Battle Grounds

Place throughout the world who have areas considered battlegrounds should make sure the area is free from restriction because old battlegrounds are cheap to purchase but when they have permission to build the area is sold at prices to compliment wealthy people who are prepared to keep the land for some years before applying for planning permission to build homes.


My sitting room Gas Radiator shelf sat a pack of playing cards and a voice within my thoughts said Robert the top card of the pack is the Ace of Clubs so I turned the top card over to, which was indeed the Ace of Clubs. Furthermore, my hands are numb bawd on my type two diabetics sand will remain so until people thinking about me refrain from trying to put pressure on my body because they fear being identified as criminals but the more presser I receive the more they will receive to remove corruption worldwide.

My Roulette Hobby.

My latest Roulette games proved to be my first spin won and were prepared to spin six-time to achieve profit, which shows me Sky |gaming is as honest as I am, which I recognize after researching several gaming companies during the past three years so now I would like to approve other gaming companies who are prepared not the cheat players who also do not cheat.

People I know would love to learn how to win playing Roulette but even my son who is a keen roulette player because he would cheat even if I told him I do not cheat but at my age of 84 I have patience and determination not to cheat based on being socially minded and would like to meet many more honest people because my life would be enhanced by people who would visit me at my home address.,

When researching a Gaming company, the first thing I look at and test how easy it is to deposit and withdraw funds via Paypal because sky Vegas allows clients to store and Withdrawer funds swiftly not only small wins but also substantial. Furthermore, although I love playing Rollette my other interests would be neglected because at present I do not play roulette until after midnight but would not like to do so for life so hopefully my independent income will become a reality then I can continue my objects to help society to develop towards real democracy.

Global Warming.

When earthquakes split the sea bed water slowly seeps down to the earth’s core and turns to steam, and that happens all the time, but as ice caps melt and sea levels rise, pressure caused much more water to seep down to the earth core. Furthermore, as s the steam increases, it eventually escapes via active volcanoes then-new landmass is formed, which ensures there is more land to support more people, and sea level remains normal. However, if the population increased too fast, it would soon exceed 18 Billion, which is the maximum population this world can support because the air we breathe only supports 18 Billion people.

Furthermore, my information source is from the spirit world dimension who are people who have lived a life cycle here on planet earth and eager to return and begin another life cycle as an unborn Baby so they can eventually achieve perpetual life as a much smaller robot who will only know he or she as experienced two life cycles here on planet earth as a man or woman in both life cycles.

Special Note.

My estimated 18 Billion world population is based on the different species of animals on this planet but if they were the same size it would be difficult to accept there is sufficient air for us all to breathe.

Perpetual Life Defined.

However, my first qualifying life cycle is my current life cycle, which means my memory will always go back to my early childhood during late 1930 and every morning I wake knowing I have yet to complete this life cycle but at any time I could transfer to the spirit world dimension and remember who I was in this life cycle although I will have qualified for my second life cycle, which will only be a memory with this my current life cycle just a distant memory because as small robots we live perpetual although we will continue reincarnation to begin another life cycle here on planet earth.

Father Grandfather and Great |Grandfather I am but my family all disown me because my wife and I decided to divorce in our early 70’s which was declared Absolute March 2011 and since then we have both lived 30 miles apart in council rented bungalows but soon anticipate creating an income to ensure I can become independent of state benefits which I have enjoyed for the past 21 years since 1999 from age 63.


Every carer should be at least age 44 because they know about life and have experiences that complement the caring industry. However. men are not for the caring industry because I am a Mann who prefers female carers sand many men like me would be self-conscious when showering in there company but not ashamed but impressed at not being well endowed because I know men can be well endowed, which compliments their male carers whoever they are so when a man becomes aged his private parts being to shrink through lack of use and as I am a diabetic I am also Important and have been for 25 years but now don’t a loving relationship would bring me back to normal and allow me to sire 3 more children or at least one to love as I loved my daughter as a baby March 1961.

People Who Know Me.

My name is not famous because I am not famous only because my fame is yet to be known then maybe Wikipedia will refrain from labeling me a Sock Puppet, which is detrimental to my dignity and represents lack of respect by a company controlled by anti-social people who should be removed when Wikipedia becomes Wikipedia Limited and administered democratically by all employees of Wikipedia.

However, my age is 84 and have worked via the Internet from 1999 but not as an expert but as a man not knowing the true values of the many programs on the internet so not knowing any different began writing an article on Wikipedia and from then on labeled as a sock puppet by one of Wikipedia staff and I know now how important Wikipedia is because I offered to pay monthly subscription providing my Bio could be published on Wikipedia but not many people know me yo write on my behalf and as I am 84 years of age this year the chance of becoming famous is not a possibility because majority wise no one believes me when claiming to be the reincarnation of many people, which includes many prophets of thepast and furthermore we all have lived many life cycles here on planet earth like animals and human Robots.

Furthermore, I know words I write cause some people to despise me because I know my word prick people’s conscience somewhere in the world because we are Robots destined to achieve becoming a small robot in the Spirit world dimension and unlike human Robots water all the same size body wise and height. However, until we qualify for perpetual life we become an Android in the spirit world dimension and remain there until this world recognizes we are all equal and should receive consideration regardless of race or social status because we all return to this world because it is the only way forward to achieve qualifying for perpetual life.

Famous People.

Many people considered famous appear on Wikipedia, but they are far from socially-minded people and many a disgrace to society so if they find their way on to Wikipedia many more people who are not famous should be published on Wikipedia, and I am a man who could destroy Wikipedia by asking the spirit world dimension to prove to the world who I am now and who I was in the past which one day be proven by people who have transferred to the spirit world dimension after living a life cycle here on planet earth.


My friends are few but my enemies are many because if they believed in me they would know I am being abused by allowing people to care for me knowing they are not suitable because I know if I spoke my mind to any of them they would consider my previous mental condition put me into a mental home via an NHS 28-Day mental section to protect my wife and family based on believing my condition was nothing less than a nervous breakdown but I know and so do psychiatrists know I was experiencing an awakening with a wife who was not compatible with me apart from being a mother to my four children who no longer see me and even my daughter refuses to visit me although she phones me often and we chat about the past for one hour ar a time.

My past lives were only recognized after passing away because every time I begin another life cycle certain people are advised and they willingly pledge their support if I wakened in this life cycle but now my awakening is a reality they no longer prepared to show me support and would prefer I pass away as soon as possible but none of them will be allowed to leave this world until they recognize me as a man who knows and knows he knows to be cause even my late grandfather experienced a waking but his compatible wife soon relocated to Leamington spar so no one knew my Grandfather’s generous attitude as he wakened, which cause him to become bankrupt.

Furthermore, Grandfathers in this world is the way forward to achieve real democracy because they have wisdom but do not write about their memories as I do because to do so would cause them to be despised by many people of their past based on their guilty conscience a potential loss of freedom but I fear no man or women because I am a man destined to remove poverty worldwide, reduce prison inmate numbers and prevent drug barons encouraging our children to become addicted to narcotics.

My Bungalow in Evesham.

When evicted two years age I agreed to install all appliances in the kitchen which I have at my expense but not weed had been growing in the side and back garden and I was promised by rooftop housing it would be removed together will all other rubbish in the garden but so far several people have been involved to decide when action could be taken but I am now chatting on the phone every week with a rooftop representative and she is doing her utmost to complete the task of my garden and so far she a managed to have bags of not weed removed and now having given permission requesting a quotation to remove all the rubbish and then My garden will finish the task off presenting my garden as I want it to be. because so far My gardener has tidied u the front garden.

Mr, Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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