Socially Related Article.

Having traveled to Australia on three occasions as a British family emigrating via the ten pounds assisted passage scheme in November 1965, my wife and I paid a return visit for a thirty-day holiday in October 2006. However, we traveled the north shore and stayed at the Manley Pacific Hotel Manley located 15 miles from Sydney city center. 

My overall objective as a social scientist is to remove poverty worldwide, reduce prison inmate numbers and prevent drug barons encouraging our children to become addicted to Drugs and by doing so we can expect wealthy people to P provide funds from their income in access of 3 million pounds, which would provide a family allowance for families so the first three children only received a family allowance and fourth and other children should be adopted by childless couples and their family allowance put in place. 

People Power.

People who read my articles are sometimes reminded of their past but we all have memories of the past some of which we are not proud of but personally I refrain from telling tales about people I know or my relatives because I would soon have many enemies who would like to destroy me and my computer to prevent me publishing my socially related articles but I know many people my age would cause problems for people they know including relatives if they too wrote an article about various subjects relating to their practical experiences.

Some people who know me believe I am a man who would leave his wife destitute after being married for 52 years but that is no so because my youngest son was present when my wife and I decided how our funds should be divided so secure my wife and pay our divorce so we agreed my wife should have £15,000 and me £4,500 and part of my share was to pay off solicitors invoice. however, my son was concerned we had not shared the funds equally but my wife pointed out her needs were greater than mine.

Furthermore, we parted amicably, in fact, my wife helped me choose and purchase soft furnishings then prior to moving into a two-bet privately rented apartment cleaned it throughout and a few days later lent me £700 because the letting agent insisted I pay six months rent in advance in cash only totally £4,200, then three days later paid back my wife £700 when a new credit card had been approved because by then had secured a £2,600 overdraft.


There are only two numbers when counting up to nine because nine single numbers each have a symbol; for example, two one = symble two and three is also a symbol, so from two to nine is recognized as symbols 2- 3-4-5-6-7-8-9 and symbol 0 = symbol 10. Furthermore, the same numbers relate to every country worldwide and, although the Chinese nation has two billion people, who also speak English, means more people speak the English language than the Chinese language. When we pass to the Spirit World Dimension, we only communicate via the English language by thought transfer and during 1942 when people who died began transferring the sprit world Dimension only people who could speak the English language transferred and all other people who died continued to stat life again as an unborn Baby.

Fairground Rides.

People who travel from town to town with fairgrounds should consider £1 is the maximum charged for any fairground ride because fairgrounds in some countries charge a set entrance fee which allows several rides or stalls on the fairground. Hence, if people pay a one-off entrance fee fairground, staff know their total income is controlled for every town. However, most booths are family-run companies and share not only fairground duties but also surprise rides and stalls.

Furniture removals.

Some removal companies use a smaller ban and two men to transport household items to a new location. However, like larger removal vans, the still pack or cover furniture to ensure every detail is protected from damage, and most furniture removal companies will call to your home and quote. They receive payment before the day you move home, and this means you just prepare your new home for the furniture van to arrive, who will also arrange for your home to be cleaned in readiness for an ingoing tenant or owner and as a friendly jester leave a toilet roll in the bathroom.

People Who Steal.

When I was a boy my brother and I stole fishing tackle while fishing Kreels were left on the river bank whilst the fishermen went to the local public house for a few drinks on Sundays. However, a short time later when my brother and I were fishing in the same river a Fishman standing on the Bridge Pararetr shouted, ” Hey you that my float on your rod” which was on my brothers fishing line so as the fisherman angrily began to climb over the bridge parapet we both made a hasty retreat and decided not to raid fishermen’s fishing tackle again.

My words are for socially-minded people because they represent honesty and integrity when teaching others based on my practical experiences during the past eighty years as a bany falling into a rainwater barrel head first and being lifted out by my mother’s sister who suddenly realized I was missing as they both chatting in our sitting room during early 1940 prior to starting infants school at age four.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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