Father Time.

My care plan now I am age 84 is nine hours per week which includes one hour for my weekly shopping. However, although I have two calls each day my life is lonely without a female companion plus I employer a cleaner for two hours each month to keep my two-bed bungalow up to standard.

Furthermore, I am always aware of falling because I am being forced to rely on home care based on being means-tested although now I contribute to society by making sure home care standards are not compromised by people believing care for the elderly is easy money consequently many elderly people receive poor quality care which causes them to lose enthusiasm to live a long life which is important for us all to achieve.

Australia And New Zealand.

Having lived and worked in Australia as a British family migrating via the £10 packaged scheme November 1965 by air with British airways and refueling at the following, Zurich, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Bombay, Rangoon Darwin then finally Sydney and my return visit to Australia for a 30 day holiday in 2006 gave me a clear picture of elderly care potential problems because many Australians were British migrants and traveled to Australia by air or passenger liner to the various states including Tasmania and also many traveled to New Zealand which I visited in 1971.

Migrants Emigrating to New Zealand in the 1960’s could capitalise on family allowance and receive 16 years family allowance for one or more children which was to put a deposit on their family home plies a reusable mortgage to ensure at the end of the mortgage term they owned their own home. However, vehicles were not manufactured in New Zealand which second-hand cars were expensive to purchased and some people would travel to Australia and return with a modern Australian manufactured car such as the 6 cylinders Holden manufactured by General Motors who aldol also built Vauxhall cars..

Travelling via Passenger liner.

December 1971 my wife and our four children returned to Britain via passenger liner and sailed from Australia to Wellington New Zealand, then across the south pacific through the Panama canal then sailed up to new york harbor past the statue of liberty then later after shopping in New York left Dock 13 and traveled across the Atlantic in mountainous sees which cause damage to passenger and furniture as we faced force 9 gales which should be avoided in January because it is dangerous for any large vessel to cross the Atlantic in winter but fortunately we arrived safely in Southhampton.

House Prices And First Time buyers.

Without attracting first-time buyers houses begin to be harder to sell so house prices should only rise at the rate of inflation and should be valued by district valuers so estate agents compete based on commissions and service, not the price which would ensure House prices would not be controlled by the vendors who would also pay to have an electrics updated to a 10-year certificate of Conformity Standard then the cost would be paid by the vender via a solicitor’s irrevocable order paid to the electrician on settlement day.

People And Life.

We all live our life according to our emotions which sometimes cause us problems in our life but we all often change place each time we reincarnate so if you want perpetual life to come soon you must always try to be more socially minded and stay away from antisocial activity throughout the world because people who are rich in this life cycle may be poor in their next life cycle if they failed to consider the less well off in society.

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My Birth name was Joseph Robert Neil James but later changed via a Deed Poll to Joseph Robert Neil Landrut in 2011.

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