Hospital Patients

My few days ‘ stays in Redditch Alexandria hospital during 2016 at age 80 provided information to protect me from passing away sooner than needing to because I was an ambulance to hospital after having a reaction from Anto biotics. However, after being assessed was kept under observation until I discharged my self knowing without doing so would have soon passed away caused by procedures being carried out on the ward I was in but fortunately, I had my home to travel back to was provided with my Diabetic medication and taken by ambulance car back to my apartment in Evesham.

Furthermore, a few weeks previous to my stay in the hospital, my legs became much larger with water retention,m which caused large water blisters to appear on both my legs, and I was asked to visit my GP surgery for dressing to be applied. However, during 2018 was given two months’ notice to vacate my rented apartment. Just before the eviction notice expired, I found a Two-bed bungalow, so with the help of several of my carers moved in November 2018.

A few weeks later I began to experience dizzy spells so with help from my Female carer recorded my blood pressure readings whilst sat down and also standing up which revealed when first standing my blood pressure dropped, which I reported to my GP who progressively reduced my tablets and I was then free from dizzy spells and my Blood pressure returned to normal after taking blood pressure tablets for 20 years.

As a type two diabetic, my daily tablets have reduced from seven to four per day but now my only problem is having to live on my own in a two-bed rented bungalow her in Evesham until I can relocate to a home of my choosing because I now anticipate living many years to come now my weight has reduced from 17.5 stone 2010 to 14 stone at present and has I stopped smoking 25 years ago my lungs are free from congestion to help me through winter periods.

When my next life cycle takes place, I will know who I was in the past and when I wakenwill refer to these words and never reveal my identity, just as Muhammed was aware of who he was in the past but refrained from revealing his identity because he too would have been crucified for claimed to be gods son.

Mr, Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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