Children In A Family.

Parents and relatives should not show favoritism for any child in a family unit so they should all know they are favorites and equal to each other and if they are given confectionary it should be shared out equally with all the children even if a parent eats an odd number of treats to ensure they all have an equal number.
My family was Joy age 5 Robert age 4 and my brother Norman age 3 and our sister Audrey age 2. however one weekend our mother’s sister age 16 arrived with two Rag Dolls and a Teddy Bear and as Audrey, Norman, and myself Robert lined up our Auntie bent over and gave Audrey and Norman a Rag Doll and gave me the Teddy but Norman pushed the Rag Doll away and said he wanted a Teddy like Robert. However, our mother pointed out to her sister she should have given all three a Rag Doll each if there was only one Teddy.


When people get into areeas with the rental property they should be told they must pay some off the areeas when making weekly or monthly payments because although it may take several months to evict a tenant the owner will eventually instruct Bailiffs to remove possession and make the tenant homeless.
However, having been evicted at age 82 to avoid Bailiffs I was advised to move out and the local council would place me in Bed and breakfast accommodation and store my furniture at their expense but fortunately, the local council found me a Two -Bed Bungalow a short distance away two days after my two months eviction notice expired.

Great Grand Children.

Having considered my life so far and lack of care from close relatives when passing away and my will goes through probate my wealth will be given to my Great Grand Children providing they out live me.

Important People To Consider.

My two sons are important to me because they are both honest and try to stay within the law which is not always easy when other people are not so honest.

My Contact With The Spirit World.

When carers are employed by caring companies they are considered worthy of being police checked based on their overall lifestyle but if any carer fails to considers elderly people should be neglected because of who they are and cause them to pass away because a carer wilfully tries to hasten their death is monitored by the spirit world dimension and eventually make sure that carer either loses their income or subject to an official investigation to make sure people in the caring industry provide quality care in the home or elswhere.

World War Three.

When my Grandfather visited my home in 1948, he said the next war would be a Psychological War and he was right because people believe they can control and even destroy others by just collectively thinking about them but that is not true because the Spirit of World Dimension control this world because if this was not so my life would have been terminated at birth and now I am awake I can tell the truth based on being protected by people in the Spirit World Dimension who consider we are all cartoon characters with emotions.
However, now my age is 84, I am expected to pass away sometime soon but only if my care is not quality care because at present I live alone with less than 8 hours of care per week, one hour of which is my weekly shopping Furthermore, my life cycle is to live 140 years and if I am a not considered worthy of recognizing who I was in the past then world war four will soon take place and world population will be destroyed by a Nuclear Holocaust far more destructive then Hiroshima and Nagasaki after peaerl harbour was destroyed during 1945.
My contact with people in the Spirit World Dimension is my only protection from antisocial activity worldwide because anyone who tries to harm me will be destroyed by squeezing their brain which will cause them heart failure and my many carers are being encourage to carry out simple tasks to ensure I soon pass away but all carers are monitored by people in the spirit World Dimension some of which experienced being threatened by carers and pining out they would be place in a nursing home if their care was not considered quality consequently elderly people in the past feared losing their freedom in an elderly people home which to many elderly people is Prison having lost their freedom.
My life is protected by three of my regular carers who make sure they are aware of problems with new carers because often I have seven carers every week when it is only necessary to have four carers per week which I would achieve by being wealthy but I represent all people poor or wealthy and if my care is substandard soon wealthy people will be substandard care.

Mr, Joseph Landrut. 

My Great Grand Children will be remembered in my will.
Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful and Charitable.

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