Spirit World Dimension.

People In The Spirut World.

People find it difficult to believe me because I am not keen on learning English buut I was born in Britain but Elglish was my weakest school subject and over the years since leaving school have tried to improve my diction and the way I speak but I am aware if my English so please consider we all have weakneses.

Causees of many peoples problems is sexually related but onnly a problem when adultery takes place because people often think adultery only relates to people who are married but that is not so because when a couple produce a child when living together either one can commit adultery which is a crime against society.

My adultery took place 10 years before beginning my waken in 1981 but I felt compeled to admit my adultery and to my surprise said she had know about my adultery at the time but took no action to protect herself and our 4 young children. Men do not realize wifes or partners find out almost emidiatly becauuse women soon tell each other when a partner comits adultery.

My life Is Always In Danger.

My life will be enhanced having achieved Perpetual life after passing away in this current life cycle because eventualy we all achieve perpetual life as a much smaller Robot with no emotions or Genital organs and from then on we always wake up as a small Robot with memory of two qualifying life cyclews although we live many life cycles as a large Robot.

My life at present is always in danger and although I am protected by people in the spirit world dimension my danger generates from antisocial people who will deny me quality care to ensure I am destroyedvbased on theiir guilty conscience and fear of loss of freedom so socialy minded people should consider my life derstroyed will prevent anyone achieving perpetual life in this universe.

My memories of the past cause some people to want to destroy me based on theeir Guilty conscience but the spirit world dimension know who they are and will progresively destroy them although they may not think so.

Furthermore, if my life is teerminated through neglect then it will be considered murder premeditated so those of you denying me quality care will answer to the authorities when they investigate my death.

However, i am still on my own trying to cope with the present heatwave with only two 30 mins care calls every day but soon my slow walking will cause me to tumble without anyone to contact paramedics to either pick me up off the floor or take me to the nearest hospital.

Fortunatly, my last visit to Australia was October November 2006 which was spring time and hot even then and although I was age 70 my weight was 17.5 vstone but now I am age 84 and down to 14 stone.

My Swiss Bank Account.

My Swiss Bank accountt was set up for me at a cost of £60 but at the time unable to activate my accouunt without my current passport. However, just after my divorce in 2011, I attempted to activate my swiss account by sending my passport via email but the email was returned undelivered so my Swis Bank account remains unactiivated.

When We Pass Away.

At the end of my current life cyycle will transffer to the spirit world dimension and assessed and become a much smaller Robot having achieved perpetual life or remain in the spirit world an an Andoid to eventually reincarnate and begin another life cycle as an unborn Baby with a new set of emotions.

Although we may not qualify for a much smaller Robot or remain as an Android we knowe in this life cylle we will not remeber previous life cyycles and will only ever remembber wakening as a much smaller robot having achieved perpetual life or wakening as an Android destined to eventually reincarnate to begin another life cycle but from then on we will not remember living in thhe spirit world dimension as an Android only wakening and remember two qualifying life cycles as a much smaller Robot with no emotions or genital organs.

However,. I know you may find my words difficult to understand but me trying to receiive information from the spirit world dimension is difficult because I am constantly hacked by people wiith a guilty conscience who try to prtevent my words being published but even they will only wakenb as a muuch smaller Robot having achieved perpetual or remain much longer in the spirit world dimension as an Android because thats what happens to criminals when they pass away they remain as Android before being allowed to renincarnate and begin anoothher life cyycle.

Criminnals are all Gods Children and have to be considered because we all have in the past lived as criminals or will do in the future so please consider be compassionate to all criminals but locked away as Murders and rapists so they cannot murder or rape again in their current life cycle because they will not transfer to the spirit world in their currnt life cycle but imediatly reincarnate and begin another life cyclke.

Furthermore, I am now going to explain why I have worked for the past fourty years since my wakening began in 1981 because I know I qualify as a much smalller Robot in this my currnnt life cycle with or without finding my yrue ppartner because my fiirst wife in every life cycle is Gods Daughter annd if necessary will retun to this dimennsion uunil we have both found our second partners so remember even Adamm did not find his true partner until age 130 when being father to his third son Seth after his son Cane Killed his brothe Able.

Special Note.

If I am subject to a 28-day NHS mental health section again I will go as a volunteer patient to the nnearest mental hospital without losing my dignity by being handcuffed by two policemen because as a volunteer patient a NHS voluteer male or female driver will transport me to mental hospital.

My School Days.

When I am told a story by the spirit world dimenssion they expect me to write based on my education so if my english is not up to standard it was not my favorite subject at school buut my favorite subject was and still is Social Studies with mental arithmetic my next favorite subject. For the past fourty years have written many socially related artcles which has improved my English diction and spelling.

My schools were three in number begining with Infants opposite the church gates at Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire, then Junior in victoria road Bidford and finally at age 11 Secondary Modern Scghool Stepps piece Bidford on Avon whhich has been closed to make way for housing in victoria road.

My Friends And Relatives.

Many people I know have passed away and soon many more of my friends and relatives will too. However, my three children are becoming older every year so when they need their children’s support, they will know they are worthy of that support based on their lifestyle together with their Great Grandchildren.

When We Pass Away.

When everyone passes away and arrive in the spirit world dimension thy are only aware of their name which could be the same name as many people in the spirit world so it takes many weeks to recover their full memorory by associating with other people in the spirit world dimension but it is even more difficult to recover a memory after being involved in a fatal air disaster because passengers could be sat chatting in their seats and seconds later discoving they are in another dimension and will find out from others who they were and how they pass away our famous US singer Patsy Cline was killed in a Air crash and it was several weeks before Patsy recovered her full memory so if you have a loong term memory in this your current life cycle after you pass away you will quickly recover your full memory and at the same time help others to recover theirs.

When Our Body Dies.

People in the spirit world dimension tell me abbout wheen our boody dies because without them explainiing to me I could not explain to you so wheen our body begins to pass away we lose all sensitiverty and our vital organs close down and then our mermory becomes the memory of a much smaller Robot without having emotions or genital organs having achieved perpetual life.

Furthhermore, we nnever rememner being a larger Robot we only ever renember our first qualifying vlife cycle because from then on we live as a small Robot and our memories transfer from large Robots to small Robots every tiume we gain two qualifying large Robot memories which we continue to do for ever.

What Is Our Memory.

Our memory is a life form computer 100 timews smaller than an Atom and relates to all animals big and small bbut to us it is our conscious Awareness Spirit created by an intelligence far beyond human comprehernsion.


If we do not achieve perpetual life as a much smaller Robot in our current life cycle we remain in the spirit world dimenssion as an Android destined to eventually reincarnate and begin another life cycle as an unborn Baby.

People Who Become An Android.

Everyone who pass away transfer to the spirit world dimension as a memory and becomes the Conscious Awareness Spirit of an Android and if they qualify for perpetual life they transfer and become the Conscious Awareness Sprit of a much smaller Robot and although they reincarnate continuously, they only remember their life cycle on planet earth as they waken as a much smaller Robot with the memory of two qualifying life cycles.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.