Australia And Its Future.

When I lived in Sydney Australia my first home was a Migrant Hostel in Lindfield a North shore suburb six miles from Sydney city center. However, that was in 1965 when with my wife and two small children emigrated viia the Australia £10 assisted passage scheme and traveled to Australia by air from Heathrow to Zurich, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Bombay, Rangoon, Darwin, and across Australia to Sydney arriving November 11 to a lovely spring day then transported by state car to Bradfield part Migrant Hostel Lindfield.

Traveling across Australia during daylight was interesting to view vast areas of land 100’s of miles between townships so as the population is only 23 Million Australia is ideal for people to migrate from the north to the south providing Australia was financed to ensure migrant hostels could be established just as Prime minister Robert Menzies liberal party leader set up Migrant Hostels when becoming prime minister in1949.

However, having traveled to and from Australia three times my last visit was October November 2006 for a thirty day holiday and traveled from Birmingham International to Dubai, Bangkok to Sydney then initially stayed in the manner pacific hotel overlooking manly Beach and we still building the combo a pedestrian walkway from Manley beach to the Ferry Wharfe.

Now I am age 85 and a divorced Great Grandfather I often regret not visiting Canberra because I traveled to South and West Australia, Darwin, and Brisbane then traveled down the coast roads and walked on the beach at surfers paradise in 1968. My life expectancy is long and providing I can secure a live-in Companion to care for me we would travel to Australia and live in the suburb of Chatswood 5 miles north of Sydney city center.

Furthermore, Australia is 28 times larger than Britain and have a potential population of 2 Billion peoiple providing Nuclear powered water-cooled Power stations were built around the coastline to produce Electricity and fresh clean drinking water from steam consented after generating electricity then pumped into reservoirs to provide fresh drinking water inland as the population increases from the coast to further vin land to ensure people in Australia do not have to rely on selling Iron ore to finance their growth because Australia will eventually have a temperature allowing property to be built in its center.

People Whoo Support Me. Every time I went to Australia I was employed in Direct Mail Advertising but was not allowed to further my education to become a production manager although was responsible for asembling, enveloping, and dispatching mail via the Australian mailing service to all states and Papua New Guinea including airfriegjting parcels throughout Australia but without a university training v It was difficult to achieve the middle-class standard on low wages although I purchased three home to live in within half of one mile of each other but as house prices increased sold each home at a profit then purchase another to finally return home to Britain during 1975.

Bulldoze. When visiting Sydney Australia in 2006, I looked for changes that had taken place and where new development would escalate so a friend invited me to his Blue Bay home in Gosford located about fifty miles from Sydney city center, and the Gosford area needed to be developed but the land between Gosford and Berowra which is where development had come to a standstill which needed Bulldozing flat each side of the motorway and two oval roundabouts built on the motor way so two suburbs could be developed as the land was subdivided into building blocks which are how Australia develops by allowing people to purchase a block of land then building a show home on the land via profrespayment mortgages to ensure the home was built to a very high standard.

However, although I am age 85 expect to live a long life providing I can secure a live-in companion to take care of me for life then I would like to rent a property in the Gosford area and consider purchasing a new home in that area which would depend on my live-in Companions experience living in Australia because when I eventually pass away she would own my any wealth accumulated so before relocating to Australia we would cross-reference our wills to ensure she was secure in Australia for life.

Initially, I would like to rennt a property in the North Shore suburb of Chatswood which is four miles from Sydney city center and within two miles of the North Shore hospital and close to all shopping facilities and have often traveled from Lindfield to Chatswood to shop on Saturday morning when all shops ckose at midday for the weekend.

Further, though we must give when considering living here in Britain and as I was born in the county of Warwickshire I would like to relocate to the London road Shgipstom Upon Store a small market town seven miles south of Stratford upon Avon where we have a hospital when needed.

People Living In Australia. When I lived in Australia with my wife and four children I found it difficult to maintain middle-class standards by receiving low wages and living on the North shore in Sydney although I purchased and live in three homes it was necessaerry to sell to each time to survive financially so finally in 1975 returned to Britain . However, during spring 2006 I visited Australia on a 30 day holiday and spent two days at a friend’s home in Blue Bay Gosford fifty miles North of Sydney city’s center.

Australias Future is to achieve a multicultured population including the indigenous people who traveled from Indonesia many years ago in longboats and became the first settlers in Australia later to be followed by Captain Cook the British explorer who name Australia and claimed it for Brittain but now aboriginals should be integrated into society providing they can achieve middle-class standards of cleanliness and hygene in established buy the middle classes worldwide.

As Joseph Landrut I am a man who knows and knows he knows although as i become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My name at birth was Robert Neil James and my father added Joseph so my official birthg name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and chhanged via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.