People Power

People Power

My name is not famous but I am always in danger from certain people who read my article because I am a man who can communicate with the spirit world dimension even though most people would not believe I can. However, my three-year wakening from 1981 to 1984 was enhanced with positive physical proof which convinces me we are the largest Robots in the Universe and controlled by the smallest robots in the universe who also control reincarnation but they do not control our emotion because our emotions belong to our bodies which determine the part we play in the theatre of life; socially minded or otherwise.

Furthermore, my life is expected to achieve 130 years but only if my care is quality because the live-in carer is what I need and to relocate to another area away from my present carers who know me personally but would not appreciate my articles which prick the conscious of many people based on their fear of losing their liberty. Moreso if my work is to be private because then my live-in carer would need to be my personal assistance because my present carers are my PAs when I need forms filled out or my mail read based on being short-sighted from neglect to my eyes in the past. My live-in carer will be my sole Benefactor proving she gives me dedication and loyalty until I pass away.

Pendulum Dowsing.

My Dowsing Pendulum as been vital to my education from 1981 because I do not make final decisions without going permission from my pendulum, and before asking questions, the first question I ask – Will I receive the truth? Because if the answer is Yes I continue asking questions within my thoughts but if the answer is No, then I return later to ask my questions because often, antisocial pressers will cause the pendulum to Lie as my questions are answered Clockwise turn for Yes and anticlockwise turn for a no answer. People who work with a dowsing pendulum do so for different reasons, but they all know they must be socially minded because if not, the swing will confuse them, then they claim it is evil.

My wife was the only aware of me working with dowsing and refused to work with a pendulum claiming I would ask questions on her behalf but eventually, I persuaded her to ask questions via a pendulum and reluctantly she did and from then on she would offer to a pendulum when in doubt. Furthermore, my wife would make sure she received advice via a dowsing pendulum to ensure she received quality care now she is age 82 and living on her own.

My Dowsing Pendulum often prevents me from going out for an appointment and I never know why but I never to abort a journey when advised to do so. Furthermore, if I demonstrate a dowsing pendulum to someone I only do so after receiving permission from my pendulum because some people are of a nervous disposition and could be detrimental to their well-being when realizing the pendulum turn when asking questions so if you consider introducing someone to a dowsing pendulum just ask within your thought – should I introduce this person to a dowsing pendulum.

People Who Can Teach Others.

Friendly people like my Neice who cuts my hair are easy to talk to because her mother gave me a Dosing Pendulum during 1981 because she was employed as a p[art rime cleaner by an elderly spiritualist who gave her the dowsing pendulum to pas to me but although I excepted the pendulum readily it was sometime later discovered my sister was aware men should not be given pendulums because it was always passed from mother to daughter to protect them from unsuitable partners so I believe my sister wanted to punish me, which was confirmed by my dowsing pendulum because a small business I started based on an idea she gave me annoyed her because she became greedy for profit within a few weeks of setting up and funding the business without considering my overall objective for us both because my wife had no interest in being my admin partner or the ability to do so.

However, my sister was important to my overall plan because without her soon experienced problems and swiftly closed the business, which I planned to eventually incorporate as a limited company with my sister as co-director. Furthermore, my sister did not contribute any start-up funds and had very little to do but she resented me starting up a business which she wants to set up but did not have any funding or my expertise in the area my expertise was because I was chief executive and she was admin and production control based on her expertise as a woman. So I closed down a potential franchise business because we traded as ”Arrow Knitwear” sand produced Aaron jumpers knit to order by the event of experienced knitters working from home in the Stratford Upon Avon area during the 1990s.

However, for many years wanted to have my own business and have in the past incorporated several limited companies to provide research for various socially related businesses but failed to achieve even one purchase order to cover yearly accountants fees of £700, although I am a social scientist and offered help to solve problems within society but was always told no help was needed because they were are of all problems and had the necessary expertise to solve them. My last company incorporated as a limited company was established with a directors loan and within three years achieved a gross turnover of 500,000 but unfortunately went into liquidation when my youngest sons live-in partner cand fellow company Director- accountant part company based on their ability to control the company democratically because my son was Chairman Managing Director, his partner director accountant and I was to advise them both to ensure the company was administered democratically, which means all limited companies should be incorporated with three independent directors to ensure being democratically controlled.

My last business interest was to gain an income to be free from receiving social benefits which I have done so for 21 years since 1998, which is to establish an eCommerce business based on my expertise buying and selling property in both Australia and Britain from 1968 when I purchased my first home in Australia after purchasing a block of land which the home was built over a six months period. Furthermore, I purchased and lived in two further homes in Australia and six momes in Britain, and the last home was sold prior to my divorce taking place during 2010, which allowed us to securer funds for our divorce having been married o each other for 52 years from 1958 to 2011.

Severe Handicap.

Children with severe handicaps detected in the womb should be considered for abortion-providing the mother want to undergo an abortion after being advised to do so. However, if a mother decides not to abort after being advised to she must except it is her prerogative, not vto cabortr but her responsibility to care for that child in her own and provide the maximum care for her child because often when some women keep a malformed child eventually insist society take care of its need for the rest of its life, which can be for many years at great expense to society.

Special Note.

My expertise in buying and selling home kept me and my family from being in debt because when my wife could contribute with a part-time job, we saved money but when she could not contribute we slipped into debt and with my lack of a university education proved a handicap to achieve top management in Australia or at home here in Britain. However, my practical training achieved in a large variety of different employments was just as important as university education.

Mr,. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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