Worldwide Peace.

Sex Is Importannt.

My sexual apetite is low compared with some peoiple but we should all enjoy sexcual intercourse because we pleasure our body in many ways and even when sneazing we enjoy the emotionn and when we laugh we and some times cry tears of joy although they arte the same tears for sorrow so next time you consider my life cycle consider I lack phisical sex but enjoy tears of joy, laughing and smitimes flatualating in private.

My sexual apetite is low but although I am age 84 I can Mastabate to achieve sexual gratification.

Every country which experiences hardship should be funded by all countries willing to contribute so lets not forget even a western country may need funding after the current pandemic.

My Grandson some time ago presented me with a framed picture which was Black with a small light dot in the center. However, to me the picture represents the uniiverse being created via a Big Bang and emerging.

My Grandson often asked me questions relating to space so I said one day he must visit NASA and watch a shuttle being launched.

Easterm Europe.

My world wide travel has taken me round the world three times since 1965 with my latest trip october 2006 bu have never travelled to Mexico where my carer Elena arrived from to visit my home here in Evesham 12 months ago.

Police Action.

My name is linked with police worldwide because i am socialy mindfed and believe in up holding the law so people who consiider they can destroy me would like to know how I am protected because antisocial people fail to kill me or prevent me writting on this website so I am protected by people in the spirit world dimension who have lived a life cycle here on planet earth.


When my wakening took place from 1981 to 1984 my fear happened most days because what I was learning was nothing more than who I was in the past and fear of being Jesus Christ teryfied me and those fears affected my body and made me become ilogical at times which was soon noticed by mmy wife who was awre I was not my normal self consiquently eventually placed on a 28 Day NHS metal health secion then taken in handcuffs to the nearest mental hospital to serve out the madatory section.

Furthermore, my brother who was in tthe police force in 1971 expericed a parcial wakening and volunteer to be taken to the nearest mental health hospital then pensioned out of the police force because his wakenning was caused by his family life and learning police work which also caused him to be ilogical at times.

However, if I had known about a mental health secion I would have voluteered and went into hospital via a voluteer driver becausee after my 28 day section expired spent a further two sessions in the same hospital wwhich was to have certain tests but even ttoday iuf Doctors tried to take out a mental section i would walk into hospital without the secion being actioned.

My present situation living on my own at age 84 could cause me to advised to go into a elderly peoples home because i have too many carers to carry out my nine hours care each week which will cause me to asked to be taken into a elderly peoples home because although my life is protected by people in the spirit world dimension I am not protected from people who will deny me care basede on me complaing abouut a prefunded debit card I have no coontrol over whichh I have triied to have my care allowance paid via a four week bank to bank rabsfer.

The Universe.

The universe when created was a large star and from that Star more stars, galaxies and planets were formed just like planet Earth and solar system came into existance to ensure it would continue to recycle every sixteen Billion years.


This universe is explained by the spirit world cdimension by everyone in the spirit world being logical wwithpout being handicapped by Emotions because emotions control a human beiing based on Greed within our emotions which is detremental to our logical conclusions and will always be challenged by antisocial people to ensure their curruppt practices overwhelm socialy minded people.

People Power.

When peoiple try to claim funds from employers or house holder they should not be bullied when it is found out they are lieing because it is not professuonal to take the law intto their own hands so refrain from such practices or be prepared to lose your licence and relyability as an investigator.

People Who Deny Care.

When elderly people are neglected because they lack funds to ensure they live a long life should remember in your next life cycle you too may lack funds to ensure you live a long life and also remember we all play a different part in the theatre of liife; socially minded or otherwise.

People Who Pledge Suppoort.

People who were advised who I was in past life cycles and pledged their support have yet to do so because at prent I am living on a State pension and social Benefits which cause me to be accuused as a parasight which is not coomplimentry to my dignity or well being.

Father Time I Will Be.

My Great Grandchildren will ensure I am Known as Father Time in the spirit world but only if at least one Great Grandchild has my DNA profile recorded in the spirit world dimension because all Father Times are recognised as Head of their family based on their own children being Grand Parents

My life Style Is Not Happy.

Every life cycle is fifferent for us all because as large human Robost we play a different part in the theatre of life; socially minded or otherwise. However, after we achieve perpetual life and become a much smaller Robot we still reincarnate to live another life cycle as a larger Robot but when we pass away we only waken as a small Robot with memory of two qualifing life cycles and from then on will always waken as a smaller Robot with no emotions only memories of true love knowing love is in the Heart of all large Robots and that is why small Robots do not have Genitall Organs.

2% Inflation.

It is importan for banks estabish 2% for savers which is taxable and 2% tax paid for ISA savers . However, iif house prices inflate 2% ever year they would double in value every 30 years bt to avoid house prices increasing above the abual retail price increase index , manufacturers should increase 2% whosales would increse 2% retailers to increase 2% and wages increase 2% plus a part percebt to allow for income tax and Natiuonal Insurance but before 2% can be establish current pootential pay uncreases should be actuoned to avoiud any request for salary increases over 2% every year so please establish criterian for all future pay increases.

However, it is importan police officers salaries are increased in line with NHS salary increases to ensure the NHS keeps within the 2% every year.


Peiple who comit suicide reincarnate Imediatly with no memory of their life cycle. However, suicide is difficult to define if the person was held under water which would be murder but when a person is murdered they transfer to the spirit world and and soon learn how they were murdered and by whome.

Britain As An Example.

As a multicultered country britain is an example for all countries to follow because we speak many languages but British nationals should learn to speak Chinese as a second language tto compkement chinese children learning to speak English based on the principle the two most spoken languages in the world is Chinese and English.

World We Live On.

This world is heading for disaster if i am not soon recognised who i am and who i was in past life cycles because many people were told I would probably waken in this life cycle and know how people in authority shgould be developing this world by ensuring real democracy prevails by sharing world resouces and wealth which will remove poverty, lower prison inmate numbers and preventing drug barons from encouraging our children to become addicted to naucotics.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows.