Building Societies and Banks.

Every Bank and Building society should consider their customer’s Debit cards are often abused by companies refusing to close an account when asked to do consiquenty continue to take funds out of a customers bank account based on an original subscription being active so it is important for all subscription to be paid via direct debit and any other internet payments via a prefunded Paypal account or a Bank to a bank transfer, which can be achieved by allowing customers to make a one-off payment or set up a standing order by providing company sort code and account number plus a customers account reference identification.

Many Paypal customers like my self fund their PayPal account prior to making their purchase, which is to avoid using a Debit Card. However, even though I have prefunded my Debit Card some companies refuse to recognize funds in PayPal and try to take funds directly from a bank account so iI had no option but to close my Building society website and cancel both my Halifax and Bank of Scotland Debit Cards and requested by provided a checkbook to obtain cash from my bank for weekly shopping.

Every bank and Building society Employee should recognize they are university trained to ensure bank customers are 100% secure from people who try to remove funds from a customers bank account, which is sometimes just pennies but even some bank employees are stealing funds and when detected by bank security should be immediately dismissed as a warning for all bank and building society employees who value being a bank employee from the top to the bottom.

Furthermore, people who hack computers are paid by others to prevent competition and as they do they should when apprehended be sent to prison and if they claim mental problems prison medical staff can prepare a detailed report for a pending court appearance because many people who hack computers believe they have the right to do so because of financial hardship.

When we are children we challenge authority by stealing from time to time but when we arrive at age 12 our attitude to society is established because we are either socially minded or antisocial because we are controlled by our bodies emotions which differ from person to person and when we commit crime as a minority the majority in society punishes us to attempt us becoming hardened criminals.


A mortgage is a social way of saying Hire Purchase Agreement because if you default with a monthly payment your home or goods are repossessed because they are owned until the last payment is made by a bank, building society or hP company. However, if you continue to default with your mortgage a repossession order is applied for from a court to recover their property and you will be eventually evicted by court bailiffs if necessary.

However, ultimately when the evicted local council will either find suitable rented accommodation or put you in bed and breakfast and store your furniture at councils’ expense. Still, boards will encourage you to list with Home Choice; then, you can bid for properties available for rent private or council-owned based on your family situation and age, which identifies your priority for rehousing.

Shopping via eBay with a prefubfed Paypal account is the way forward for purchasing all your products online so please click the eBay website link below this message for a secure and honest shopping experience.

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Scottish Power Dual Fuel.

When moving into a two-bed rented bungalow November 2018 it was necessary for one of my carers to top up a gas card and electric key, which was a problem for my various carers and for me so as I was a customer of Scottish Power with a good payment record had provided special meters to receive dual fuel and no meter to read just a one-off direct debit to pay every month.

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During past years I have purchased shares via several share dealing companies but I now only buy and sell shares via Hargreaves Landon, who provide a customer service, which is considered far superior to many share dealing companies although my practical experience in buying and selling share have changed because at one time I the share certificate had to be updated and returned to the shareholder so buying and selling shares and saving funds via Hargreaves Lansdown is a pleasure.

However, funding any account can be made easier with a bank to bank transfer without the need for a debit Or credit card just an exchange of sort code and account number plus a customer account reference for the fund to be credited immediately into a share account or any other company customers account.

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Overall Objective.

When a man is retired and remains active and healthy he resents receiving social benefits because he knows he as expertise to complement any developing company because I have incorporated several limited companies and learned many things because it takes only three directors to administer ca limited company to ensure it to be run democratically, providing directors are independent of each other. However, I hope in the very near future not to rely on social benefits because I have been retired for the past 21 years since age 63, which is detrimental to my dignity this is why I built this eCommerce website to hopefully going to provide my independence for a few years.

Worldwide currency.

Bitcoin is not to become a new world currency because a new currency must be discussed with Bank officials of every country to ensure there are no unforeseen problems to be solved. However, I believe the ultimate currency is ”Credits” then all Imports will be paid for with credits, wholesalers will charge Retail store credits and consumers will pay for goods with credit because employers will pay their employees with credits.

Furthermore, paper money will not be needed, and the minimum debit card value would be 20 credits. Only a 5 and 10 pence coin would be left in retail stores for children eight years and under pocket money, and children age eight and over would have their own bank account funded by their parents every week or month from the family credit bank account.

Bank To Bank Transfers.

My Bank monitors all my transaction, and if I did standing orders, I pay for goods or services not to an individual unless they are relative because banks would recognize people who transfer money to one another, which is considered money laundering and no acceptable by any bank worldwide unless they provide a legal reason for doing so. After all, I have in the past transferred funds yo individuals but only for providing goods and services, which cost me at least a 4% fee per pound.

Thought Transfer.

Thought in the physical world is inferior to thought in the spirit world dimension. I am protected by people in the spirit world dimension because they too recognized. Furthermore, the power of thought transfer and if necessary will overwhelm thought transfer in the physical world to protect me from anyone who attempts to kill me for whatever reason because my words are dictated to me from people in the spirit world who recognize me as Command Module of this world based on my three-year wakening, which I was trained to achieve from 1981 to 1984. 

My brother Norman is in the spirit world dimension so is my sisters, Joy Audrey and Esme who are all socially mind sand our youngest brother David who passed over a few weeks age would be pleased to iknow I too joined my family in the spirit world dimension but my life span is destined for me to live at least 130 years unless people in the spirit world need to take steps to actin world war three, which would be far more devastating than Bombs dropped on Hirashimma or Nagasaki.

My brain is being placed under pressure by people in the physical world using the power of thought but what they do not know people also put pressure on people in the physical dimension not only to protect me but to destroy them even I feel pressure but if not protected by the spirit world dimension would quickly be destroyed to prevent my words destroy many people based on their guilty conscious and fear of losing their freedom.

MacAfee Virus Software.

As a long-standing customer of Mac fee Virus software, my payment this year was paid via my prefunded PayPal account without the need for a debit or credit card. Furthermore, I only use a Debit Card for sopping or other retail stores to prevent my card from being abused and I no longer have a Credit card to ensure I remain free from debt.

Foot Note.

People who consider their law is easily fooled do not know what I know or would be much more law-abiding because I am a man who can speak his mind regardless of subject or meaning to others because I am protected by people in the spirit world dimension and if anyone tries to harm me or destroy my computer they face being arrested and taken into custody and If I am accused crime and arrest police solicitor will be asked to act on my behalf and make sure my accuser appears in court to save me and prove the crime accused of committing, then if I am improved based on some evidence proven to be true I will know the spirit world dimension is not protecting me or ever as done since my awakening took place during 1981 when I served an NHS 28-day mental health section in Warwick central Mental hospital at Hatton Rock Warwick, Warwickshire.


My saving can only be worth 2% providing I leave £1000 in a saving account and allowing it to remain to gain compound interest each year before withdrawing funds in access of £1000 after allowing for yearly inflation. However, £1000000 invested and allowed to compound part of the interest would generate a long term income based on withdrawing 3% which would be £30000 per year and reinvesting 1% to protect the £1000000 from being eroded.

Now I am age 84 my saving should be £1000000 by now if I had known how easy it is to provide for along term retirement without being accused of being a parasite having been retired for 21 years since 1998 from age 63. However, my state pension and attendance allowance should be only known by my bank, not nosey carers who I allow to read my mail then learn my pension is enhanced with pension credit, which causes some people resentment based on their low living income so pension credit should be included in the one-off payment of state pension every week.

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Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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