Inland Revenue

Inland Revenue

People who believe income tax should be abolished would only do so because they resent paying income tax and yet income tax is the only way we contribute to society based on our income. Still, like many people, they believe the taxman is the enemy until they need support in times of hardship caused through this latest virus pandemic. They realize the value of income tax and perhaps will make sure they too help protect the system by paying their business or personal taxes.

Pensions are costly because people are living much longer so their pensions and social benefits are paid by our income tax receipts. However, if we introduce pension schemes to provide for our old age we would be less inclined to be considered unworthy based on relying on the Inland Revenue for pensions and benefits because many people consider elderly people detrimental to society because many people like me have been retired for twenty years and hope to live a lot longer now I am 84.

People Who Want To Know.

If a socially related question is asked I will answer it providing I am paid because my contact with people in the spirit world will only allow me to answer socially related questions and get paid based on their expertise when living a life cycle here on planet earth so from now on unless I begin receiving payments for my answers I will refrain from answering any questions on the internet or in person.

My expertise as a social scientist can be enhanced with live-in carer who will also be my personal assistant together with making and ensuring appointments are adhered to as my PA.

Paper money and Credits.

Eventually, paper money will not be necessary because banks will want a credit currency which compliments all banks worldwide so I would suggest ‘CREDITS’ should be known as world new currency which would be ultimate for all transaction for Importers, wholesalers, retailers and the general public is a pain with credits. furthermore, only two coins would be needed a 5 and 10 pence piece for children under 7 years of age pocket money, and children over 7 would have their own bank account funded by their parents with credits for their pocket money.

Funding Pensions.

If children paid into a pension fund when they leave school they would be prepared for their elderly care which should be the same for everyone to receive care quality in their own home because care home is for people who need protected care so they come to no harm. However, my care is not quality because I live in a two-bed bungalow with a single room for me and a double bedroom for a potential live-in part-time carer but have yet to find a suitable live-in female carer which would compliment my life now I am age 84.


Pensions and Benefits should be paid every four weeks in advance, and wages should also be paid every four weeks in line with the Inland- Revenue 52-week schedule. Furthermore, time payments could be paid on week one, two, three, or four on Mondays to Friday to ensure everything co-ordinated as a 13 month year.


All my life from during the 1940’s I visited the fairground twice each year and every ride and facility was sixpence but now it is much more and could be a target for fairground staff to pocket a few pounds because it is a loophole recognized as needing to be closed by charging an entrance fee of so many pounds which covered more than one ride or facility, this would ensure fairground owners had a true picture of costs and profit margin to assess each year to remain competitive with other fairgrounds throughout Britain.

Few Fairgrounds exist this day because Stratfor Upon Avon Mop affair would start at the traffic light by the Fountain and cover bridge street and across the river Avon road bridge but slowly Stratford mop has c been reduced so to all fairgrounds across the who of Britain because like all good things have become too expensive for the family budget

Quote For The Day.
Define the future – What you do not want to be done to yourself, do not do to others – Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. He who will not economize will have to agonize.

My lamp is Aladdin’s, who was a Genius, am I Aladdin or the Genie.

Mr, Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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