Old Age

Old Age

When We Reach Old Age.

When my Aunt died she was denied a decent lifestyle because when speaking to her on my sister phone she complained about how hard it was to maintain an acceptable living standard based on her husband being unable to work because of back injury and worked in the community doing odd jobs for various people. However, my aunt was delighted when I suggesting equity release funding and was eager to discuss equity funding potential with her husband.

Unfortunately, my uncle refused to entertain equity release funding, then a few years later when my aunt died of cancer husband swiftly sold their home and traveled forty miles south to join his long stabbing potential second wide. However, his one and only son were denied a legacy from his mother’s estate, and eventually, his father died at age 94.

Home Care.

Now I am age 85 my care package could be enhanced with a female companion who would ensure my home was kept clean and tidy so my female carers could come and go each day then my companion would also be free to come and go if she happened to work in the community. Furthermore, I have a double bedroom for a potential companion which is already furnished with a double bed and soft furnishing but a wardrobe would be needed which I would purchase and if necessary change the emulsion color on the walls because at present the room is pink silk emulsion.

Trust Pilot.

When the caring industry begins to show improvement of care for the elderly I am going to update this page progressively to ensure elderly people receive quality care from carers who care for elderly people.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

Although my name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James, I changed it via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut during  March 2011. 
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