long Term Memory.

When a person retires they have time to think of all happenings in their life and now I am age 84 my long term memory takes me back to my early childhood buy only when people try to destroy me because of their guilty conscience but I will only destroy someone if they attempt to dis credit me in some way and to ensure they face me in a court of law and cross exanmined whilst on their Hoath, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth then the court will decide based on our honesty.

My Age Was Seven. When sleeping with a man who was our lodger when waking up to discover he was interfering with me and when I let him know I was awake in a special way the next morning he had an urgent need to leave our home and return to Ireland never to be seen again and as I was age seven at the time my memory still can record that attempt to abuse me will forever be a reminder that children of any age should not be allowed to sleep with adult male or female.

My Second Wife. Now I am age 84 my second wife will be my first love for 25 years because as I am a, Type two Diabetic with no love in my life I have become impudent although can masturbate twice per month and be a father only if my second wife is compatible with my age because love is for everyone who finds their true partner and will achieve perpetual life and remain a much smaller Robot in every life cycle with only memory of two qualifying life cycles as large Robots and live forever as true partners in the spirit world dimension where we al originate to be the conscious awareness of large robots who continue to reincarnate until achieving perpetual life.

After Qualifying For Perpetual life. As we qualify for perpetual life and become a much smaller Robot we never ever remember anything else as a much smaller Robot with our true partner who is always a credit to us no matter how many times we reincarnate and become a much larger robot because as in the past we never know our life cycle as a much larger Robot as being socially minded or otherwise.

People do not believe we have the same Conscious Awareness Spirit but when we became a much smaller Robot we remember who we were in every life cycle and with the same conscious awareness spirit.

Money I Transfer.When I transfer money anywhere in the world like to pay the fee because many people worldwide are evolved in money Laundering and try to avoid paying the fee by refusing to accept funds if it is not sent as Friends and Family so their people are identified as money launderers and will soon be apprehended to prevent Drug Barons encouraging children to become addicted to narcotics.

Convincing People Who I Am. My mother died before my awakening took place because my father had committed Suicide long before my mother died because if they had been alive at the time my wakening took place they would have tried to destroy me based on their Guilty conscience because I was aware of why my father committed suicide and my mother would remember me seeing her in a compromising situation when I was only age eight.

Furthermore, when someone commits suicide by drowning no one could determine if it was drowning or murder if the person drowned was held underwater for two minutes then left to float away dut people who commit suicide reincarnate immediately but people who are murdered transfer to the spirit world dimension and able to identify their murderer.

Men reading my words and responsible for distributing funds so other people can exchange funds with other people are Drug Barons and guilty of laundering money from people who deal in narcotics to secure an income when they are apprehended and sent to prison but only if the Drug Barons have distributed all funds they intended to Launder because to do otherwise would be detrimental to their freedom when apprehended.

People Who Set Out To Deceive. My past experiences since being divorced and living on my own since 2011 has been a learning curve that as cost me over £25,000 because some women in the world try to gain money from elderly men by being untruthfull knowing their lies will achieve wealth because they will even lie in the name of God to ensure they gain funds then when they have taken all they can refuse to travel based on a feasible logical excuse then move on to the next gullible victim but I know one thing when people cheat others they eventually learn God will punish peiple in various ways to ensure they consider the emotions of others.

My Early Childhood Memory. When I was age 4 my Aunt Daisy pulled me out of a soft water tub by my legs because I had fallen in headfirst and I remember opening my eyes underwater and holding my breath without any emotion of fear.

Biolistic Missiles. Every country should main a nuclear Arsenal because even in the future terrorist will try to take the cover of the world and take advantage of unarmed countries so Plutonium will be needed which can only be produced by Water-cooled Nuclear power stations around every country sand also produce fresh drinking water after steam has generated electricity.

My lamp is Aladdins who was a Genius, am I Aladdin or the Genie.

Laughter. My laughter at 2 am was detrimental to my freedom because as I wakened often my body began to laugh and I had no option but to curse my laughter knowing it was not acceptable to lay in bed with my wife who was anoyingly listening to my uncontrollable laughter.

People Who Do Not Believe.When searching for my second wife if she believes we are true partners she must read every word on every page of this website if she believes who I am and remains dedicated to becoming my wife she will be funded to begin applying for a passport and provide a screenshot before applying for a working visa.

The First Amendment. People who deliberately intimidate public servants to prove they can exercise their democratic right should be asked to leave premises and seek an application form to allow them into a public building when only security Guards are present to ensure public servants do not waste valuable time and effort to remain personally privat.

Partners. My future wife lives in New York with her Grandmother but until she as passed away we may have to wait several years until we can come together as man and wife.

The Virgin Mary. When Adam and Eve began life cycles they would always remain together in every life cycle until Adam wakened to knowing who they were in past life cycles then they part in a current life cycle because when they pass away they would have their true partners because Gods son was Adam and Eve was Gods daughter so they are both Angel and Timelord destined to return to endure this world remains on track to be ready to complete its first recycle as a Universe in Perpetual motion.

God Lived Devil Dog. The English language is spoken on every populated planet in this universe because I am God’s Son and number one son and my first wife was God’s daughter and also a number one Daughter and the Devil is Evil.

Gods Sons And The Universes. Every Universe in the Nothingness of space has a God’s Son and each person in a universe is destined to be identified as God’s son on eevery populated Earth like planet who is the first God’s son to activate Evolution.

God Is A Spirit. So is Gods children but only in spirit form in both dimensions because as the Conscious Awareness Spirit of a large and much small Robot a spirit represents all animals regardless of size and as we transfer between the two dimensions we eventually achieve perpetual life when we are large Robots we never again remember being large Robots until the end of time.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut so my title is Great Grandfather James.