Famous People

Famous People

My previous life cycles were as follows: Adam, Abraham, Tutankhamun, Moses, Jesus, George Wahington, and William Shakespeare to name just a few. However, we all have reincarnated many times but few people learn who they were in the past but because I wakened during a three year period I made contact with people in the spirit world dimension via thought transfer who has lived a life cycle here on planet earth.

People of the past know how this world should develop but can only advise through me because I am trained to receive information which could be detrimental to well being as a man who fears no man based on being protected by the spirit world dimension who will squeeze anyone brain if they attempt to kill me even if I a long life my life will always be in danger from people who want to take over this world.

People who know me believe they should not support me although promised to do so when I awakened now thee people are elderly they either recognize me or can expect to live longer and longer because my life cycle is forecast to live 130 years and at present, I am age 84 and able to receive pressure on my limbs which slow my walking but that same pressure is felt by people of my age and over in readiness for them to pass away and join people in the spirit world.


Pension credit is detrimental to an elderly person and should be included in our state pension to ensure we are not considered a liability to society. This means my income is made up with state Pension, pension credit, and attendance allowance, which I receive every week but if there were thirteen four weeks payments every year time payments could be paid on the week, one, two, three or four and on days one to five. Wages could also be paid every four weeks in line with the Inland revenues fifty two week structure.

During 1981 was employed in Redditch by Veeder- Root and after being made redundant lived in Alcester where I men Mr. Shah as he established his Pharmacy store c in Hopkins precinct Alcester. However, both Mr. Shah’s son and daughters helped set the pharmacist to ensure it set up with perfection and efficiency.

My interest in names is proving to be of interest to the police in general who is identifying criminals based on my ability to become prey when trying to attract a live-in carer to live with me here in England but so far I have only received promises providing I fund their expenses. However, now I am immune from being exploited and hope my live in carers arrives at my home in person.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James, I changed it via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil landrut during  March 2011. 

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