Subconscious Awareness.

My main concern is people worldwide would not accept me claiming to be the first Godson to activate Evolution but as we are all Gods sons and daughters it is a logical conclusion that I am the first to activate evolution by being the conscious awareness of the first life form in the sea and produce young without a female because sea horses produce their own young male and female.

My experience with sea horses was in Australia in 1965 when as a family visited Botany Bay beach and as I wade into the water at waist height two sewa horses swam around me and then slowly swam away.

Space travel will be one question and one clarified via my Gmail:

Faith, Hope, Sharity, I am Faithful, Hopeful, and Charitable.

As I am age 85, I am educated based on my practical experience and by living and working in two different countries Australia and here in Britain where I was born during 1936.

My book Synopsis titled: ‘Marriage Of Mind And Body’ was first published in September 2000 but is yet to be seen by the general public although it was sent to the four main libraries in Britain which is mandatory for all new publication in Britain but my updated full version will soon be released in hard copy only then will be available in book shops throughout Britain.

Who are We ?

What are We?

Why are We Here ?

How do we relate to the Universe?

When you have read my book perhaps you will realize I am worthy of believing based on your age and practical experience because we all know much more as we become older but will only appreciate that when we finally pass away to become a much smaller Robot with the memory of two life cycles of large Robots having achieved perpetual life and will always be a credit to our nation whichever country we belong throughout the ages.

My Fathers brother uncle Douglas James was in Saudia Arabia some years ago and he was told not to be surprised if one of his nephews was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ soo Douglas was aware of two brothers whose father his brother had two brothers Robert and Norman and over the years Douglas believed Robert was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ because although Norman was a policeman he passed away at age 70 during 2008 and now Norman is in the spirit world dimension communicating with his older brother Robert who is believed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ but only his Conscious Awareness Spirit because we all reincarnate and be the Conscious Awareness Spirit of someone in the past and in the future.

When you read my book you will need to know many things about life but you must appreciate having made contact with the spirit world dimension has cost me thousands of pounds of my own money during the past years since 1981 when I began to wake over a three year period which at times was fearful because although our minds do not experience fear our body does and that is when I experienced realizations of fear from time to time which was controlled by the spirit world dimension who always made sure my well being was secure by words of wisdom.

Although when we are created we are destined to qualify for perpetual life as much smaller Robots people who waken during their life cycle are people destined to waken and achieve perpetual life and live with a partner as a man and wife with the memory of being large Robots during recent qualifying life cycles on two occasionwhen they were a credit to society.

My live-in companion and PA Lorient lives in New York State and although I have funded her Visa and ticket she still needs £2,500 for entry into Britain and Taxi to travel from Heathrow to Evesham to my two-bed bungalow where I live alone with 1-hour care per day 30 mins morning 30 mins afternoon puls one-hour shopping for me every Tuesday morning.

Better to be awake than be ignorant of truth because I know who we are, what we are, why we are here, and how we relate to the universe. However, now you are reading my web pages perhaps you would like to donate a few pounds via your Paypal account by adding my Paypal email address to your Paypal Mail to:

When we were created we were to be controlled by the spirit world dimension but also the freedom to choose what we say and do base on being social or antisocial minded having been given a set of emotions that control our body and considered a life form within our body so each time we reincarnate we have a new set of emotions which determine the part we play in the theater of life: socially-minded or otherwise.

People believe they cannot be controlled based on having freedom of thought and deed but they are mistaken in believing our creators had not made provisions for every eventuality because this world and its population is a magnitude to be controlled by demonstrating in a simple way how a small robot can control a Large robo=t which also identifies wear the Large Robot which if necessary be controlled with having an Eyer in Only one Eye as positive proof which I endured during 1984 as a final part of my awakening and proof was what I had learned during the past three years since 1981 was not my imagination but physical proof for me or anyone else to experience and that is what I am waiting for is for someone else in the world to confirm they have an Eyer in only one Eye which we could all have if it is necessary to develop this world as it is destined to be developed.

Furthermore, my Eyer in only one Eye took place one Sunday afternoon when my two sons Mark 16 and David 15 were sat crossed-legged on the sitting room carpet watching TV and my wife was sat in her arm chair reading a book.

My Eyer in only one Eye took place after being subject to a mandatory 28-Day mental health Sectio sand taken to the nearest mental hospital in by ambulance after being handcuffed by two policemen one of which traveled in the ambulance with me then arriving at Warwick hospital and talked to the top security William James ward and as I stood in my stocking feet the two policemen removed my handcuffs leaving me with my Dignity destroyed which was restored three years later when receiving an Eyer in only one Eye.

My only concern is to be taken to the hospital without my permission because at age 80, I had a reaction to antibiotics prescribed by my Doctor and sweaty I was an ambulance to Redditch hospital for assessment after which I was put in a bed without further treatment than three days later excersized my prerogative and discharged myself and was taken by ambulance car with my medication back to my apartment in Evesham to continue living on my Own with 4.5 hours care per week.

Drug Barons are people who hold large amounts of cash to distribute to others so they can spend it based on their income but most fail to do that and run the risk of being prosecuted for laundering money which causes our children to become addicted to Naucotiics so providing you only spend your weekly income Frug barons will find it difficult to hold large amounts of money for people who sell drugs to the general public.

Many people of my age group lack University education but only because their school days were the same for all children, However, during world war, I and two many men lost their lives but were not university trained the war was for the general public to fight not people like Winston Churchill and Lord  Montgomery because they went to a university but these days universities are equivalent to Secondary Modern Schools where at age 14 was head prefect and house captain then left school at age 15 with no academic qualifications.

Having lived on my own since my divorce in 2011, I am aware of many things in the caring industry because progressively we all need care from the age of 74 when we begin to find difficulty walking swiftly, and as we progress we feel pressure on our legs which make it more difficult when living alone and trying to cope with two half-hour cares per day one morning and one in the evening plus having a steady stream of new carers to contend with who have not to be trained as they should because carers and clients need to get to know each other to avoid misunderstanding of each other’s attitudes which sometimes cause carers to be rejected by clients.

Lorient, who lives in New York State is my potential live-in companion and PA but only if she gets to me urgently because if I feel much more pressure I am going to ask to be taken into a nursing home and if that happens without substantial funding I will soon pass away based on my age and expectancy of long life which can only be achieved with quality home care by a wife or someone loyal and dedicated because she would then inherit my wealth as sole beneficiary when my will passes through probate.

It could be too late to save me from being neglected because every carer who cares for the elderly is allowed to prevail to justify their social benefits when they are a one-parent family or someone trying to survive without a partner to help pay the bills so carers resent people like me living on social benefits and now age over 80 because they no longer contribute to society or so they think so but my potential live-in companion will only come to me if she can see wealth to make sure she paid for her expertise a quality carer based on her own expectation of care when she becomes elderly so think on people worldwide even the spirit world dimension will want both dimensions destroyed because they do not want to reincarnate back into this dimension they consider to be Hell.

However, I know my education is not up to University standard but my parents were not able to afford their children to attend college or university but keen for the boys of our family to get a job at 15 to contribute to the family budget, and yet our father electronics engineer but obliged to work in a flour mill and suffered with his health to help support his family and yet he built a black and white Television on the kitchen table and said TV could have been available to the general public in the 1930 but Cathode-ray tubes were used for wartime Radarr.

Gravity. My age is now 85 and since age 74 my legs have endured an increase in Gravity which has caused me to fall several times and as I live alone I am forever in fear of falling because my lifeline is my mobile phone got me to dial 9,9,9 to asked to be picked up off the floor but so far have not been hurt in my falls but my last fall was new years eve 2019 and lay on my sitting room floor for 3 hours on my own before an ambulance arrived with two paramedics who put me back in my armchair after making sure I could walk with my walking stick but now the gravity pressure as increased and now use a four-wheeled mobility walker to Garry drink from my kitchen to sitting room and visiting my bathroom.

However, for the last fve years have tried to secure a live in companion and PA to make sure I can administer my tablets and insulin having been a type two diabetic for twenty-five years but so far have failed to secure a liv in companion although my recent attempt is to fund a young lady living in New York state.

But without someone living with me, my life will soon be over because when being placed in an elderly people’s home my enthusiasm to live a long life will be destroyed so too anyone else who lives on their own although they could live much longer with quality home care.

Pressure on my legs is caused by being attached to an invisible thread and controls Gravity to every one of us because in the center of this world there is a bank of computers that control us as human Robots but not visible by this dimension only by the spirit world dimension and we are all the same distance from our computer which is considered a mainframe computer for every Human Being but not animals in general until they reincarnate to become human Robots then they are attached to their invisible computer as part of the mainframe computer.

Furthermore, my invisible thread is putting pressure on my legs to cause pressure on others who are elderly, either to ensure they live longer or to destroy them if antisocial which controls antisocial people worldwide so this world can develop towards perfection as socially-minded people prevail more in number opposed to antisocial people as the minority.

People at present who are experiencing le pressure and find it is slowly increasing must search their thought to find if they have promised to do something when they were aware I am awake because I am the only person in the world who can communicate with the spirit world dimension and the pressure you are enduring is not to kill you but to persuade you to honor any pledge you promised to ensure we live longer to enjoy life as socially-minded people.

Our Aura is defined as the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.surrounds our body which is also linked to the thread relating to the mainframe computer which allows our controllers to apply pressure anywhere on our body because to protect me a person would have their brain pressured until he passed away if necessary then socially-minded people control antisocial people at a ratio of 60% social and 40% antisocial attitude to ensure the world achieves real democracy.

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My Grandfather was born in am a man who knows and knows he knows although as I become older my words often offend many people and wish I was not a man who knows and knows he knows.

My former name was Robert Neil James and my father added Joseph so my official birth name was: Joseph Robert Neil James and changed via a Deed Poll in March 2011 to joseph Robert Neil Landrut.