Albert Einstien

Perpetual Motion: Scientist: Albert Einstien said the Universe could repeat itself and my research revealed Albert was right and will return in the same way via a Big-Bang being created from atoms of hydrogen and produce another crop of Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and life as we know with man indigenous to every Universe being created in the magnitude of space where we were created by an intelligence far beyond human comprehension.

As a scientist, Albert was aware of much more but advised by fellow scientists it would not be wise not to contradict some philosophers because they would ridicule all he tried to reveal about his experiences during his life cycle.

My previous life cycles were many but so too is everyone’s life cycles many but you will only know who you was in past life cycles by wakening during three years because I wakened from 1981 to 1984 when I began communicating via thought transfer with people in the spirit world dimension who have lived a life cycle here on planet Earth.

People believe collectively they can destroy a person by just concentrating their thoughts on a particular person but that is not so or my life would have been terminated many months ago when claiming to be communicating with the Spirit world dimension.

People know I am a man who claims to be many people in the past but only their conscious Awareness Spirit which we all have and was created many years ago by an intelligence far beyond human comprehension.

My three-year wakening from 1981 to 1984 was so fearful I know if I had been older than age 45 my life would have been terminated by shock because it’s our body that fears the unknown, not our Conscious Awareness Spirit so think on when you say I am not who I say I am because you cannot prove I am not.

Riverside Murders: Many people commit suicide by drowning if it was murder and not drowning that person’s Conscious Awareness Spirit would transfer to the Spirit world Dimension and know he or she was murdered because people who take their own life reincarnate immediately and begin another life cycle.

My father committed suicide at age 47 but he knew he would walk with me as a man because I would have known more than he wanted to know when he took his own life to protect his dignity after propositioning someone by asking if they would take his wife’s place as she refused to have sexual intercourse after giving birth to six children; five in quick succession and one nine years later.

Assassins Kill Assassins: When an assassin kills someone if another assassin is paid to kill that assassin then you have one murder destined to transfer two the spirit world dimension and two assassins destined to be reborn the moment they pass away.

God’s Children: As spiritual beings, we are all thought Gods capable of creating a universe but only if it’s our turn to do so then we become the Conscious Awareness Spirits of God’s Son and Daughter; Adam and Eve.

My name at birth was James but changed via a deed poll to Landrut and when people refer to me as Landrut which I accept and no longer referred to as James or Jamer which is an insult when people in authority outrank you by calling you by your last name.

Brexit And Future: When Britain left the European community it was believed we would gain more from being indipendsant but we will remain trading with Europe and rely on migrants to carry out tasks that British-born people refuse to do just as thousands of Jamaicans came to work in Britain to staff our public Transport in the 1950’s.

Meetings Of Scientist: Every country should send a representative to a meeting held a Nasa because some countries want to become involved in space exploration and eventually deep space travel but only one-star Ship will leave this world to ensure the journey into space is not in jeopardy because of other countries star-ships trying to venture into space because potential space ship speed will be ninety percent the speed of light which means are Reflector Shield will be designed to protect starship and crew throughout their journey to seek out another earth-like planet which will only be known as our spaceship enters a solar system like our own and see a blue Earth-like planet identified by its different landmass pattern.

Mensa IQ Test: Some years ago sat an I Q test at Aston University Birmingham and although failed to achieve Mensa membership my IQ result was 127 based on an average of 100. However, now I am age 84 my IQ remains unknown because when sitting the IQ at Aston University refused to re-sit a few weeks later based on my potential to receive a pass having sat the IQ trice but being unemployed at the time refrained from spending further funds to prove my IQ would achieve becoming a Mensa member.

World Wars: When a war breaks out between two countries united nations should be involved then the Us would not need to negotiate with countries involved which should be the way forward for all disputes between countries until eventually the League of Nations will be reinstated to ensure every country worldwide is involved.

People Who Waste Police Time: When police are advised of someone who may be in an area that is suspicious then when challenged quote their fourth amendment rights they should be asked to identify them self’s and if reduce to do so should be taken into custody to be interviewed by a police psychiatrist.

My Eighty Years: When becoming age 80 my walking became difficult and now I am age 84 it is even more difficult to walk and if I do not begin to walk normally soon many more antisocial people will find it difficult to walk before age eighty.

My Conscious Awareness Spirit: When we pass away we either transfer to an Android in the Spirit world dimension to be assessed for further transfer to a much smaller Robot having achieved perpetual life or remain an Android until we eventually reincarnate and begin a new life cycle of an unborn baby with emotions which determine the parr we play in the theatre of life; socially minded or otherwise.

Prostitution: Prostitutes are necessary for unattached males and females. However, only Girls who enjoy being a prostitute should be supported by setting up brothels in country areas discreetly away from the general public and every prostitute should receive a monthly salary and the brothels should pay profit tax as a limited company controlled by three independent female Directors.

Albert Einstien and I both work with a dowsing pendulum to ensure we follow the correct statement when he dictates words to me from the spirit world dimension to ensure my words represent the majority in both dimensions so please consider only socially-minded people can receive guidance via the Yes or No signal of a Dowsing Pendulum.

However, initially always ask if you will receive truth and if the answer is No return later and ask the same question until receiving Yes, then ask questions which require a Yes or No response.

Thought Transfer: When having a tooth extracted with gas as I began to lose the sensitivity of my body I was aware of my thoughts and no longer could feel my body and if it was possible to say so would give the dentist they go ahead with the extraction but I was aware of communicating via thought transfer and advised not to return and then suddenly open my eyes to a bright sunny afternoon sat in front of his bay window but since that day during 1965 have never had teeth removed via gas only by Pentethol injection in the back of my hand.

Furthermore, when my three-year wakening took place from 1981 to 1984 soon began communicating with the spirit dimension via thought transfer which was quickly recognized and understood based on my tooth extraction experience during 1965.

Furthermore, my life as been destroyed by my three-year wakening but it was necessary to waken me because in previous life cycles when not awake would have refused to write many of my articles for fear of being killed by people with a guilty conscience who fear their loss of freedom because the spirit world people know all the is to know about this world but only take action to maintain the balance of power which is 60% social and 40% antisocial attitudes in both dimension.

Many people believe in reincarnation and also accept we have a creator which is an intelligence far beyond human comprehension and even the spirit world people have to be convinced my words are from this dimension and not words within the spirit world dimension so it is necessary to prove to certain people as they arrive in the spirit world because they can not comprehend the magnitude of anyone communicating with people in another dimension who have lived a life cycle here on planet earth.

People of this world only know I say the spirit world dimension knows everything about this dimension because they are in control of reincarnation but not in control of our bodies emotions because our bodies emotions determine the part we play in the theatre of life; socially minded or otherwise.

Rebirth: People who are reborn have a short memory of their past life cycle and as they lie inside their mother’s womb as a Conscious Awareness Spirit they only begin to gain a new memory as soon as they are born and progressively open their eyes and see their mother who shows love and affection to their newborn baby who also loves its mother and as they communicate with each other soon learn how to talk so at about age three can talk the mother’s language which may be a different language from their previous life cycle but they soon gain a new memory and their previous memory is then lost as the new memory takes over.

Global Warming: Every time Global warming takes place it is programmed by our creators who try to provide an even temperature throughout the world by making sure the North and south poles receive a little more sunshine every day and if the north and south poles lose some of their ice caps more clouds are formed in the Indian Ocean and earthquakes increase in magnitude causing more seawater to drain on to molten larva which causes Volcanoes to become more active and form more landmass for an ever-increasing population.

Thought Transfer: When we wake we can communicate with our built-in advisers because we all have advisers who try to communicate with us as a conscious Awareness spirit but unless we wake during a 14 year period we cannot hear our advisers advising us to be much more logical.

My Birth name was Joseph Robert Neil James but later changed via a Deed Poll to Joseph Robert Neil Landrut in 2011.

Define the future – What you do not want to be done to yourself, do not do to others – Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. He who will not economize will have to agonize..

Mr, Joseph Landrut..

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