When Pensions Are Index Linked.

Every year pensions increase based on the retail index link but this year my pension was increased and my care package benefit reduced by the same value which means most of my income is is used for my month care which means I am going to seek free lance self employed carers for my afternoon care which is simply an house wife’s chore several times per week to be cost affective.

Prepaid Debit Card.

Having had to use a prepaid Debit Card to pay my care invoice based on me paying funds into the card together with Worcester council depositing my care benefit into the card every four weeks which causes me to phone my cate company ever month to allow them to take the total invoice value off the card.
However, although I am age 85 and shot sighted ask Worcester council If my care benefit could be paid into my bank account Direct so I can set up a month one off direct debit to pay mu care invoice because I cannot retrieve my login detail for the prepaid debit card to check the account details but through my social worked they refuse to change my care payment procedure.
Furthermore, my ban account is being hacked and my bank details shared by others to make sure I can afford receiving less care benefit although I have been means tested for me original care package by Pershore council .

Mr, Joseph Landrut. 

My name at birth was Mr, Joseph Robert Neil James, then changed via a deed poll to Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut during March 2011.
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