World Economy And Vehicle Production.

People should consider other people when purchasing a new car because if Electric cars are mass-produced oil-producing countries will increase their oil to ensure they do not damage their economy.

People Whi Steal Funds. My potential US wife to be is honest because honest people are loyal to each other even if they have a large age Gap and know a wife needs to outlive her husband and then rewarded when his will passes through probate to reward her for her dedication and loyalty during the many years they will be together as man and wife.

If my wife was involved in stealing funds I would ask her to stop doing it or take it to her off the Internet because without a computer a person cannot transfer funds because they need a bank account to withdrawer from their PayPal account or obliged to purchase products via eBay or other internet stores.

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NHS:  466 – 451 – 7424 

Community transport: 0300 – 011-0017.


Mers tow Green Medical canter: 
Tel: 01386 76- 56 –00


Evesham Volunteer transport: 45 035.


Podiatry: 01386 –50- 23- 00 

Podiatry Hub:01905 –681-001.


Volunteer Driver: 45035.


Bank of Scotland.

Sort Code: 80-46-31.

Classic: 10876164.

Cod: 516.

Customer Services code: 3151

Team Direct: 0345 600 7727



Customer Service: 0345 720 3040 .

Sort code: 11-00-01.

Account number: 0125950462


Hargreaves Lansdowne: Share portfolio. 

Includes Saving with Leeds Building Society 

Phone: 0117 – 900 – 9000 

Account Number: 1447383   

Username: jrnlandrut999 

Password: £$Perpetual7 

Passphrase: 193619

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Midshires Care.

Sort code: 30-98-26.

Account: 65171268


Nationwide: 6887644404 

Isa Account and Savings Account 

Nationwide phone: 0800 30 20 11  
Debit Card: 4751 – 4117 -8312 –5109  
Sort Code: 07-08-06  
Account: 19701390

Prepaid Debit Card: 5295-6510-0134-9847 

My Halifax sort code    11-00-01 

Account: 25950462   

 call refs: 1095857 

Prepaid card team: 01905 766936.

Bank of Scotland: 916632701.

Double Payment day 1 and day 29 Oct 2021.

Scottish Power.

August 24, 9.40 am not completed only shopping 1 Hour There completed by Anne Marie 3.30 pm prior to evening call at 4.45 pm by Wendy.  

My Objective Is for , Faith, Hope and Charity, I Am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

My website can be found via the menue top eight of this page.

I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut