% inflatiuon should relate to manufacturers, wholsalers, retailers and wagees plus a fraction of sa percent to allow for extra Incomme Tax and nnatiuonal Insurance contributiuons. This means savers would recieve 2% tax payable and and ISA 2% tax paid and house owners coulld expect property to iuncrese in value 2% per year which would doublle in value every 20 years to ensure house ownership was the way forward.


During the 1960’s Mortgages could only be secured by having ssaved in a Building Society account then after twelve monbth a 90% mortgage was grantedwith a 10% deposit plus solicitors and estate agent fees. Futhermore, without considering a wife or partners income one week wages needed to represent one month mortgage which was set up at 7% per year which meant house price values doubled every 10 years then progresivly criteria was changed as houuse prices esculated which slowly caused first time property purchases became less available but without first time buyers house sales slump.

Walking Sick And Mobile Walker.

When I was age 74 began using a walking stick but now I am age 84 and remain liviing on my own have disguarded my walking stick and use a mobile walker with a seat to either to sit on or ferry my meals and drinks from my kitchen to my sitting room. However, when I have someone living with I will once again learn to walk using my walkingstick in and cout of doors.

Memory By Association.

My memory goes back to my childhood and remember via date association so having been born 1936, started school age 4 in 1940 then left school age 15 during 1951 and from thenn on my memories of the past is by date assocciation.

Dimension To Dimension.

When having a tooth extracted during the 1960’s my body was soon anesthetize and althogh my body wasvoid of sensitivity my Conscious Awarenes was able to communicate with someone via thought transfer and advised not to return and I was aware the dentist could extract my tooth without me feeling pain then I suddenly opened my eyes to a brilliant sunny afternoon as I sat in the dentist chair so from then on my teeth were only extratced by have a Penterthol injectiuon in the back of my hand to put me to sleep.

When we pass away our conscious awareness Spirit transfers to the spiritt world dimension and either transfer tto a much smaller Robot having achieved perpetual life or transfer to an Android and remain an Android until we eventually reincarnate and begin another life cycle as an unborn Baby with emotions.

Our memory relates to both dimension because we are two people in one body, one with sensitiverty of our bodyand conscious awarenes and the other void of both but momory is within our conscious awareness spirit as we transfer leaving our body and emotions to die.

Internet Fraud.

Dating Agencies do not allow a customer to view important pages or fill in profile details until they have upgraded and then after payment if you are too old for their service offered then prevent you login to your account so two companies since 29 July have cost me close to £100 and I hhave yet to receive a full refund.

My Second Qualifying Life cycle.

When I pass away and become a much smaller Robot a few years later I will reincarnate and begin another life cycle but I will not waken although certrain people will kow who I am and who I was in pass life cycles.

My second life cycle will be the first life cycle I remember when wakening as a much smaller Robot so this my current life cycle will be remembed based on remembering my recent qualufying life cycle because I will for ever waken as a much smaller robot and never remember life cycles as a large Robot because then my life will always remain two qualifying life cycle memories.

As I am a large Robot in my current life cycle my previous life cycles I cannot remember and wwhen everyone becomes a much smaller Robot they will only have memories of two qualifying life cycles.

People Who Care For The Elderly.

Some carers care because they love carring but others care to justify their social benefits but without carers a caring company has no profit so should consider all carers are worthy of respect or they too may decide not to care for the elderly and ask job centers to find them alternative employment to compliment their ability in society.

Prepaid Card.

Prepaid cards is not the way forward to pay for elderly care and all social benefits should be paid via Bank to Bank transfer to ensuring payments arrive within a few hours to help the cash flow of caring companies who have to pay wages as a prioritywhich cause them to overdrawer their bank account when having to wait five days for prepaid funds to be paid into their bank accounts.

People Who Consider I Am not Worthy.

When caring companies take on a client they should keep their promise to match client with carer because sometimes it needs 5 carers for a client which is difficut for cclient and carer if they are not considant and compatable.

My Eye Sight.

Having had extensive Lazer treatment at Worcester Royal Hospital 18 months ago on June 14 attended an appoitment at Bromsgrove Princess Diana Hospital and I was advised today my eyes need no more attention until June 2022 and yet I cannot read my own mail and rely on my carer to read for me plus other private mail received I use a magnifying glass.

Why People Should Live A Long Life.

Everyone eventually passes away and their conscious awareness spirit transfers to the spirit world dimension to become either a much smaller Robot having achieved per perpetual life or remain in the spirit world to eventually reincarnate and begin life again as a unborn Baby with a new set of emotions which means our life expectance will be to live an average of 130 years which means people in authority will encourage healthy elderly people to volunteer their free time and expertise so society will develop towards perfection.

Overweight elderly have the right to live a long life in their own home and provided will special care and facilities when necessary.

My Overal Protection.

When I write articles my words prick the conscience of some people who fear their loss of freedom but even if they try to kill me their conscious Awareness spirit will prevent them doing so by squeezing theeir brain until they experience an heart attack or until dead because everyones conscious awareness spiritt will protect me even in the caring Industryt by knowinng who tries to kill me by neglect.


Although social sevices encourage elderly people to be indipendant when living on their own but they fail to consider living onn your own is not only detremental to your wellk being but also your will to liiving a long life unless you have many friends and relatives visiting on a regular basis.

Paying For Emails.

Every Internet service provider should charge a fee for sending email which wwill make peoplle value their email facility and refrain from spamming people because I am receiving mails without being able to prevent unsubscribing so I no longer can login to my Gmail acount intil Gmail establish a fee for all their customers.

Suggest Gmail charge for Emails is 10 pence each and a minimum of 200 = £20.

However, as I cannot login to Gmail or Yahoo I wil signup to Outlook express whicjh was my original ISP..

My Email Address:

My True Partner.

If my true partner was with me now she would know I am a rich man and she will be my main Benerfactor ewhen my will passes through probate.

My late son Neil was killed in a late night roads accident march 1999 age 37. However,although did not have savings gis will pased through Probate and it identifired over £15,000.

Pension Credit.

Having received Pension credit for many years my state pension increased by £45 per week with pension credit which means I am a parasite and resented by carers who struggle to servive on a few hours of caring for the elderly each week so they resent my income noiw I am age 84 and I resaent living on state benefits as Social sacientist worthy of respectr.

People In The Spirit World Dimension.

My words are words of people in the spirit world dimension who collectively encourage me to write on their behalf based on their professiuon when living a life cycle hhere on planet earth because i am the only person who can listen to peoiplle in the spirit world dimension and that ius whgy they protct me because my words csan cause some people to want to destroy me because of their guilty conscience and fear of loss of freedom.

My Life Cycles.

People I know are many worldwide but when they know I claim to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ they refuse to believe me although everyone has lived many life cycles so they at time may have been famous people, but they cannot learn who they were in the past because they would have to experience awakening over a three-year period like |I did from 1981 to 1984 which was a terrifying experience learning who I was in past life cycle. 

My last life cycle was a rent collected in Warick but prior to that I was Adam, Abraham, Tutankhamun, Moses, Jesus Christ, George Wahington and William Shakespeare to name just a few. 

The Internet is being redesigned by making sure emails are paid for because it will prevent unwanted emails and become cost-effective for Internet Service providers meanwhile, I wait patiently for Gmail to allow me to log into my longstanding account after paying for 200 emails in advance. 

Many times, a person phones me either male or female and very politely asks about my health but I soon legalised they were people from India trying to sell me non-prescription products so when they phone me I politely day no thank you and finish the conversation short. However recently one young lady aged 36 impressed me that much I enjoyed out conversation based on her voice a personality agreed to purchase product and from then on, she phoned me from Goa in Inday most Fridays from the company which employed her and as pleased she was planning a trip to Britain sometime soon but unfortunately due to the print virus pandemic my new friend ‘’Reena Noronha’  was made redundant and unable to phone me but have messaged each other via email most weeks.

People I know are many worldwide but not one will recognise me as the reincarnation of anyone because it is beyond their Intelligence and when I claim to communicate with the spirit world dimension, they refuse to believe me but they know I am protected by  people in the spirit world dimension because if not some people would have killed me but it does not prevent me from receiving quality care but in doing so they will also not have quality care.

Police Forces Worldwide.

 When Policemen prevent a person from driving fangeriously they should consider overall costs involbed by allowing more than one police car to apprehend the driver and should plan for such an eventuality in adsvance to ensure it is cost affective and not costs out of control.

People Who have Outlook Express.

Outlook Express is a Microsoft Internet Service Provider but as yet to allow me to sign up for Outlook Express email account so I can be indipendant of Gmail and Yahoo and prepard to pay to send emails for my dat to day activity which will avoid being spamnmed with too many unwanted emails.

Global Warming And Snakes.

Ever pair of Snakes produce about 40 snakelets so thos 40 would be half male and half frmale and would betwn them produce 800 snakelets so you see unless snake populatiuon is not seriously culled the who world will soon be infested with snakes large and small.

People In India.

Every person in India know education is impoortant for a better life style but not all people in India can afford an education the same as a university but education should be for everyone even if they need tto be fundrd because they travel to ritain knowing their educsatiuon will secure employment iin our NHS but that is soon coming to an end because their are too many people in the NHS who walk about pretending to be busy.

City Councils.

City councils should be able to take over all local councils in every county because computers have computer power to coiver all admin and financial areas within a county.

People Who Believe They Can Kill Others.

Murderers should consider the Spirit World Dimension knew when a Murder takes place and if necessary, reveal the murders’ identity because the person murdered transfers to the spirit world dimension and knows who murdered them but people who commit suicide are reborn instantly and begins another life cycle of an unborn Baby.

People Who Pledged Support.

People who pledged to support me could find it easier to do so providing they live on their own because a couple answer to each other when spending funds.

 People Who Waste Police Time.

Many people in various countries who try to waste police time by claiming their rights as a law-abiding citizen should when asked to do so provide their identity as soon as requested or police should argue no further and immediately arrest them and as I live in Britain I would say the same.

Premeditated Suicide.

When first wakening in 1981 was soon told by people in the spirit world dimension not to commit suicide because to do so would be detrimental to my life cycle not only here on planet earth but also will prevent me achieving perpetual life as a much smaller Robot in the spirit world dimension but now I am age 84 and living on my own in a two bed Bungalow with less than nine hours care per Week one hour of which is my weekly shopping, I often consider taking my own life but refrain from doing so bass on not yet achieving my objectives.    

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.