The Way Forward


Time Payments.

The way forward is to pay monthly payments via a Direct Debit, which is controlled by your bank who ensures funds are transferred on the first, second, third, or fourth Monday of every month.

Bank to Bank Transfers.

Having not renewed my Debit Cards based on being miss-used, I now prefer Bank to Bank transfers, which requires the recipients sort code and account number without the need to set up a standing order time payment because even Standing Orders can sometimes be hacked by criminals changing details in their favor.

Furthermore, my Nationwide accounts were closed to ensure my Debit Cards could not be abused and although they were temporarily suspended they were still hacked so I had no alternative to close my entire banking with nationwide but have now applied for a nationwide savings account to make regular physical bank to Bank transfers without the need for a debit or credit card to fund my saving account.

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrut

My age is 84 and my name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011.

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