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People often like to build a eCommerce Webvsite but it is far from easy because my site could only be built eith the help of people in the Spirit World Dimension who were employed by Word Press during their life cycle when Word Press was launched as website Themes to allow customers to pracice: Word Press eCommerce.

Children and Fisher-price Toys Go Here Fisher Price Website.

Paypal Transfers. Paypal transfers of funds can be transferred anywhere in the world via your email address which is also the email address you sign up with: Signup.

Large variety of quality products to purchase from Russel Hobs: Go Here.

Please consider purchasing from Argos Store by clicking this link: Argoos Store

When our body ceases to make stem cells means we eventually lose our ability to survive and it is important for everyone to live a long life by making sure their stems cells keep us active to ensure we live much longer every generation.

People believe I am not going to live a long life but my body is being regenerated from the pressure I receive on various parts of my body and that has been happening since 2016 from the age of 80 after spending a few days in hospital after having an adverse reaction from anti biotics and being ambulance to the hospital for observation but soon activated my prerogative and discharged my self and was returned by Paramedic to my apartment cheer in Evesham to continue livinf on my own.

Having had eye vision problems for the past twenty years my vision is now improving will help from my doctors who have carried out numerous eye tests and laser treatment but now I am age 84 the following product will be considered an option too improve my vision. Stem Cells regenerate eye vision cells so please click the following link and listen to the long video to understand the value of this product offered for sale: Stem Cells.

Word Press Foundation. Word Press foundation like their customers to donate from time to time so word press can contribute to new developments so please click following linkj:Word press Website.

Emerald Taxi Service. My age is 84 and as I no longer drive a motor vehicle I use Emerald Taxi Service here in Evesham and when arranging a taxi to pick me up at my home or any location when the taxi is on its way I receive a Tex message and the taxi arrives at my front door I receive another Tex message so by then I am ready to go out and sit in the front seat of my efficient Taxi Compan vehicle.

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Pollm March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.

My Objective Is, Faith, Hope and Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.