Police Authority

Officers Under Training.

Police officers who do not recognize the value of a Dowsing Pendulum often fail when solving a problem which may have several solutions. However, the Yes and No signal of a Dowsing Pendulum will identify the most appropriate solution to the problem. Furthermore, we are two people in one body. One who has Emotions and sensitivity of our body and the other void of both which provides information based on logic and not emotion. as we work with a dowsing Pendulum.

Police Custody.

Prisoners transported from one prison to another should not be allowed to leave the prison van until arriving at destination prison because allowing prisoners to visit family members on the route could be detrimental to the officer’s employment as a prison officer.

Police Vehicles.

People Power.

Police Seminars.

Mr, Joseph Robbert Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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