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My destiny was to spend time in Australia for the benefit of British migrants who emigrated to Australia via the £10 assisted passage scheme and spent up to two years on a migrant Hostel which were set up by the Liberal party in every state headed b Prime Minister Robert Menzies who had been in power sixteens years until I arrived in Australia.
My wife, two small children, and I emigrated to Australia in November 1965 traveling by Air via Zurich, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Bombay, Rangoon, Darwin, and Sydney Australia which took 36 hours from the heath row Air terminal.
Having been employed in Direct mail Advertising in Sydney Australia from 1965 to 1975 my practical experience gave me an overall picture of Direct Mail Advertising throughout the world. However, the advertising company employed me to deliver and collect small-batch advertising material from Advertising agents in Sydney city center.
However, after a few weeks was invited to supervise the companies production department which employed female staff to assemble mail for distribution via postal service PMG which covered all states of Australia, including Tasmania, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.
The company was limited and only two directors one of which was the managing director and the other chairman. However, both directors worked well together because one director produced all artwork for printers to print quality and the o5trher director was responsible for the Sales and sales staff.
Furthermore, as a British emigrant, my jobs within the company were numerous because all migrants worldwide are exploited because they are eager to do well in their adopted country but fortunately managed to return home to Britain with my wife and 4 children during 1975.
People who receive unaddressed mail consider it’s not worth reading so like me they just dump it without considering reading but if all my mail is an address I do not disregard it.
People who work in printing are highly skilled and paid to complement their expertise as printers and whenever there is unemployment they are the first to be laid off because companies reduce their advertising and sell even less but mailing houses should reduce their charges to ensure sale stay as high as possible until employment numbers increase as a country comes out of resection.
My overall objective is to Identify problems in the Direct mail Industry based on my personal involvement with a limited company in a north shore suburb three miles from Sydney city center and having to travel to and from my employment 19 miles from an outer north shore suburb.
Direct Mail Advertising, was my Australian occupation for a total if five years from 1965 to 1974.
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