Caring Industry.

Some time ago I wrote an article about the caring industry on the Trust Pilot website which since has changed because new management have made things difficult for Carers and Clients because three clients can be cared for by four consistant regular Carers who cover each other for sickness and Holidays and at the same time provide some training for new carers but my care is being destroyed by having too many new carers each week and as I am age 85 and type two diabetic I am not receiving quality care with a constant stream of new carers being employed.

Islamn Terrorist Supporters. My contacts in the spirit world dimension who have lived a life cycle here on Planet Earth have identiufied all Islam Terrorist supporters to prevent them as an invisible army carrying out a demonstration of damaged dome to companies which they believe go undetected but every small corrupt practice is recognised by the spirit world dimension and action will folloow to remove every carer in the caring Industry who try to destroy elderly people to prevent them receiving state pensions and social benefits but I am a man who can identify currupt practices as I receive care in my home as an 85-year-old a Great grandfather destined to live a long life without relying a social benefits which cause others to consider I am a parasight having received state pension and social benefits from age 63 during early 1999 prior to returning to the midlands to take care of problems when my late son was killed in a late night rainy and windy night and killed instantly as he rode his cycle along the A 46 then struck from behind as the moved to the crown of the road to turn right off the A46 and police identified his back light was on the switched on positiuoin which would have been seen by the car driver who was not intending to turn right off the A46 but heading straight on but the inquest later said is was just an accident but when people hire lawyers to defend their guilt people in the spirit world dimension will know how to deal with people like that as I an police minded and prefer to be recognised as a police informant based on receiving information from the spirit world dimennsion.

My Care Research. My carers are many but should be few because clients need to know all about their carers and carers need to know all about the client. and furthermore, many clients assess their carers but refrain from complaining about fear of being placed in a nursing home and losing their freedom.

My Article Relating To Caring. When I first needed home care it was because I was living on my own in a two-bed apartment and needed not only my apartment cleaned every week but my weekly shopping and meals every day. so helping hands provided a regular prime carer and 4.5 hours of home care viper week. However, as I became older my care was progressively increased to what it is today now I am age 85 and receive 9.5 hours of care per week whiuch included an hour per week shopping, and as Worcester council refused to pay for my cleaning Helping hands charged me normal rates for cleaning once a month by my chosen carer but now helping hands have decided my cleaning is to be predetermined by a career they choose so I have now decided from November to the employer a freelance cleaner for 1.5 hours for £25 per month then I receive quality cleaning and soon I will be seeking more freelance carers to achieve consistency and quality home care because my care is mostly care provided from a wife or partner.

My Recent Care Package. Now I am age 85 and living on my own in a two-bed bungalow my care package has been increased from 30 mins per day to 45 mins per day for my morning v call and 30 mins per day for my evening call plus One-hour shopping every week and 1.5 hours for my house cleaning every four weeks so my total care package cost is £1000 every four weeks of which I contribute after being means-s tested: £401.84 every four weeks, which means I receive quality Home Care.

Making Invoice Payments. Although I have two Home care invoices every month and as it takes three Mondays to receive my pension both Invoices will be paid in total on the third Monday every month, then I need to make just one phone call per month to provide permission to deduct the invoice values from my prefunded Prepaid Debit Card.

Before my new 2022 care plan is put in place I would like to know If I employed a live-in Self-employed female for my total Care package at say £15 per hour total hours involved 10 hours per week without travel costs so would that be acceptable by County Councils?

This means four self-employed carers could care for three clients per week and cover each other for holidays and sicknesses and each employed for 40 hours per four weeks plus travel cost at £350 per client calls when applicable.

Companionship. My Live-in Self Employed part-time carer and companion would be paid by me and considered as self-employed by my accountant, who would provide four weekly payslips with appropriate deductions and complete a inncome tax return every year for approximately £100 and as I am short sighted any PA admin would be paid extra.

However, consistency and care quality can only be achieved by having no more than four regular carers per week then client and carer get to know each other to provide compatible caring for the elderly living on their own.

Furthermore, when a new carer visits a client they should be trained by existing carers, not by clients who become annoyed at being abused by having to explain to a new carer what to do and new carers should visit a client am and pm on their first day because concern may be identified on the first visit also care companies should recognize all elderly people should receive quality care and the same respect and consideration as private clients who do not receive state social benefits.

Personal Hygiene. Elderly men have difficulty cleaning themself after going to the toilet, which is necessary to carry out by a loving wife or quality carer because even men can suffer Thush which women get from time to time. Personally, after going to the toilet I need to bend down with one hand holding the washbasin and try to clean myself without falling over.

Direct Mail Advertising. My latest Trust Pilot review relates to the Direct mail Industry where I was employed in Australia from 1965 to 1975. so please click the following link: TRUST PILOT

Faith, Hope, and Charity, I am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

As Joseph Landrut I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as i become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Robert Neil James and my father added Joseph so my official birthg name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.