People Who Waken

When my awakening began during 1981 I was aware only I personally was wakening but later learned many more people were experiencing awakening but not communicating with the spirit world dimension because only I was destined to do that because it was necessary for me to have practical experience in a mental home as a man 45 years of age being placed on an NHS 28-Day mental health section and taken in handcuffs to the nearest mental hospital to serve out the mandatory 28-Day section because without that experience it would have been detrimental to my freedom when writing my many articles which cause some people to resents my words based on their Guilty conscious so if anyone attempted to place me on an NHS mental health section I would just volunteer and would allow volunteer drivers to transport me to a mental hospital without being sectioned as in the past because I have already served a NHS 28- mandatory section and it was followed by a further two hospital stays as a volunteer patient during 1981, knowing I woukd have been section mandatory if not volunteering.

True Partners.

My life is always protected from a criminal who knows who I am because the same criminals are represented by subconscious computers in the spirit world dimension but as we all play a different part in the theatre of life democracy has to prevail in the spirit world dimension before democracy can be achieved in this worlds dimension. However, my life is only threatened by criminals in this dimension because when they pass away they soon become socially minded and begin contributing to this dimension of social development to progress further towards real democracy.

Although I know, the general public will not believe my words because even my close family have all rejected me when learning what I claim to be. Still, they are allowed to read my words because they too will one day come to terms with life as they learn from others who have experienced wakening without realizing. However, eventually, people will waken during a seven-year period and be able to communicate in the spirit world dimension, so by me writing my article, they will know I have left a message for them to ensure they are not mental cases. Still, socially-minded people are destined to be world leaders as democracy continues to move forward to achieve real democracy and children being cared for as potential Parents, Great Grandparents.


Everyone at times is paranoid but because man people take drugs and they develop a persecution complex and become paranoid and every drug addict should be prevented from driving any vehicle if tested positive for drugs then there would be fewer road accidents and every casually cost the taxpayer 1 million pounds.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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