Great Grandfathers.

Mr, Joseph Robert Neil Landrutm: My home address is 16 Henry Fowler Close, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4NZ.

My Grandfather is now a Father Time in the spirit world dimension and is recognized as the only man to have achieved this status since people began populating the spirit world dimension in 1942 because prior to that date everyone who passed away immediately reincarnated to begin another life cycle as an unborn baby with a new set of emotions to determine the part we play in the theater of life; socially minded or otherwise.

Furthermore, I am also a Great Grandfather, and providing I qualify for perpetual life I will achieve Father Time Status, and any dependents who qualify as Great grandfathers and perpetual life also will achieve Father Time status as a much smaller Robot with the wife and have a memory of two qualifying life cycles of being a Large Robot.

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My Grandfather was born in Pershore Worcestershire but many years later was employed by Englands limited a furniture removal company in Leamington Spar where he and my grandma lived at Gresham avenue located north of the town center. and that was into the 1940s.

My Grandfather was the man who as I was age 12 said to me Robert my words will not have meaning until you are much older and he said one day you will be a man who knows and knows he knows so now I am age 85 his words now have meaning after wakening during a three year period from 1981 to 198.

My two Grandsons are my Grandfather’s Great Great Grandsons. However, their mother and father would know me one day as feather time when I eventually pass may and then they too could achieve perpetual life as much smaller Robots and become father time to their descendants.

My former name was Robert Neil Janes but my name at birth was Robert Neil James and my father added Joseph so my official birth name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and changed via a Deed Poll March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut..

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