Parents And Guardians.

My large family have deserted me because like Jesus Christ claimed to be Gods son and because no one believed me decided not to know me but when they told by people in authority I am Gods son it will be too late to eventuly visit me because my second wife and I will move to another county to ensure we have privacy from all my family and friends.

As A Parent And Great Grandfather.My power of being a man even does not match the power of well-trained women but I am fortunate because I have been by people in the spirit dimension who have lived a life cycle here on planet Earth and have also lived a life of crime.

However, everyone is represented here on planet earth in the spirit world socially minded or otherwise but criminals who arrive in the spiritworld are soon educated, and become socially-minded and eager to use their criminal knowledge to help ensure this world become democratic and free from major crime because a criminal activity has to be controlled in both dimensions.

Parents Who Prevent Their Cgildren.Every parent should learn not to interfere by preventing them from choosing a potential partner because we all have a partner who is compatible with us and it can only be discovered by allowing or children to choose their own partner even if there is a class fiffewrence socially or otherwise.

My true partner’s Grandmother could prevent us from being together which means if she passes away sometime soon she may prefer to remain in her own country.

People Who Prepare To Travel. Having experienced many things in life now I am age 84 I am now seeking a loving wife who will care for me as I become much older so in order for my wife to outlive me she needs to be no more than age 40 and her reward for her loving care will be to inherit my wealth based on any property we own because we will soon come together and purchase another home in Stratford Upon Avon Warwickshire then we will be able to travel the area when my wife passes her driving test based on not driving in her birth country and as I am not driving it will be a pleasure to sit by a driver who has passed her driving test with the British School of Motoring and having two hours per week for £40 per hour she should pass both oro and phisical driving test in 7 weeks.

Notoriety. Notable people are usually famous people that is why they become notorious throughout v the world but only if they are a credit to a country because if not they live a life without fame.

My lamp is Aladdins who was a Genius, am I Aladdin or the Genie

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut so my title is Great Grandfather James.