Pandemics or Wars.

Pandemic Or War.  When world war one and two took place millions of young men lost their lives and the war we have today is a worldwide virus pandemic which means elderly people are killed but at least there is no infrastructure to rebuild at huge cost to all although many elderly people would be pleased to pass away having lived through hardships and sad memories of losing loved one so let hope the next world war does not kill young and old alike because God may think it is a waste of time and effort to develop this world having to control Greed of even socially-minded people because everyone should know socially-minded people control antisocial people to ensure real democracy is achieved worldwide.

Furthermore, as I am age 84 decided against being immunized based on a previous problem having a reaction from a flu injection which caused me to temporary unable to care for myself because living alone was detrimental to my well being so now I remain on my own with two 30 mins care morning and evening and make sure I keep my nasal passages clear each time I eat or drink which ensures my lungs are free from congestion.

Pandemics may be many in the futurer unless people in authority make plans for future pandemics financially and otherwise because wards are easily preventable providing world leaders recognize every country should be involved at the highest level and not left to the g seven to negotiate to prevent wars taking place so the league of nations should be re-established and hosted by Canada who would provide accommodation and services for all delegates traveling from every country worldwide.

Drug manufacturers should consider working together to research and develop products to prevent epidemics because if everyone received the same treatment it would be cost affected for all drug manufacturers worldwide then perhaps decisions would be made for future potential pandemics because we should all be immunized just we were amused against smallpox for many years and only allowed into a country with a smallpox card at the point of entry such Darwin Australia for all British and other countries emigrants then the card was date stamped on entry to all countries via land, air or sea.

Elderly Care And The Spirit World. People in the caring Industry are monitored by people in the spirit world dimension who have lived life cycles here on planet Earth and now considering all aspects of Elderly care because as caring companies become numerous quality care is becoming difficult to achieve unless a person is wealthy and can afford total care but personally at age 84, I am an average senior citizen receiving state pension and social benefit to ensure I receive two 30 mins home care visits one early morning and another in the afternoon seven days per week.

Since my divorce in 2011 at age 75 have lived on my own first in a two-bed apartment for seven years and now in a two-bed Bungalow here in Evesham and progressively my care need started at 4.5 hours per week to nine hours per week which includes one-hour shopping by my carer but without communicating with people in the spirit world dimension my life would have terminated based on lack of personal funds because without female companionship my will to live a long life is slowly being destroyed although I have searched the world for someone to take of me without success and have parted with over £21,000 toi females who took advantage f my age and loneliness.

People who pledged their support me have yet to do so but now they are people who wakened during seven years and experienced things which leave them in no doubt that I am Gods son and number one because every animal species have a number one but only I am number one as the Conscious Awareness Spirit of the first animal life form to activate Evelution and produce his hin young.

There are certain people in the world who have wakened during seven years as opposed to my wakening of three years so I can expect those people to have received positive proof of who I am and who they are because they would be people I have met in the past either in Australia or here in Britain having lived in Australia from 1965 to 1975 and born in the village of Broom in Warwickshire October 28 – 1936.

Confucius. My name in the past was Confucius and my brother and I were together in every one of our life cycles because even when I was Jesus Christ my brother was Simon his stepbrother.

However, although I have traveled the world three times from 1965 to 2006, I have yet to visit China but would do so if my second wife were a Chinese lady of quality.

Reverend Ian Paisley. People who support Ian Paisley were keen for him to achieve his ambitions because the two churches believe in the same God and should allow the confession box in both churches as an option for people to clear their conscience.

Many Years Have Passed. When Pearl Harbor was destroyed by the Japanese planes caused the west to retaliate and dropped two Atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which halted the war with Japan overnight because those two bombs would have been the start of destroying Japan and Germany if Hitler had not committed suicide and Japan surrendered. However, North Korea should consider their refusal to become democratic will eventually cause all nations to blitz North Korea after quickly airlifting South Koreans to safety because the whole of Korea will be destroyed by China and the west.

Furthermore, I remember during the early 1940’s when children living in London were evaquated to country areas for their safety and many never returned home to London because as Orphans were sent to liverpool to travel by sea to become new Australians who even today remember losing their parents because my family took in one 14-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl and later they were taken back home to outer London.

Both churches were created by God to make sure people could divorce because henry Eighth formed the Church of England and then divorce Cathrine of Harrigan who was mother to Mary Queen of Scotland whose son was James the first who followed Queen Elizabeth the first on to the throne in 1603 and I am a descendant of James the first and many other James throughout history but have yet to be recognized as anything but a commoner.

Elecric Cars And Battery. My contacts in the spirit World dimension know if electric cars are mass-produced oil-producing countries will escalate the price of oil to protect their economy until they eventually diversify to producing other products based on their raw materials often abused by western nations.

Wars Are Caused By Greed. Every war in past years have resulted in Greedy countries take advantage of raw materials which is cost affective when poor people become much poorer then eventually rebel and escalate a war as we had with work war one and two which took place from 1914 to 1945 when hitler committed suicide because he feared the loss of freedom for life because many war leaders traveled to Formosa and were hunted by Israel to ensure they punished for abusing Jewish people worldwide.

Paranormal. People often experience paranormal happenings but seldom tell anyone because they cannot prove it was paranormal but just their imagination because personally during my wakening in 1981 to 1984 experienced many paranormal happenings which leaves me in no doubt the Spirit World Dimension is fact and not fiction or imagination.

Greed. As people, we are programmed to be Greedy but only by considering other people because often our Greed causes other people to have problems so be as Greedy as you want but make sure your eager desires do not cause others to suffer.

Snakes. When Global warming causes the snake population to increase many more snakes are born because all mother snakes give birth to about forty baby snakes and although birds eat baby snakes many survive to create many more baby snaps so snakes worldwide should be seriously controlled or they will infest towns and suburb searching for food to survive.

War Graves. When world war one and two took pl place many war graves were recognized but rarely anyone visits the war graves and yet but our war heroes are never far away so when we create war graves we would cno not one can be Identified because it was not possible to do so just after the war so future war graves should only be created providing the war hero is known.

Farmers Who Grow. When new farmers begin farming they should consider making sure they purchase Dressed seed from seed merchants and although it may be expensive in the long term it ensures high yields from crops because when farmers replant thour own sed they will receive a lower yield every year because seed merchants purchase grain from several farmes to ensure when the grain is mixed screened and dressed the yield per acre will be greater.

Tax Loop Holes. Every time I Identify a tax loophole is because the information comes to me from the spirit world dimension because there are many x Tax inspectors the spirit world dimension who have lived a life cycle here on planet earth and are aware of corrupt practices trying to avoid paying taxes although they expect to be cared for when becoming elderly. Therefore I am going to reveal soon many other tax loopholes which are ignored by people in authority.

Murder Or Homosexual. My title is God’s Son and number one but no one believes me but if I claimed to be a murderer or Homosexual, many people would believe me to be one or the other to hhelp destroy me.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Robert James and my father added Joseph so my official birthg name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.