World Credits

Money Without Paper.

When I was a boy my pocket money was stolen from my mother’s purse and for many years went undetected because there were always numerous two shilling coins to take one without being noticed by my mother. However, one early morning there were about ten half-crowns in mothers purse so just one I stole but a few hours later, my brother and two sisters were lined up in our sitting room and with a stern voice, our father as he stood close to us with a short round stick tapping on the palm of his hand, which one of you have taken half of one crown from your mother’s purse but the threatening stick held in his hand ensured mone of us owned up to that theft.

Children under seven should receive weekly pocket money of several coins, five and ten pence pieces but children over age seven should have their own bank account funded weekly from their parent’s bank account, based on a new currency identified as Credits.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

Although my name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James, I changed it via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil’s land rut during  March 2011. 

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