I am a man who loves people to love each other when they are together or apart. However, I have destroyed my family relationship to protect them all from knowing me as a man who knows and knows he knows so if you want to kill me be my guest because my life is less important than anyone who is a criminal because criminals eventually pass away and return later to become socially-minded and a credit to society.

Furthermore, my brother Norman and I were reared together during the 1940’s when children respected their parents because if they failed to behave they were designed food and sent to bed early feeling hungry but these days children resent being punished and will become much more disobedient as time passes unless society considers my words and acts accordingly.

My brother Norman and I were destined to go our separate ways after being employed as Bus drivers but soon realized we wanted more out of life so I emigrated to Australia during 1965 and norman joined the West Mercia police force shortly after we then came together again during 1971 when I returned to Britain for a short stay then finally departed from Australia during 1975, meanwhile due to ill health Norman left the police force and die age 70 during 2008.

My life now without my brother Norman is empty because we had so much in common but we could not remain together because norman would want more out of life and to achieve that would have destroyed me if he had not passed away in fact many of my family members would be detrimental to my well-being if they lived close by but slowly but surely my words will ensure this world become a better place for our future generations as antisocial people refrain from trying to damage my health or make attempt to kill me becauuse they refuse to believe me when claiming I am the reincarnation of many prophets of the past.

Priests should consider it is not normal to remain a celibate because men and women are designed to love and reproduce children in a loving relationship.

People who are employed in the caring Industry should be university trained because only dedicated people should take care of the elderly because to do otherwise is detrimental to society worldwide because of our potential age is to live one hundred and sixty years, which will happen progressively and our bodies will begin to regenerate from the age of eighty. Furthermore, now I am age eighty-four my lungs have been renewed and my blood pressure returned to normal and although I am a Diabetic my weight as reduced from 17.5 stone to 14 stone since 2011 and although I am short-sighted my eyes have yet to regenerate becauuse twelve months age I had extensive laser treatment to seal bleeds and remove a cataract in each eye via a local anesthetic but for some reason have not been invited for further eye screening to identify bleeds in the back of my eyes.

Consider our national health service is being abused through lack of forethought because people trained abroad are arriving in Britain to become employees of the NHS even though jobs are not available because when a person is university-trained they expect a top job but should only be trained in a university for a predetermined job in the NHS this would ensure people trained would have a particular job available having completed their training

I AM Not Jesus Christ, although many people believe I claim to-be. But I am the same conscious awareness spirit of Jesus Christ including the same conscious Awareness Spirit of Adam, Abram, Tutankhamun, Moses, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, George Washington, and William Shakespeare to name just a few.

The Holy Quran And The Holy Bible.

 Bethlehem and Mecca were birthplaces of God’s Son because the conscious awareness spirit of Jesus Christ was the same conscious awareness spirit of Muhammad.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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