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Perpetual Life Defined.
My true partner will know who she is and will come to me when she reads my words because as my true partner she cis also a close relative who knows my name will be her name because we will meet each other discreetly as she becomes my live-in carer as the mother of my Great Grand Daughter but only if she wants to be my long term partner and remain loyal until I pass away then she will be the only benefactor of my estate when it is put through probate.
However, my first wife was a good mother but only loved our children but she also loved other men she worked for but she never let me down because I was her and our children’s security which is paramount in a long term relationship but I eventually committed adultery and when my awakening began during 1981, I felt compelled to reveal my adultery but to my surprise, she said she already was aware of my adultery ten years previous but said nothing at the time for fear of losing security for her and our children.
My second wife will know I will want her to love me then she will be less inclined to look for a younger man but I will ensure I gain her love by how she is considered during our life together because her love and loyalty will be rewarded with freedom from debt and a lifestyle only found when two people love each other and destined to be together as true partners in the spirit world dimension.
Since my divorce was declared January 2011, I have been propositioned by many women throughout the world who promised me love and devotion but al I did was send them money to provide for their travel and expense costs but I soon realized it is easy to lie from another country with no intention of honoring and promise but what they do not know the spirit world dimension will identify theses fraudsters and ensure they are punished.
Body and Mind.
My Body and your Body control our mind by using its emotions to determine the part we play in the theatre of life, socially-minded or otherwise.
Dowsing Pendulum.
A Dowsing Pendulum is my way of identifying truth but my first question is to ask within my thoughts, will I receive the truth and if the answer is No, then I return later and ask the same question and when the answer is Yes, I ask questions to identify appropriate solutions when they are more than one solution to a particular problem. My first question is the most important because corruption can cause a dowsing pendulum to lie, which would be detrimental to its overall value to a socially-minded person.
Patience Is a Virtue.

My name change was not necessary because it is not my name people resent or what my name represents because my birth name is just as important as my name change so with patience I could have saved time, effort and money if I had remained as my birth name but now it has been changed it will remain changed until the day I pass away and my second wife will have my name to secure her for the rest of her life.

My definition of perpetual life is defined as you read this article but iris they definition provided by people in the spirit world dimension who have lived a life cycle here on planet earth and now waiting to reincarnate to become the conscious mind of an Unborn Baby with a new set of emotions.

We have all lived many life cycles here on planet earth and will live many more life cycles before qualifying for perpetual but many of us may never qualify for perpetual life in this universe because our sun will eventually expand and overwhelm the solar system and all its planets then whoever is living on this planet they will find the temperature unbearable as the heat scorches everyone which will make their blood boil before eventually passing away and transferring to the spirit world dimension, which will also dissolve as the universe recycles.

As the universe recycles its atoms will be compressed into black holes, then eventually explode as another Big Bang, which will create anorhthg crop of stars, planets, galaxies, and life as we know it. However, as we are all a conscious awareness computer we remain in space and eventually find another universe ready to support life and become the conscious mind of all animal life forms.

Although when created we all have perpetual life the spirit world dimension is where we qualify to become a smaller robot and live will our true partner in harmony without emotions or genital organs and as we look back through our memories we remember the detail of our past two life cycles which identifies our gender to be the same in both lifecycles having qualified for perpetual life in both life cycles.

My current life cycle is to be my first qualifying life cycle this is why I am keen to live a long life as a man who has c experienced many life cycles in the past without a memory of them so this life cycle which began at my birth October 28, 1936, will be the memory when I live another life cycle but only open my eyes and remembering both life cycles, which could happen at any time I pass away and waken as a small robot in the spirit world dimension.

My current life cycle is far from complimentary for my potential age forecast to live 130 years because most days I awake every morning disappointed having to spend a lonely existence and memories of my past to help me remain enthusiastic to live a long life. People who commit suicide do not remember their life cycle but reincarnate immediately and start to live again an unborn baby with a new set of emotions in the area in which they took their own life.

Respect Others.

My dream was a psychological story of me entering a room, sitting in a chair and seeing another door and a tall, dark man standing in the doorway wearing a turban, looked across at me and said, Oh, I did not hear you knocking, and I then felt myself blushing with embarrassment.


My experience of a paranormal happening began early one Sunday summer morning during `1981 and as I lay awake with my eyes closed, in my mind’s eye, could see what can only be described as a close-up picture of the Sun and what I saw, knew would noy be able to explain because I was communicating with an understanding and I said, Oh God you are pure psychology and Yes and No was prominent in my vision.


Information I am receiving from the spirit world dimension is to make people in Authority aware that wars take place to ensure people in the spirit world dimension are able to reincarnate to start life again as an unborn baby because at present too many newborn babies pass away before age 17 which is when we qualify to transfer to the spirit world dimension and if children pass away before age 17 they automatically reincarnate and begin another life cycle as a newborn baby.
Furthermore, world democracy will ensure wars will slowly be in the past but not until people in authority when a child is born it must survive until ay least age 17 then there will be just a steady stream of elderly people passing away and replaced by people in the spirit world dimension. however, elderly people will live much longer with quality care and by doing so this worlds population will continue to increase as more people contribute to society because at present animals are yet to reincarnate to become human babies which will ensure this world will eventually achieve deep space travel to seek out another earth-like populated planet in a solar system like our own which exists somewhere in deep space but to visit such a planet before becoming fully democratic would be a disaster when trying to enter another solar system.
This world is corrupt in many ways and our children are disappointed at what they can not achieve because when they marry or partner they need a home of their home, which is something which gains in value but at present too many home are being rented from landlords who will evict a family when they experience hard times but homes purchased via a mortgage can have any mortgage arrears added to the end of mortgage term preferably a Building society reducible mortgages which are paid off after being granted for 25 or 30 years.
Murder Rape And Suicide.
People who murder other people and rapist together will people who commit suicide reincarnate the moment their body dies because the spirit world dimension would find it difficult to accept them in friendship because they are a group of people who prevent people in the spirit world reincarnating and begin another life cycle of an unborn baby.
British Standard.
My experience relating to British standard revealed the starting point is Personnel Departments to ensure people employed were complimentary to British standard quality and every visit to a company should not be advised their pending arrival because this would ensure less free issue components were being used also 100%% material trackback is not possible because some components are too small to have part numbers etched on to them, which includes plastic and rubber components.
My Life Is Always In Danger.
All my life people have tried to destroy me without me knowing personally but now I am awake and have been for 39 years and I am now aware my life is in danger but ii am also aware I am protected by people in the spirit world dimension because if that was not so I would not write the words I write for anyone to read because some people have a guilty conscience and fear their loss of freedom and also I am aware that since age 80, I receive pressure on my legs, which on several occasions have caused me to fall and had to seek help from the emergency services.
However, without knowing I am protected by the spirit world dimension I would have asked to be taken to the nearest elderly peoples home knowing that my life was almost over and could expect to pass away at any time by living on my own in a two-bed rented bungalow but I do know I am not only protected by the spirit world dimension but also advised how to cope with pressure on my legs. Furthermore, that pressure as a dual purpose not only puts pressure on me but also on people who are antisocial who represent criminals in the world.
Every great Grandfather as information which could be detrimental to relative freedom based on their guilty conscious so Great Grandfather say nothing about anyone because they no they would be destroyed by many people they have been in contact during their life cycle but when they arrive in the spirit world dimension they contribute to this worlds society by revealing information relating to many people of their passed who would rather not want to be known by an authority in this dimension.
My wife or live-in carer to be as yet to reads my word because she will learn I am the reincarnation of many prophets of the past, which include, Adam, Abraham, Tutankarmon, Moses, Jesus, Muhammed, George Washington, and William Shakespeare; to name just a few.
Nothing mat.
The Spirit world dimension during 1983 asked me to give my three-year-old Grandson a Nothing Mat, which is a mat made from nothing so during his next visit to my home I gave him a nothing mat and explaining, when he came to me he was to bring his nothing matt with him and stand on it when chatting to me which was to ensure he always tells me the truth so on several occasions, he came to my home and stood on his nothing mat until one visit he said Grandad I not want my nothing mat anymore and when he handed It back to me I put it in my pocket.
What We Need To Know.
When a person meets another person they quickly analyze each other and that first meeting helps them to find a true partner but it is important to know much more about a person before becoming involved. Every person is a private person so until we get to know that person their true values remain a mystery so before becoming involved with another person in a potential long to relationship a detailed profile would protect men and women from a partnership they regret but often when the truth is learned it is often too late change your mind or will take many disagreements before gaining a detailed profile of a person, based on practical experience.
Faith Hope And Charity.
My Faith is the Creator my Hope is for Creator to develop Society, based on everyone contributing to the less well-off in the world then everyone will achieve a better standard of living and quality elderly care because our potential age is to live 160 years providing we are socially minded and consider others less fortunate. After all, every child should receive an education indicative of his or her capabilities.
However, my objective is to encourage people in authority to believe I can and do communicate with the spirit world dimensions via thought transfer daily, but not everyone reads my words because my words are for people who are socially minded and also for certain people who are criminals because when they read my words it is a warning to them all not to support dictatorship or you will be considered a traitor to your country and dealt with accordingly.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 
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