My Biography.

My life so far has been hard because I failed to become an aprentice to become a flour Mill Rollerman consequently I secured employment in light engineering for £4.60 per week because my mother did not what me earn as Aprentice only £1.50 a week but wanted at least £2.50 per week for my board and lodgings. However, I did not like the job although the owner was a tool-maker he taught me many things relating to engineering.

At age 18 I was called up for national service and elected to serve 4 years in the Royal Airforce but failed the strict medical because I had suds oil rash on my arms and legs.

When I was rejected after deciding to join the RAF my next employment was a Flour Packer in a Flour Mill where my father was Rollerman in charge of all the machinery and working a three-shift pattern five days per week and it was employed to be is packer as he made Flour.

After becoming a floor pack I graduated to become a lorry drivers’ mate then became a lorry driver delivering animal feeds to farms within Warwickshire then in 1960 was trained as a public servant driving double-decker buses and initially based in Evesham. However, in November 1965 emigrated to Australia with my wife and two small children.

My computer is being hacked so my life is in danger from antisocial people to ensure Miss Grace and I are kept apart but we need to come together as soon as possible here in Britain so my x wife can share my strength to protect her from being placed in a nursing home.

My carers are too many because some of them I need to show them what to do but I am age 85, and should not have to train new carers because care companies should allow new carers to shadow experienced cararers until they know how to care for all elderly clients who do not like up to 8 carers per week because they need consistenyt and professional care.

The Spirit World Dimension. Although I am protected by people in the spirit world dimension they can only squeeze a person’s brain if they attempt to kill me and if that was not so I would have been killed at birth. However, there are other ways people can destroy me and that is to deny me quality care because when divorcing my wife in January 2011, I renting a two-bed bungalow was denied permission to have someone living with although I fell over several times and had to seek paramedic care to pick me off the floor on several locations and at age 82 was given two months notice to vacate the two-bed apartment and had contact Pershore council to provide me with another two bedroom property which is where I live at present but for the past three years Rooftop housing have ignored my problem of Japanese Knotweed growing in the back Garden although when I moved in and purchased new kitchen appliances I was promised the garden problem would be sorted out within three months but so far after three years my back garden remains an eye saw which is detrimental to my dignity as an age 85 senior citizen.

Furthermore, I have since 1981 been trained by people in the spirit world dimension who have advised on all aspects of my life both in Australia and here in Britain but I am still waiting for certain people to support me based on promising to support when I wakened in this life cycle but so far they have refused to honor their pledge although have gained financially and in other ways.

Grace And Laandrut. My companion and I will come together at my home here in Evesham and Grace will be Miss Grace to my carers to ensure they respect she is my live in companion to ensure I receive quality care and be with me until I pass away and she will be rewarded by being my Benefactor after we have cross-referenced our Wills to ensure my family members will receive their Inheritance before I pass away providing they do not pass away before I do.

However, although I am age 85 and Miss Grace is age 32 we will share our life knowing we will be dedicated to each other because to believe otherwise would be only possible if we both loved each other without having sexual intercourse although I can masturbate twice per month without a wife or partner so maybe we will solve the problem and become Mr. and Mrs. Landrut.

Furthermore, before and after we are married I would like Miss Grace to be my PA and administer all my banking because as I am short-sighted rely on my many carers to read my mail unless they are private then I read them via a magnifying Glass so providing we become man and wife we will be Joint bank account holders with Nationwide, Halifax and Bank of Scotland to ensure we plan our financial future together.

People Who Know Me. Every time I began another life cycle certain people were aware of who I was and where I have been reborn but those people were advised that I would wake eventually in one of my life cycles and they always recognize me by building statues know one day I would know who I was in the past by wakening and during 1981 at age 45 began my awakening and soon aware of many of my previous life cycles.

Furthermore, if my life was not protected by the spirit world dimension I would have been killed at birth and even to day people who pledged their support when I wakened have not honored their pledge and if people had not advised me on my health and how to protect my self during 2016 at age 80 would have been left in the hospital to pass away but I was advised by the spirit world to exercise my prerogative and discharge my self from the hospital and returned home to my rented apartment to continue living on my own in a two-bed apartment and denied permission to have someone living with me then eventually given two months the notice to quit at age 82.

My Friends In Australia. When arriving in Australia in November 1965 via the ten pounds assisted passage scheme I soon made many friends at Bradfield Park migrant Hostel located in the north shore suburb of Lindfield six miles from Sydney city center. However, my first friend was John Buckmaster who had arrived a few days earlier via passenger liner from Crew in Britain then soon began working together part-time weekends cleaning new homes which had just been built also Alan Rogers who was a master pluber and his brother in late Jeff Rees who was a master painter and decorator.

Peoples Funds Frozen In Bank Accounts. When fraudsters try to use elderly men to gain money by deception they run the risk of that elderly man having his bank account frozen to prevent him from sending funds to fraudsters because Girls throughout the world will lie convincingly then refuse to travel at the last minute based von a feasible logical excuse but even banks cannot prevent a person spending their money when it is the account where their state pension and benefits are received. So we can expect in the future even state pensions and social benefits will be protected from potential fraud by monitoring where funds are being transferred.

However, if a young lady is destined to travel to an elderly person and on arrival finds the person has passed away or taken to hospital as a safeguard the young lady would need to contact local police who will ensure they can be found accommodation and either returned to their own country or to continuing and working based on their working visa.

Caring Industry. When people need social care they should be made aware that if they have not helped provide care for their close relatives when they need care they will not receive quality care as a principle for elderly care in their own home. However, having divorced in 2011 age 75, I have lived on my own without any help from my family although I am a Great Grand Father now age 85. My latest review of the sharing Industry s as follows: Trust Pilot.

Definition Of Antisocial. When we break the law or steal from others we are considered antisocial but when we prevent people from breaking the law or from stealing from others were are socially minded and setting an example for everyone to follow to develop society.

Pressure By Antisocial People. When pressure is put on me it is by antisocial people who have a guilty conscience and fear their loss of freedom. However, more pressure pit on me will cause more pressure on antisocial people who will pass away as socially minded people continue to support me because I am God Son and here to remove poverty, reduce prison inmate numbers and prevent drug Barons from encouraging our children to be addicted to narcotics.

People Who Owe Me Money. When certain people were advised I would awake in one of my life cycles just as they have in my past life cycles and each time Statues were built in my honor although I did not waken but this my current life cycle I have wakened from 1981 to 1984 when learning who I was in my previous life cycles and yet no one has supported me financially but if they would like to do so please donate via my Paypal via the following link: Trust Fund.

People Who Know Me. When I was the reincarnation of men in the past they would only accept me providing I did what they wanted me to do but now I am awake I do what the spirit would dimension asks me to do because the spirit world dimension protect me from being killed by squeezing a person brain when he or she nmoves closer to me believing they can Kill me but as they feel pressure on their Brain they will either refrain from trying to kill me or their Brain will be squeezed until they drop dead with heart failure and my late broth in law David Fitzgerald, made several attempts to kill me but was prevented doing so because the pain in his Brain prevented him sitting in his car to drive to Alcester from south Wales prior to passing away in 2015.

People Who Con Others. When people try to con others by making false representing to achieve monetary Gain they often are economical with the truth because many internet Venders know to achieve a worthwhile income if they explained the actual cost to do so they would soon go out of business so my experience with internet venders to make sure after treading their promotional advert can after paying a small sum of money to view further information I can delete their website before that have taken a larger sum of money via Clickbank who will always collect on their behalf even If they have to debit your Debit or credit card before further payment can be claimed as subscriptions payable monthly.

My late son Neil Robert James was employed with Barromix when their company was located in Bleachfield street Alcester which was called Blood and Thunder street during the 1940s because my wife Margaret Fitgerald lived in blesacgfield street after being born in the Warnford Maternity hospital Warwick June 11 – 1938: Barrow Mix.

Faith, Hope and Charity, I am Faiithful, Hopeful and Charitable.

As Joseph Landrut I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as i become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows..

My name at birth was Robert Neil James and my father added Joseph so my official birth name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and changed via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.