People Who Were Famous.

My Life Cycles.

My life cycles have been many but not always famous because it is not always possible to become famous so the following list identifies some of my famous life cycles, Adam, Abraham, Tutankarmon, Moses, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, George Washimgton and William Shakespeare to name just a few, which also ncludes me because my Consciense Awareness Spirit relates to them all.

Furthermore, we have all lived manny life cycles but only as the Conscious Awareness Spirit which we are and we will know when arriving in the spirit world who we were in the past famous or otherwise.

However, although those people were famous I cam the only person to waken during a three year period because to do so they would not have survive based on the magnitude of fear I endured learning I was those people in the past and suffering being arrested and handcuffed by two policemen who transported me to the nearest mental hospital to serve out a mandatory 28 day NHS mental health section.

My Long Term Objectivve.

Every person in this world will eventualy achhieve perpetual liife as a much smaller Robot with memory of two qualifying life cycles and from then on they will always waken as a much smaller Robot althoigh they will live many more life cycles as a larger Robot.

Furthermore we all play a different part in the theatrer of life based on our bodies emotions; socially minded or otherwise so when yoou refuse to obey the law you do so because it is your destiny and may take manny reincarnations beforer achieving perpetual life and iif you choose to conntimue to break the law you will never achieve perpetual llife in this your cuurrent life cycle.

My life so far as not been easy but I know I qualify for pperpetual life after I pass away but my foorecast life cycle is to live 140 years but not if i am denied quality hgome care and every day since my wakening someone as tried to kill me or hacked my computer but I am pprotected by the spirit world dimension and if that was not so my life would have beenn terminated at birth in 1936.

No one achieves perpetual life easy because if it vwas easy this world would be nuch more anti social than it is at present and I would not come close to qualifying for perpetual life but my wakeing took place from 1981 to 1984 and from then on it as been a battle to survive as a man who knows and knows he knows.

Every New Universe.

When a new universe is created it is only perfected when people knoww true value of religion because religion slows down social development until everyone believes in one God which is an intelligennce far beyond human comprehension and will always recognise we are all equal even if we are antisocial because without antisocial people socially minded people would fail to develop this world towards perfection.

Furthermore, I am this worlds Gods Son because I was the first God Son to activate evelution and from then to reincarnate and live a life cycle and protected by the spirit world dimension because I reppresent social ddevelopment as a social scientist but eventually will be recogmised as Chairman of this world and every time this vuniverse recycles it will be poerfected by a Chairman instead of Gods son who will never know he is the chairman.

Feature Article.

My two-bed apartment was ideal after my divorce 2011. However, the apartment was owned by a landlady who refused to allow me to sublet based on increasing costs from a second tenant bbut at my age of 82 she decided to give me two monthhds notice to vacate the apartment but fortunatly just after the notice to quit expired I found a two -bed Bungalow and several of my carers helped me to moovve in.

However, I need to relocate to a two or three bed bungalow somewhere in Warwickshire my county of birth in the Village of Broom near Alcester or a property within the Stratford Upon Avon area.

Father Time.

Father time is Albert Wale who is head of his large family based on his four daughters and their Grandchildren. However, every Great grandfather is considered his families father Time providing he is a great grandfather before he passes away futhermore as I am a Great Grandfather i will be father time under my ggrandfather Albert Wale and my sons couuld become father Times providing thhey are great grandfathers before they pass away.

However, not every Great Grandfather becomes father time because they have to achieve perpetual life as a muchh smaller Robot and appropriate wife in their current life cycle.

Special Note.

The words I use are coming to me from the spirit world dimension from people who have lived a life cycle here on planet earth and they are people who know and cknow they know.

My Objective Is To Be Faith, Hope, Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows.