British Standard

The Way Forward

The British standard is the way forward for world standards and for all manufacturing companies big and small but before employing British standard a company must be able to conduct their business manually before transferring to the computer. Furthermore, British standard quality starts in the personnel department to ensure every potential employee will compliment British stands quality, and all employees should be aware of the Chain of command then they know who to refer to if they have a problem. Furthermore British standard should not give prior warning of a pending visit, then less free issue components will not be issued so readily based on not being able to provide a part number for trackback to the original raw material source.

Having been employed with a company setting up British standard procedure I was surprised the company was far from organized manually but they had recently relocated from a small family run business to larger new premises and immediately employed British standard to quickly place the British standard kitemark on their fast-moving products worldwide. Furthermore, all staff including Directors were on first name terms which also compliment a potential British standard quality company.

However, as an assistant to the warehouseman, I was surprised and pleased because all my working life never received £1,000 as a Christmas bonus and the same value was for all the staff at the Christmas party for everyone. However, shortly after leaving the company, it was sold to a larger company, and products were produced a few miles away.

My employment with the company included taking over when the delivery driver went to Bangkok for a few weeks every Christmas. Still, he eventually secured a job in Bangkok as an artist because he was brillianr at drawing mental cartoon pictures. Furthermore, in October 2006, my wife and I travel from Dubai to Sydney refueled at Bangkok, and at the time, the plane was cleaned but not allowed to leave the aircraft. However, on our return journey from Sydney to Dubai was a sixteen-hour flight but did not refuel at the Bangkok airport.

All new home built should be built with British standard products sand for all companies ecouraged to become limited companies then the management staff would be British standards and administered democratically. Personnel department will one-day interview both husband and wife when one of them apply for a position in a British Standard company because if an employee is happy at home he or she will be happy at their place of employment and asset to the company opposed to becoming a liability.

British standard visiting companies should be without prior notice then there is less chance of false production procedure because when a company is prewarned of a visit by British Stanfardard they are less efficient. However, production manager Betty Taylor would achieve many thinks if Pat Butler was a sales manager because often Pat would ask betty to production an urgent order but it which always results in the intervention of top management before it could be achieved.

My Overall Protection.

Everyone who is antisocial is a potential criminal if they do not try to be much more socially minded because it is antisocial behavior preventing this world from developing more quickly to ensure everyone in the world is considered and given the chance for university education, which increases their employment potential. However, people less well off in society should not be left behind and funded if necessary if their parents receive low wages.

Furthermore, if my words offend you please remember I am protected by not only socially-minded people in this world but also protected by socially-minded people in the spirit world dimension who protect me from being destroyed personally and when my computer is hacked.

Housing in Britain.

When derelict land is cleared in readiness for building home the land should be subdivided as small parcels of land for purchase and finance by a bank or finance company to be paid for over a five year period. The land should have all serviced connected sand details of how the estate will look when completed this world encourage young couples to look forward to a home of their home in a few years.


If I am Dim for purchasing nine homes during my lifetime I was a clot dimmer when seeking a second mortgage and was asked what value is your first mortgage and I replied I do not have a first mortgage I thought a second mortgage would be a deposit for the first mortgage. However, that was when in my teens during the 1950s but I needed to start someone in the potential homeownership so from then on my life went on as a purchaser and vendor to understand true values of homeownership for the masses.

My lamp is Aladdin’s, who was a Genius, am I Aladdin or the Genie.

Mr. Joseph Landrut

My name at birth was Joseph Robert Neil James but changed via a deed poll to Joseph Robert Neil land rut, during  March 2011. 

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