People Who Believe.

If I Am Not Gods Son.

When Jesus Christ claimed he was God’s son did anyone believe him because like me Jesus moved away from his family because none of them believed him and was ashamed to associate with him and even today when claming I am the reincarnation of jesus Christ no one believes me and but in the past life cycle and not knowing who I was in past reincarnation of Jesus Christ people who did know built statues to show their belief such as the statue of Jesus Christ built in Rio De Janeiro and Poland.

Scottish Power.

Having been a customer of Scottish Power for several years I would like to recommend their Duel Fuel service with no meters to read please click following link: Scottish Power.

Beta Testing.

My expertise duuring the last tweny years show I am capable of Beta Testing new software before being sold to Inteernnet Business.

My Facebook Website.

Every day I contact someone vis this facebook Chat so please click the following link: Go Here

Sock Puppet.

My name is famouse because Wikipedia named me a Sock Puppet and banned me indefinatly becauuse several years ago I tried mistakenly to publish my socially related articles.

Gmail ISP.

My Email account no longer functions although I am prepared to pay to send all my emails providing it is no more than £10 per 1,000. This also applies to my Yahoo email account.

People Worldwide.

When my True Partner arrives here in Britain she will be my potential wife to make sure we come together because we will love each other for ever and when I pass away my wife will inherit my wealth.


All Constituencies should make sure their member of Parliament is prepared to vote openly to identify constituents debated wishes by voting with a shoe of hands Yes or No because to vote otherwise members of parliament are often blackmailed when casting their vote which could be different to Constituents democratic choice. .

Now I have finished this website perhaps Word Prress will update my eCommerce store with neew software products to ensure I can justify paying my subsription each year and achieve profit. 

My Objective Is, Faith, Hope and Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows.